MARCH 2005

                                      COUNTY TREASURERS

                                                      NEWS LETTER
                                                                                        Volume 04/05 Issue 2

President’s Comments
Dear Treasurers,
        Wow! Spring is upon us, before you know it we will be into June collection. A lot
has been happening in the world of Idaho Treasurers. A committee consisting of Lynda
Fisher (pro-temed by Lyn Call), Donna Peterson, Barb Fry, Ann Frei and myself, met
with Greg Cade, Larry Watson, Harley Hinshaw, and Kathy Roberts, all supervised of
course by Tony Poinelli. We discussed our concerns regarding the operating property
appeals settlements. It was a great meeting. Our thanks to the State Tax Commission
                                                                                             Inside this issue:
for being open to hear our concerns and willing to find a solution. I sent an e-mail to eve-
ryone with the results of that meeting.                                                      Comments from STC              2
        Lynda Fisher was not able to attend the meeting because she was in Washington
                              DC at the NACTFO/NACO Legislative conference. She has Committee Reports                       2

                              been selected as a member of the education committee.          District Reports               2
                              Lynda is a great representative of IACT.
                                                                                                  Guest Editorial           3
                                           Thanks to Jeannie Johnson for alerting us of H307,
                                  yet another bill to change the way we distribute tax deed       Official Payments         3
                                  funds. I listened to the debate on the floor of the House on
                                                                                                  Treasurer News            4
                                  the live audio feed that is available on the Internet. It was
                                  evident that Treasurers worked hard to educate their repre-     Treasurer News Cont.      5
                                  sentatives about this bill. As each testified, several men-
tioned the concerns of their local Treasurer. In fact, a representative from Lynda                Tax Burdens               6

Fisher’s district read a letter from her in its entirety. The bill was defeated 32-36. It was     Counterfeit Checklist     7
a close one. Great job!
                                                                                                  Treasurer’s Biographies   8
          In August we will have a lot of decisions to make. Including new officers, with
the loss of Marilyn Knighton we have a vacancy in the position of the current vice presi-         Funny, Fatal, & Frantic   9
dent. When asked if she is interested in moving from the office of secretary to president,
Barb Fry responded “ It is a great honor to serve as an officer of the Idaho Association of       County Curiosity #2       10
Secondary Story Headline

County Treasurers. I look forward to the opportunity of being Vice-President to better
prepare myself in becoming President.” I am having a great time as your president. It is          ROD’S GOLF CORNER
This job can fit 75-125 words.                     willing of possible headlines include Prod-
a bigstorybut it is very rewarding. I would beExamplesto serve a second term. However, it
                                                                                                           Hi from the only
is the responsibility of the body to the
Your headline is an important part of
                                                  uct Wins president. Please keep that in mind
                                        choose next years Industry Award, New Product Can
                                                                                                  snow in the state. Someone
when you and should be considered care-           Save You Time!, Membership Drive Exceeds
newsletter receive the questionnaire requesting your preference for committees. There             has quoted “Golf tests your
                                                  Goals, and New Office Opens Near IACT
will be an opportunity for each of you to express an interest in becoming an You. officer.
                                                                                                  mind for you to learn, to
In a few Thanks to all of you for your support. If any of you have any issues for the Asso-
          words, it should accurately repre-                                                      strategize, and to remain
sent the contents of please contact me ASAP so that I can make time on the agenda.
ciation to address,the story and draw read-
                                                                                                  calm under pressure.” These
Thanks. story. Develop the headline be-
ers into the
                                                                                                  are all qualities of a County
fore you write the story. This way, the head-Sharon Cox
line will help you keep the story focused.                                                        Treasurer!!!
                                             IACT President
Committee and IAC Reports
1)                       STC Computer Support: Wilma DeVore —Chair
                             Wilma had no report
2)                       Computer Arts: DeAnn Madsen — Chair
          Not going to the Legislative Conference has put a crimp in the Computer Arts Committee. No one had an issue that
needed to be addressed. I spoke with Diane of CIA on March 17th and she reported that there had been no request for
changes in the programs they service. She said that everyone was easy to get along with and good to work with. However,
there was one revise that now will allow the Treasurer to use the Clerk’s printer (or one of your own) and print checks on the
laser printer. This may be more effective for some Treasurers. You would have to contact your service representative to have
that capability. As for the Property Tax Administration system, a few counties are converting to the Computer Arts solution.
There are still some things to be worked out, but the programmers are trying to work with those on the new system and mak-
ing the necessary changes. Computer Arts is a good company and we appreciated representing them to the other Treasurers.
3)                       Yield and Deferred: Pauline Malone — Chair
                              Pauline had no report.
4)                       Public Relations: Gayle Bachtell — Chair
                             Gayle had no report.                                                      “A life making mistakes is
5)                       Stephenson Computer: Rose Plympton— Chair                                      not only more honorable,
                             Rose had no report.                                                         but more useful than a
6)                       Memorial Fund: Sherry Arnold — Chair                                          life spent doing nothing at
                             Sherry had no report.
                                                                                                          George Bernard Shaw
7)                       Education Committee: Debbie Kauffman—Chair
        The Education Committee will be meeting along with the I.A.C.T. Board Members,
and the N.I.C. Training Director, Vern Jenkins in Boise on Tuesday, April 26th. We will
continue to work toward formalizing our professional objectives as an association. During
our meeting we will also set up the tentative schedules for August, September, and Febru-
ary 2006 training sessions.
8)                       Legislative Committee: Jeannie Johnson — Chair
                             Jeannie had no report.
9)                       Research and Analysis: Dianne Pett — Chair
                             Dianne had no report.
10) Forms Committee: Ellen Sauer — Chair
                             Ellen had no report.
11) State Tax Commission: Barbara Wright — Representative
                             Barbara had no report.
12) IAC Delegate: Bobbie Mauch —–Representative
Inside S tory Headline

                             Bobbie had no report.

District Reports
This story can fit 75-125 words.                                          Once you have chosen an image, place it close to the article.
                                                                          Be sure to place the caption of the image near the image.
Selecting pictures or graphics is an important part of adding
content II: Jeannie Johnson—Chair
District to your newsletter.
         Jeannie article and ask
Think about yourhad no report. yourself if the picture sup-
ports or enhances the message you’re trying to convey. Avoid
District III: Ann Frei—Chair
selecting images that appear to be out of context.
         Ann had no report.                            Caption describing
Microsoft Publisher includes thousands of clip art images
District V: you can choose and import into your newsletter. or graphic.
from which Diane Crawford—Chair
         Diane had no tools you can use to draw shapes and
There are also severalreport.

Page 2                                                                                           IDAHO ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY TREASURERS
                                                                            Guest Editorial — Computer Arts
        “Inform            s
               ation System Solutions”

         We hope things are going well for the Treasurers in the              Have a great spring and we look forward to growing
great State of Idaho! It was good to see most of you at the Mid-    our relationships with you!
winter Conference in Boise in February. It just seems like time
keeps moving along and the spring is no exception.
                                                                                                Emil Drzayich, Jr.
           Computer Arts has been busy in many facets of it’s                                   Manager Customer Support
business. At this writing, Bingham and Caribou Counties are                                     1-800-365-9335
live on our Property Tax System. Adams County is in the final
conversion mode and plans to go live very soon. The feedback
has been very positive from the counties involved and we look
forward to several more installs this calendar year. As always,
we are interested in talking with all of you regarding this solu-
tion to your property tax needs. Please don’t hesitate to give us
a call if you have questions.

         In the past twenty-two years we have been honored to
provide service, software, and support to the Treasurers’ offices
in Idaho. We look forward to many more years of that opportu-
nity and value your support in the past as well as the future!

Official Payments:

Volume 04/05 Issue 2                                                                   Page 3
MARY CHILDERS– Jerome County:                                       Ann Frei—Washington County:
         In case you haven’t heard, I am going to be a                      This is a letter Ann received from her daughter when
Grandma! My daughter Tina is going to have a baby in Au-            she was having one of those days:
gust. If you haven’t guessed yet, this is the first and I am
                                                                               “I should have seen today coming. It is Wednesday
very excited.
                                                                    after all. I’ve spent most of the day careening recklessly
         The Ambassador’s for the Chamber of Commerce               through the hallowed halls of Murphy’s Law, in search of the
honored my Chief Deputy, Brenda Luper, with the Extra Mile          one thing I’ve yet to find: my head. I lost it earlier today dur-
Award. This is given to members of the community that have          ing a battle with one of my many Access databases… it was a
done outstanding work. It was a big surprise for Brenda. I          gruesome fight, and although the task is finished, I’m not sure
told her family so they were all                                    that I actually won. That’s the funny thing about Access (it’s
there for the celebration, which                                    a function like Work or Excel): it will fight with all the feroc-
made it even more meaningful.                                       ity of a lion against completing a task correctly, and just when
Brenda was asked to introduce                                       you’re about ready to give up… it works. But you’re not al-
her family and forgot her                                           ways sure if it was because of something you’ve done, or just
daughter’s name and her                                             because it felt like working that time. Anyway, the whole
grandson, she was so nervous.                                       stinking day has been a battle! I’m going to be soooo happy
                                                                    when this week is over. Renee laughed at me and asked if
        Thanks for the good
                                                                    anybody warned me that the week before you go on vacation
work, Brenda.
                                                                    is always hell… nobody did, I think they’re getting secret gig-
                                                                    gles out of my astonished panic! Gotta go—Suz”

Idaho Association of County Treasurer’s Meeting
SHARON COX– President                                               5.   Counties can request copies of State BOE decisions be
         During the mid-winter conference, we agreed to meet             sent to them on an individual basis.
with the STC to try to resolve some of the problems associated      6.   The STC will continue to send a company contact name
with the Qwest and Idaho Power decisions. That meeting was               and phone number for counties to contact.
held March 8, in the IAC conference room with Larry Watson,
Greg Cade, Harley Hinshaw and Kathy Roberts, all from the                   A recent settlement was made with Gas Transmis-
STC, as well as Tony Poinelli. Below you will find an outline       sion Northwest (former P G & E) and Northwest Pipeline
of the agreement, thanks to Tony.                                   Corp. Counties affected by this settlement will be receiving
                                                                    information from STC in the near future. I appreciated the
        The County Treasurer’s and State Tax Commission             cooperation of the STC. They were very willing and open to
concerning Operating Property Cases agreed to the following:        suggestions toward some solutions. Thanks to all!
1.   The State Tax Commission will initially notify counties
     on all appeals to the State Board of Equalization and fu-
     ture appeals to either the Board of Tax Appeals or Dis-
     trict Court. This will be done as much as possible during
     the Annual Conferences of the County Assessors, County
     Clerks, and County Treasurers. Additional briefings will
     be done during either the September IAC Annual Confer-
     ence or the February Legislative Conference each year.
     This briefing of each individual association will be done in
     executive session. The Presidents will announce that
     everything discussed in executive session must stay
2.   The Counties hope to develop a policy negotiating the rate
     (penalty rate or judgment rate) with the assistance of the
     Idaho Prosecuting Attorney’s Association.
3.   Counties will determine the payment type (whether
     credit or refund of taxes.)
4.   The STC will e-mail to all counties the State BOE Calen-

Page 4                                                                                      IDAHO ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY TREASURERS
Fae Christopherson—Gooding County

         The Gooding County Employee Committee planned
the Easter Egg hunt and conducted it at the fair grounds. As
you can tell by the following, it was a great success. They had
a lot of prizes that were donated including pizzas, 2 $50.00
bonds, movie tickets, candy, money, etc. All of the prizes or
slips for the prizes were in plastic eggs.

        The age limit was 10 years old. The kids were split
into 2 groups; up to 3 yrs. in one, and 4-10 yrs. in another.
The hunt was for county employees kids and grandkids.

(The following is a letter of appreciation sent by one of the
organizers of the event.)

                                                                EASTER EGG HUNT

                                       The Gooding County Employee's Committee would like to thank every-
                                one that participated in our first Easter Egg Hunt. A special thank you to all the
                                employees that filled eggs and brought them in, the ladies that helped set up
                                Saturday afternoon and Leslie for making all the prize slips.

                                        I would like to thank Geri John, who is not a committee member, for all
                                her help in getting prizes and hid-
                                ing eggs. She was a great help.

        Hope to see all you again next year and hopefully we will
have some different egg hunts. We had a lot of requests from the
adults for an adult egg hunt. That would be different.

       I hope all your children and grandchildren had fun. If you
have any different ideas let us know for next year.

       If you have any plastic eggs that you would like to turn
back in we could refill them for next hunt. We really had a great
turn out.

         Thank you all again for your help.

        Diane Houser

Volume 04/05 Issue 2                                                       Page 5
Tax Burdens: How does Idaho compare?
We all have to pay Uncle Sam the same no matter where we            Now if you include federal taxes with the state/local taxes, the
live, but some have to pay more on local/state taxes than oth-      ranking changes.
ers. Local/state taxes includes income taxes, fuel taxes, sales
                                                                    Federal/State/Local Taxes Ranking:
taxes, property taxes, and tobacco taxes.
                                                                    1.   Connecticut                   36. Idaho
State/Local Taxes Ranking:
                                                                    2.   New York                      39. Montana
1.   New York                       12. Idaho
                                                                    3.   Washington, D.C.
2.   Washington D.C.                22. Washington
                                                                    4.   New Jersey
3.   Maine                          29. Montana
                                                                    5.   Massachusetts
4.   Ohio                           31. Nevada
                                                                    6.   Rhode Island
5.   Hawaii                         35. Oregon
                                                                    7.   Maine
6.   Rhode Island                   45. Wyoming
                                                                    8.   Washington
7.   Wisconsin
                                                                    9.   California
8.   Utah
                                                                    10. Wyoming
9.   West Virginia
                                                                    11. Nevada
10. Connecticut
                                                                    29. Oregon
11. Minnesota


1.   The first St Patrick’s Day parade was in New York City on           Kiss the Blarney Stone for Good Luck!
     March 17, 1762.
2.   There have been 4.8 million Ireland immigrants admitted as
     permanent residents of the U.S. since 1820.
3.   The U.S. imported $23 billion from Ireland between Janu-
     ary and October 2004, and exported $6.6 billion to Ireland.
4.   There are 34 million Americans of Irish Ancestry and only
     3.9 million Irish living in Ireland.
5.   Corned beef and cabbage is the traditional meal for St Pat-
     rick’s day—the prohibition against eating meat during Lent
     is suspended for that day.
6.   Irish is the nation’s second most frequently reported ances-
     try, trailing only German.
7.   Of the 42 American Presidents, 21 have been of Irish De-
     scent.                                                          Directions for kissing this stone:
8.   Billy the Kid, born Henry McCarty, was the son of Irish
     Immigrants Michael and Catherine McCarty.
9.   John Ford, the father of Henry Ford the founder of the Ford     Lie on your keyboard and kiss it backwards.
     Corporation, emigrated to America after being evicted from
     a smallholding in Ballinascarty, CO. Cork in 1847.
                                                                     By Larry G. Poss

Page 6                                                                                      IDAHO ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY TREASURERS
        Counterfeit checks have become more frequent and harder to recognize.
Counterfeit checks may be issued on any account either business or personal. It
is common to see counterfeit checks on business accounts that may carry high
balances in their account, as counterfeiters hope the checks will go undetected.
Counterfeit checks include State Checks and U. S. Treasury Checks, I.E.: state
and federal income tax refund, social security checks, or state payroll checks.
The following is a checklist of what to look for to avoid a potential loss.

Computer Generated Checks:
• Look for computer-generated checks. Not many customers opt for computer
  generated checks processed from their own software.
• Look for checks that have all the same type font. Although parts of the check may be in bold type, it is not
  common to have checks that are all the same type font.

Altered Checks:
• Look for checks that appear to have been erased, washed or have an uncommon feel to the paper.
• Look for alterations to checks in both the dollar and written amounts, and whom they are written to.

• Look for irregular signatures.
• Look for checks being written in different color ink than the check was signed in.
• Look for checks that have different handwriting between whom the check is written to and who signed the
• Look at initials of any changes on the check for comparison to the signature line of the check.

Routing and ABA numbers:
• Look at the transit and aba numbers at the top right of each check. Verify they match to the routing number
   at the bottom of the check.
• Most counterfeit checks will change the transit routing number to a valid bank back east to take advantage
   of float time for an item to clear. If a counterfeit item is negotiated with an incorrect transit routing num-
   ber, it may take 10 days to receive the item back to the correct institution. This allows time for the coun-
   terfeiter to flee; thus leaving this item as a loss to the person or business that accepted it.

Things to remember:
•  On all counterfeit items, the customer will not take the loss. It will be the person or business that accepted
   the item.
• Review each item. Look for those security features on the check.
• Look at each item you are cashing. Look for who the check is made payable to, the signatures on each
   item, how the check was endorsed, the date and the dollar amount.

A risk is posed each day by the acceptance of checks. Be aware; be detailed and prudent when accept-
ing any item to be negotiated. You are the critical link to stopping any loss to your business. What may
take a moment to question now may save many hours of research and expense later should any ques-
tions arise.

Volume 04/05 Issue 2                                                       Page 7
Treasurers’ Biographies
CONNIE GOINS: Gem County Treasurer                                    names with faces. I’m looking forward to meeting
                                                                      each one of you.
          Hi, I’m Connie Goins and I was appointed to fulfill the               Some of my hobbies include walking, exercising,
remaining term of Marilyn Knighton’s as Gem County Treasurer          watching sporting events, looking for collectibles and antiques.
on February 22nd.                                                     My husband and I enjoy attending boxing events. Both Geno
          Since coming into office, I have been fascinated with all and I are involved with the Boxing Commission of Idaho. Geno
the different areas that Treasurers are responsible for. I love chal- is the State Glover and I am a professional boxing judge. As far
lenges and learning new things, and this position definitely pro-     as I know, I am the only woman boxing judge in the State of
vides that. I have the best staff in the world. Patty and Jan are     Idaho. In years past, I have been a fast pitch umpire for high
wonderful teachers, and I’m learning lots every day from them.        school girls’ softball games and a high school volleyball referee.
          I’ve lived in Emmett almost my whole life. I married my               Some of you may remember or knew Irene Goins, who
high school sweetheart, Geno, 33 years ago, and we have raised        was the Washington County Treasurer for about 20 years. Yes,
our four children (3 boys and 1 girl) in Emmett. Geno and I have we are related. Irene is my husband’s second cousin. My
one granddaughter, Alex, who is 11. While I’m at the courthouse Grandfather, Bob Harrington, was elected Gem County Sheriff
learning my new job, Geno keeps busy with his barbershop.             in the mid 50’s. So I guess you could say that public service
          I’ve been an active member in the Republican Party, and and politics runs in the family.
when Marilyn announced her resignation, I thought this would be
a great opportunity to serve my community. I made the decision
to leave my employer, Boise Cascade, LLC of sixteen years, and
go into public service. I had actually gotten my feet wet with
public service previously, when I was elected to the Emmett City
Council almost 2 years prior. I decided to take a step further, so I
prepared my resume, and here I am. I have resigned my council
position so there would be no conflict of interest.
          I have received some very nice welcoming emails and
phone calls form various Treasurers, and I’m so excited to put

GLENNA YOUNG—Valley County Treasurer

          I was born and raised on a farm in eastern Idaho. I went
to business school in Boise, and have lived in Cascade for thirty-
two years. I am married to Ron Young and we have four grown
children, three daughters and one son. We have three grandsons
and one granddaughter.
          I worked in banking for over twenty years. I managed
the bank in Cascade until I quit my banking career in 1994 to
work with my husband in our own business. We own an asphalt
maintenance company that Ron runs in Valley County and our
son runs the asphalt maintenance business in the Treasure Valley.
We also own the Cascade Flea Market, which keeps us extra busy
in the summer months.
                The Pu blic Relations Committee would li ke to thank everyone for their participation in the newsletters. It’s been a fun year and we h ope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed brin ging them to you .
                                                                                                             Gayle Bachtell, chairman

          When the Valley County Treasurer resigned, I was
asked if I would be interested in submitting my resume. Because
it was in January and the time of year that our businesses are
closed for the season, I did it. After two interview processes, the
Commissioners appointed me in February, 2004. I then ran for
election in 2004.
          I relied a lot on some of the other Treasurers for help as                                                                                                                                                                         Why are people so tired in April?
not only was I new and had no experience, the staff was pretty                                                                                                                                                                                They just finished a march.
new also. We made it through the first year and we feel we are
going to be okay now. I truly enjoy the responsibilities, and chal-
lenges of being treasurer. I thank each of you for your warm re-
ception, help and friendship.
          LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                               IDAHO ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY TREASURERS
Funny, Fatal, and Frantic Treasurer’ Stories
GLENNA YOUNG—Valley County—FUNNY                                    GAYLE BACHTELL—Camas County—FRANTIC
          Our county has a solid waste fee for the landfill, bet-             Why is it all the freaky stuff happens in Decem-
ter known to people as the “dump”. When people qualify for          ber and June? I guess collection just wouldn’t be as
full circuit breaker it leaves just the solid waste fee of $52.50   much “fun” if problems didn’t arise during those
for them to pay. Yesterday one of our 80 + year old widowed         months. Or maybe the problems are there all the time,
tax payers called ‘in a panic’ wanting to know if she paid the      but we just don’t notice them as much because we’re not
first half of her “iffy”. I asked her if she was referring to her   as stressed at those other times of the year. Whichever
taxes and she said no, she didn’t pay taxes, she just paid          it is – I just know if something is going to happen, nine
“iffy”. I was trying to figure out what she was talking about       times out of ten it’ll happen in December or June!
when she finally offered me a parcel number. When I looked                    Normally our county does not suffer many
it up I noticed that she had paid 1/2 of her solid waste fee. I     splits, but we’re growing and with growth – split hap-
tried to explain that it was the remainder of her taxes after
                                                                    pens! This collection year was certainly no picnic for
circuit breaker and she told me that she understands that I
                                                                    either my newly appointed Assessor or me. What a
am new at my job and that I possi-
                                                                    nightmare. My phone rang off the hook from the time I
bly don’t yet understand that sen-
                                                                    sent the tax bills out until after the 20th of December.
iors that have circuit breaker do
                                                                    We had a lot of confused taxpayers. I was exhausted
not pay taxes they only pay “iffy”.
                                                                    before collection even began! Then on December 9th my
They were told that it was not a
                                                                    daughter, who is attending college in Twin Falls,
tax it was A Fee (iffy).
                                                                    slipped on some ice and broke her ankle in three places.
                                                                    From there things just seemed to get worse. We had a

lot of problems with the doctor who treated her in the              phone but me and I’m thinking I really need to be there
emergency room. For one, he put her in a splint instead             with my daughter for her surgery. On Wednesday the
of doing surgery right away – no explanation. He re-                15th I talked (more like whined) to my Assessor about
fused to sign for her a handicapped sticker – what was              my plight. What was I going to do? She insisted that I
up with that? It was finals week at CSI – she was in a              needed to go and be with my daughter. She assured me
lot of pain and had to crutch around campus all day.                she and her deputy could watch my office on Friday,
After a few more unfavorable incidents, we decided we               don’t worry – just go. I felt guilt and relief at the same
needed to find another doctor. Finally, through much                time. Everything seemed to be working out, but the
effort on my husband’s part, we got another surgeon to              relief was short lived. The next afternoon, Thursday
take a look at her ankle. He scheduled surgery two                  the 16th, the phone rang in the Assessor’s office – her
days later on Friday, December 17th. Let me back up a               house was on fire! Could it get any worse? We were on
little here because there were things going on before the           a downhill slide, what would happen next? Thankfully
broken ankle. My daughter had just bought a used car                the house didn’t burn totally, but it did suffer a lot of
that was used a little more than she was lead to believe.           smoke and water damage and the north wall was gone.
It ran good for about a week or so and then she started             It was at this point that I stopped and realized things
having problems with it. So now, not only did we have               could be a lot worse. I was suddenly thankful for my
a broken ankle to contend with, we had numerous trips               problems. It’s funny how God keeps you in line.
to the repair shop to get the car running so she could              There’s always someone out there who has bigger prob-
get back and forth to school and the doctor. She even               lems than yours. Friday came and the deputy assessor
had such bad luck as to have one of her friends break               watched both offices. It was a zoo, but she explained
off her ignition key in the door lock! Things were not              the problems and everyone was very understanding.
going well for her, and as all parents know, when things            I’m happy to say that the fire seemed to be the end of
aren’t going well for your kids they are not going well             bad luck and life did get better after those crazy few
for you either. It’s even harder when you’re 76 miles               weeks. My daughter’s ankle has since healed and she’s
away. Now back to surgery, which was scheduled for                  doing great. Her car is still running and hopefully will
Friday the 17th – the day before taxes are due on Mon-              continue to run for a while yet. The Assessor is waiting
day the 20th. I don’t know about your offices, but most             for warmer weather so she can get her house repaired.
of my walk-in payers wait until right before the 20th to            In the meantime she and her family were able to move
come in and pay. I usually have a line on the last two              back in after some extensive cleanup work was done.
days of collection. I have no deputy in my office.                  Needless to say, we were all relieved to see a new year
There’s no one to take payments or answer the tele-                 come and hope 2005 will treat us better!

Page 9                                                                                   IDAHO ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY TREASURERS
                                               -COUNTY CURIOSITY #2-

          1. What county has a lake that lies half in Idaho and half in Utah?

          2. What county was named for a Coeur d’Alene Indian Chief?

          3. Which county only borders one other county in Idaho?

          4. Which county is believed to have it’s name derived from the

               word cajeaux, a peasant word for raft?

                                                                5.        What county was named after the explorer known as

                                                                          “Pathfinder” who passed through the area in 1843?

                                                                6.        Which county had mountain men and fur traders trap

                                                                          the Malad River extensively in the early 1800’s.?

                                                                7.        What county was Seneaquoteen the county seat from

                                                                          1864 to 1881?

          8. Which county did the Lewis and Clark expedition spend a month

               in the Clearwater River Valley on their return from the Pacific

               Coast in May 1806?

          9. What county seat served as the territorial capital for 22 months

               before the capital was moved to Boise?

          10. Which county is named after a lake in the state of New York?

 If you have an article of interest or a happening in your county or family which you’d like to share, please contact a
                             member of the Public Relations Committee. Members include:
                   Gayle Bachtell, chair         Mary Childers             Lori Beck
                   Pauline Malone                Diane Pett                Cheryl Piehl

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