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									West Point Leadership Lessons
Author: Scott Snair
Table of Contents

1. DUTY: Embrace an Uncommon Sense of Responsibility
2. HONOR: Try Something Different— The Truth!
3. COUNTRY: Be a Part of Something Bigger Than You
4. MISSION: Know the Task, Live the Task, Promote the Task
5. INSIGHT: Treat Your Soldiers As If They’re Most Important— Because They Are
6. EXECUTION: Let Your Actions Define You and Influence Others
7. STRATEGY: Understand the Secret of Good Tactics and Good Timing
8. PROFICIENCY: Be the Expert and Share the Knowledge
9. LOYALTY: Exercise It Up and Down
10. CHANGE: Be Transformational
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About the Author

West Point Leadership Lessons shows how the leadership principles taught at West Point can be
applied to people who are managers in business and beyond. The management lessons begin with West
Point's motto: "Duty. Honor. Country."Spending time on each of these three words, the book first looks at
Duty from the standpoint of embracing that rare sense of personal responsibility —a trait sorely lacking in
today's world of blame and victimization. It considers Honor in light of today's corporate integrity failures.
And it defines Country as being part of something bigger than oneself and belonging to an entity where
the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, providing inspiration and contribution. The book taps into
the traditions, customs and eccentricities of the academy, as well as the lessons learned by today's
West Pointers in combat, politics and business.
Author Bio
Scott Snair
Scott Snair was the president of his West Point class of 1988 and continues his strong relationship with
the academy. He was a cannon platoon leader during Operation Desert Storm, and is currently a
business consultant and writer. He has administered or taught for business programs at Seton Hall's
Stillman School of Business and Thomas Edison State College. He lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey.
e, New Jersey.

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