Workshops by taoyni


									GROUP 1 A Place to be active in
Notes on map              signage/notice boards
                          Evelyn st entrance
                          quiet area & learning for school children
                          growing food                                     secret garden
                          unstructured play
                          more for teens
                          multifunctional                                  open space
                          turn football pitches around
                          tai chi
                          other activities
                          changing rooms                                   football pitch
                          more separation of cycling/walking
                          BUT NOT RIGIDLY DISTINCT AREAS

GROUP 2 A Park to be involved in
Notes on map                   speakers corner/music area                   circle
                               park ranger role                             junior wardens
                               facilities for older children e.g. MUGA
                               park used as outdoor classroom by school but for art more than nature
                               paddling pool/sand pit                       as long as it is maintained
                               used for school sports day (fence makes it secure so need to keep) SFD and DP mark out running track when needed
(SFD) Sir Francis Drake has allotment in Blackhorse Road
Dog walkers                    need more signs and bins
                               dog walking area
                               if park kept neat and tidy people would be more inclined to pick up after dogs
cost of events
school used a lot after school - families pass through

GROUP 3 An interesting place
John Evelyn Garden          open air art gallery, flower garden
intergenerational opps      older and younger
                            historical link
schools engagement projects
zoned areas                 passive and active
                            nature areas
fencing upgraded

GROUP 4 S Sustainable park
Spring bulbs                   get picked
                               pictorial meadows
building has green roof!       Deptford leading in this - black Redstart
Memorial garden                name?!
                               open up
                               sensory garden
paths                          softer surfacing
                               central paths
                               desire lines
                               recycled materials
gap in railings on Grinstead road
ecology park                   like the house of commons
                               bat boxes
                               bird boxes

Other notes
Clean Air                      SEL CHIP                                    currently burning plastic/highest rate of asthma
Income Generation              Café                                        access from one of roads/facilities for cold wet weather/multifunctional building - Shelters
                                                                           would it attract enough custom/business
                                                                           events (farmers market) mobile units
                                                                           manor hse gardens successful -more £ in area
                                                                           used to be businesses around that haven't survived, Surrey Quays is the draw
                                                                           SUST BUSINESS CASE FOR CAFÉ IN THE AREA? (not just in park) need to look
                                                                           at all alternatives
Mowing Regimes & Planting
Ecological Park           signs information
                          involve schools                                  nature trails
                                   Group 1                                   Group 2                           Group 3                                    Group 4
                                                                                                        Staff member
                                   Caroline Birchall                    Sioned                                 Sue                                        Jamie
A welcoming Place                  uniformed design/colour of railings, main entrance - not a lot going on     unifomed presence (benches/bins).          Scruffy entrance. New seating. Nice
                                   bins, benches. More benches along here, need noticeboard and signs          Not obvious. Fingerposts. Focal            fencing. New signage - toilets. Café
                                   Scawen Rd side. Layout of paths is generally (didn’t know about toilets). points. Desire lines to left of              (indoors). Signage - with info on
                                   okay. Main entranc ecould be more Evelyn/Grinstead entance - needs to entrance. Planters not in keeping                facilties, opening times etc.
                                   impressive, gates okay, mosaic by    be made more of, used to be a          with park. Open up the secret
                                   local schools perhaps                compost heap, more seating needed garden into the park, planting.
                                                                        especially in shade, logical layout.
                                                                        Potential to link with development on
                                                                        Grinstead Rd/railway bridge, drinking
                                                                        fountains. clumps of trees rather
                                                                        than just along path. Circle area
                                                                        nice, but flowers not succesful,
                                                                        benches busy in summer.

A place to be active in            MUGA for teenagers. Under 5's             Rollerskating in circle area, could be could put distance markers on paths   sports day. Millwall FC used to train
                                   should be separated from older            café? Small children like to ride      for joggers.                          in the park. Covered running track?
                                   children. Local schools don't have        bicyles around triangles. 2 football                                         Bicycle track. Tai chi - not sure if it is
                                   facilities, running tack, tennis courts   pitches / sports areas required -                                            organised. Unstructured play.
                                   are needed. No interest for walking,      relocate main pitch / "swing around",                                        Climbing wall was very popular
                                   very flat. Good for exercise.             need clear boundaries. Shame that
                                                                             changing rooms are not closer to
                                                                             pitches. Putting Green in summer at
                                                                             Scawen Rd entrance. Play area is
                                                                             heavily used and needs overhaul.
                                                                             Seating is crowded and hot in
                                                                             summer (no shade). more rustic,
                                                                             natural, adventure play. Nothing for
                                                                             older children - shelter? Nothing for
                                                                             older generation. Park ranger is
                                                                             good ar supervising play area.

A park to be involved in           Secret garden could be                    nothing for older people, mainly                                             picnic area, café (open in evening
                                   sensory/wildlife garden with school       younger people.                                                              during summer), college community
                                   involvement. Community gardens,                                                                                        centre.
                                   food growing areas, orchard.

A safe and secure place            More lighting, assaults have occurred     Flat space compared to mounding
                                   in streets around the park. Closing       provides good visibility. Trip hazards
                                   schedule should be accurately             (one person broke his arm) - high
                                   displayed on notice boards.               hidden edges, changing
                                                                             levels/camber. Close school road
                                                                             and open more to park

An interesting place               Unaware that secret garden was            very flat, mounding would be more                                            John Evelyn commemoration.
                                   there. Could be herb/sensory garden       interesting similar to Folkstone                                             Mosaic. John Evelyn charity garden.
                                   for community and/or wildlfe garden       Gardens. Flat is good for visibility.                                        Links to Featherstone gardens.
                                   for schools. No interest for elderly      pond - health and safety issues.                                             Secret garden - confined area for
                                   people - need more planting. Circle       Secret garden - easter egg hunt/rose                                         school children, wildlife interpretation
                                   area is well liked (adds some             garden/memorial garden with plaque                                           signs, frog area/pond.
                                   interest) but is underused - could be     to John Evelyn - make most of
                                   events/concerts space                     connection, not much in Deptford to
                                                                             commemorate. children not allowed
                                                                             to go in? closed to road so not a
                                                                             problem, some suggest taking away
                                                                             walls to open up to park, some like
                                                                             walls - could open up/widen path into
                                                                             garden, Neighbouring gardens may
                                                                             need screening. Monkey sheds used
                                                                             to be at evelyn/grinstead entrance

A clean and well maintained park   paths need repairing. Could use           Trees never get managed (last time                                           Pruning. New paths. Old gates. 3
                                   existing concrete slabs for signage.      15 yrs ago) - big branches are                                               park keepers
                                   Dog walking area very much needed,        coming down. No grass under
                                   plus signs to remind them to pick up      treees, sometimes bulbs in spring.
                                   dog litter. Bins should have lids, and    Leave benches and bins where they
                                   markedly different to dog litter bins.    are for now, but why are gates a
                                   Bins needed near to children's            different colour? Paths - need to look
                                   centre. Trees should be numbered.         at whole layout before spending
                                                                             money on repairs. Dog area unclear,
                                                                             fence needed for football to define
                                                                             area but pitch needs upgrading and
A sustainable park                 Iron bences rather than wood.             more accessibility
                                   Should use sustainable, easy
                                   maintained materials.
Scented flowers / more colour
Secret garden / scented garden
Area sectioned off for dogs
More park keepers - visible!
Café - like at Greenwich
Iron benches, railings all painted in dark green
New bins in same colour (with lids to them)
Tennis courts / multiuse games area (basketball, volleyball etc.)
Let 2 local schools design and make murals for main gate
More flowers in flower beds (tulips, roses, pansies etc.)
More lighting at gates
Benches with tables
Children's water pool
Cycling track
Cleaner environment
Better pathways
Take away the barbed wire around yard
Plant anything! (shrubs, trees)
Better signage & new railings
A foundation for the park - forever - "Friends of Deptford Park"
Drinking fountain
Drinking water fountain
John Evelyn design garden
The memorial garden to be changed to a strong smelling plants and
flowers to appeal to all people - especially blind / partially sighted, with
More flowers and plants to make the park more used, friendly to ALL
ages Not only children and young people
Creepers on the concentration camp fencing
Newly planted flowerbeds
Sports courts
Multi court for tennis, netball, basketball
Athletic track for sports
Flood lights so we can use park longer
A running track
Bring back paddling pool
Bring back running track
Paddling pool with attendant
Paddling pool
A pond
A café that has a good indoor space so that it can be used all the year
A guarantee from Lewisham council that NO MORE HOMES will be built
on this urban green space
Coffee shop
Coffee shop
Café / coffee shop

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