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					Garden                           Website                                                Contact

13th Street                                                           Richard Lukas
                                                                      President, 13th Street Community Park and
                                    Garden, Inc.
7th street garden                                                     Liz Falk, Director of Garden Programs &
Barry Farm (DPR)                                                      Kelly Melsted

Blair Road Garden (NPS)                                               Howard Williams (garden coordinator) or
                                                                      Mark Perry (section leader)
Brookland Community Garden                                            Kacie Warner
Deanwood Garden

Emery Garden (DPR)                                                    Robert Jackson
Fort Dupont Park Gardens (NPS)                     Paul Gross
Fort Reno Garden (DPR)                                                Martha Hamilton

Fort Stanton (NPS)                                                    Fort Stanton Civic Association, Addie Cooke
Fort Stevens Garden (NPS)                                             Ms. Corinia E. Prince, President of the Ft.
                                                                      Steven's Gardening Association
Francis Garden (DPR)                                                  Kelly Melsted
Friendship Garden (DPR)                                     Penni St. Hilaire & Tommy Tomlinson,
                                                            Garden Coordinators

Glover Archbald Garden (NPS)                                Konstantinos Kraniotis
Green East Community Garden                                 Tom Kavanagh (President)
Hill East Community Garden

                                                            Hill East Community Garden current board members
Hilton Garden                                               Kendall LePoer, Chairman
Independence Garden                                         Kendall LePoer, Coordinator

Justice Park (DPR)                                          Kelly Melsted
Kalorama Garden (DPR)         Carole Grunberg & Chris Otten
King’s Court Community Garden                               Pat Taylor

Kingman Park/ Rosedale Community        Mandie Yanasak
Lederer Youth Gardens (DPR)               Jerome Smith
Lovejoy School Community Garden
                                                            Marta Mirecki
Mamie D. Lee Garden (NPS)                                   Harold Stone
Melvin Hazen Garden (NPS)      Karin Adams, President
                                                                                Loretta Castaldi, Secretary/membership

Montana Gardens                                                                  Alfred Bullock
Newark Street Community Garden (DPR)          Linda & Lew Berry
Peabody Garden (NPS)                                                             Eloise Copeland
Pomegranate Alley Community Garden                                               Mark Holler (Gingko Gardens)

Rock Creek Garden (NPS)                                                         Nancy Oswald

Takoma Community Garden                                                          Chris Hutchinson
Takoma Recreation Center Garden (DPR)
Temple Garden
                                      Ms. Harriet Winslow
Twin Oaks Garden/Youth Garden                                                    Kaitlin Rienzo-Stack

Virginia Ave Community Garden                                                    Jennifer Lancaster, Membership Coordinator

Walter Pierce Park Community Garden

Washington Youth Garden                   Kaifa Anderson-Hall, Program Director
Waterside Garden            Camille Cook

West End Garden             Kevin Platte
Whitehaven Garden (NPS)

                            Matthew Riley, Manager
Wylie St Community Garden   Diane Hoover, gardener
                 Email                      Phone                 Plot Size                #           Wait List                  $                                 Under Construction--do not
                                                        expect plots to be available
                                                        until spring 2010.           20 planned                     The cost has not been determine        441 9678               No Individual Plots. Work-Share CSA available for low income participants.

                                 321-1543 (Perry)                                               Yes, full for 2009 (Mark Perry)                                                          ~150                              1/2
                                                        1/2 plot- 15x15, full plot- 30x30, though all plots are not square. plot- $20....Full plot- $35, inc                               Currently in search of space. No individual plots - vision is for raised
                                                        There is no more Deanwood
                                                        Garden, the land that they
                                                        had it on is being built up
                                                        with houses
                                 go to the Rec Center
                                 202-426-5961           25'x25'                         220     no waiting list        no cost
                                                                                        12      no vacancies, waitlist no cost
                                                                                                of 10-12. To be
                                                                                                added to the waitlist,
                                                                                                mail a card or note to
                                                                                                3615 Albemarle St
                                                                                                NW, WDC 20008.
                                                                                                They will be kept in
                                                                                                order of postmark.

                                                        approx 20 by 20ft               roughly 50 plots                 There is a $15 annual fee. Gard             202-671-0396                    966-4087       15'x15'                        50      There are some plots $10
                                                                                          available this year but
                                                                                          we do have a list so
                                                                                          people putting their
                                                                                          name on the list now
                                                                                          will not get a garden
                                                                                          until next year or the
                                                                                          year after.                   703-966-8466   12' x 4'                       29      yes, 2 people             $100 up front and $50 yearly don                           4x12                           36      yes, 1-2 seasons long     $100 initial fee to
                                                                                          (see website for          join HECG, $50
                                                                                          details of getting on     annual fee
                                                                                          the list)                 thereafter          202-547-3938   70 square feet                 44      yes, it's long            Dues are $12.50 per year. One                         various sizes                  38                                no cost
                                    202-547-3938                                          Waiting list 2-3 years.                202-671-0396                  8' x 11'                    19      yes, 12-20 waiting           $25 annual fee                                                      30      3 years                      for tools, etc
                                                                                                                    $35-75 for water,
                                                   20 x 4 to 40 x 4 (longtime gardeners have larger plots)          etc                  256-5418       16'x4'                      16      yes 1 yr                     40                202-727-8061                                   60 all together
                                                                                             no waiting plots        Adult plots are $20 per season C
                                                   40 childrens plots 5ftx15ft 20 adult plots 10ftx15ftlist are individual
                                                   4'x8'                           18        yes, 12 people          $25/year plus a                                                                                                small key fee               202-236-8730                                           plots
                                                   12.5x25 – half plots and 25x25 – full plots, with possibility of subdividing into half plots $25 p
                                                                                   74        yes                     $15 per year for half plots,
                                  244-3140 (Ms Adams)                                    102     No plots are currently
                                                                                                 available, but a wait
                                                                                                 list is maintained.
                                                                                                 New gardeners
                                                                                                 receiving plots for the
                                                                                                 2009 growing season
                                                                                                 have been on the wait
                                                                                                 list for approximately
                                                                                                 24 months.                            200 Square Ft.                                                  $15 initiation fee + $25 annual du                                           15x15                         220     1-2 seasons               $15 - $40                                     average plot is 10X10         15      yes, several people.... $1.00/sq ft
                                                                                                 little turnover
                                        202.543.5172                                                                       120     Yes, we currently
                                                                                                 have a wait list of 30+
                                                                                                 names. Typically it is
                                                                                                 a wait of 2-4 years on
                                                                                                 the list
                                                           10 x 20 feet                                                    $10 deposit, $10 annual fee

                                                                                         70      yes, 70 people, WAIT                                                                                LIST CLOSED
                                  631-241-5580 (cell phone) 10x10                        45                                $20/year
                                                           12X3.5 20X3.5 or 10X10        40      yes, 2 years on       .50/sq ft                                                                             average
                                                             There is no longer a functioning community garden in Walter Pierce Park --   202-245-2709                                                       Contact WYG for applications. Volunteers always welco
                                                                                                                           no cost
                                                           no individual plots available - participate through programs or volunteer             554-3728                               12                            Fees: $20 for
                                                                                                   common needs,
                                                                                                   i.e. fence and
                                                                                                   gate repairs,
                                                                                                   trash bags and
                                                                                                   flower plants.
                                                                                                   $40 to Church
                                                                                                   for water and
                                             12 x 10 feet                                          trash removal.      202-986-0469   10' x 25' or 5' x 25'   15-20    yes, 36 people       $20/year
                                                                     50       yes, 25 people
                                                                              (average wait: two   202-333-6224   average size 20x25'              years)               25$ Annual dues $50 deposit
                                             5'x8'                   8                             we are a group
                                                                     raised                        of neighbors
                                                                     beds                          gardening a
                                                                                                   vacant lot; we
                                                                                                   are not as formal
                                                                                                   as asking for
                                                                                                   dues, or even
                                                                                                   having officers
                 Location                      Zip    Quad Ward

C and 13th Sts. SE

                                                      SE     6
                                                      NW     2
3rd and Elm Street, NW in LeDroit Park
Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., between Howard and Sumner Rds.,
Oglethorpe St & Blair Rd                               NW     4

Looking for land 2007-2008                 20017      NE     5
                                                      NE     7

Georgia Ave & Madison St                              NW     4
Ft. Dupont & Ft. Davis                                NE     7
Belt Rd & Chesapeake St                               NW     3

1700 Frankfort St. SE                                 SE

13th St & Ft. Stevens Dr                              NW     4

25th and N Sts., NW                                   NW     2
45th & Van Ness St                               NW   3

42nd St & New Mexico Ave                         NW   3
Alley lot between 17th, 18th, D, and E St. SE.   SE   6
HECG is located in Southeast Washington,         SE   6
DC in alley between C and D, and 17th and
18th streets, SE

220 6th St NE                                    NE   6
6th St & Independence Ave SW, accross            SW   2
from the Air and Space Museum
19th St & Columbia Rd                            NW   1
King's Ct. alley - between 200 block of 14th     SE   6
St and 15th St. SE
rear of 400 block of 20th St                     NE   7

4801- Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue N.E. DC      NE
12th and E Streets, NE                           NE   6

100 Gallatin St NE                               NE   4
                                                    NW   3

Sedgewick Avenue just west of Connecticut Ave NW.
17th St & Montana Ave NE                            NE   5
39th St & Newark St 20016                           NW   3
8th & Peabody Sts NW                                NW   4
11th & I SE. Behind Ginkgo Gardens                  SE   6

Rock Creek Park Police stables along                NW   3
Oregon Ave, NW

Blair & Piney Branch Rds                            NW   4
3rd & Van Buren Sts                                 NW   4
15th & S St                                         NW   2

14th & Taylor St                                    NW   4

In the Virginia Ave. Park, 9th & Virginia Ave.      SE   6

US National Arboretum
3501 New York Ave NE                                NE   5
                                                 SW   2

6th and Water Sts, SW
5th & N Sts NW                                   NW   2
40th & W Sts NW                                  NW   3

lot is located at the corner of 13th and Wylie   NE
(one block north of H St NE)

Rules are given to all gardeners once they receive a plot...mainly, they want you to garden organically, and grow annuals. One very important rule for Blair is that garden
Needs more support/volunteers.

We mainly follow the NPS by-laws when it comes to urban gardening on their land. The major rules are 1) gardening must be organic 2) No potatoes (due to potato bee
Gardeners must live in DC. They need to have time to garden and commit to keeping their garden and paths planted and weed free during the growing season which w

This garden is as much about our kids and community as it is about gardening. To that effect it includes a large in-ground sandbox, butterfly garden, worm farm, three s

Gardening rules and instructions for getting on the waitlist are found on the website.
Capitol Hill residents only.

no special rules

See attached rules

Because it is so small, we have an in-boundary rule which is that you have to live within 4 blocks in any direction. Also, gardeners get their plots for 2 years and then it t
Garden is located on National Park Service Land and was originally structured as a victory garden during WWII. The garden maintains the victory garden concept which

DC residents interested in applying for membership should either go the the web site to download the application or visit the garden site to pick up an application after M

Total organic garden

the wait-list has been closed until further notice. If anyone contacts you, and asks about wanting to apply for a garden plot, please tell them that since the waiting list is n

water & tools are available on-site

We require volunteering and community involvement in the garden

Growing Food ... Growing Together program seeks low-income families to
tend communal plots together every Saturday morning in a 15 week program.
Families receive information and resources on cultivating the garden,
nutrition and cooking, as well as a share of the harvest.
All participate in common tasks, i.e. tending flowers outside the fence, leaf raking and picking up trash. All plots are taken and there is a waiting list. We have very little t
                                   Unlisted Contact Info

529-3683 (Mr. Williams)

Edith Nesby, 202-387-3984

362-1434, (bouncing), (bouncing) (bouncing)
 growing season which we consider to be April through October. Gardens are to be cleaned up at the end of the season. Gardeners are also expected to help with community proje

arden, worm farm, three sisters garden, community patio and communal herb garden.

   , 202.309.1778 (carole); Chris 202.536.4065
             (202) 543-2605

s for 2 years and then it turns over.
              202-363-2201 (Ms Castaldi)

              202 966-2936
              Contact Eloise Copeland or William Vest at 202-722-5270 or 202-723-2108

at since the waiting list is now over 70 people long, it has been closed until further notice. The waiting period is in excess of 2 years before anyone can clear the wait-list and get a plo

g list. We have very little turnover. Each gardener must keep their plot in service and reasonably neat.
d to help with community projects such as attending the work days and maintaining public paths and spaces and keeping things in good shape.
clear the wait-list and get a plot in the garden. We now have more people on the wait-list than we have in the garden. Please fee free to refer anyone to me at either jollybean@veriz
to me at either or

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