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									                                                                                          Cambridge Beaches
                                                                           Enjoy Bermuda’s dazzling waters, hidden coves and pristine
                                                                              beaches with a two-night stay at Cambridge Beaches
                                                                       (includes Deluxe room, breakfast, tea, taxes and gratuities for two)
                                                                                        Courtesy of Cambridge Beaches
                                                                                 (Blackout dates apply May 1st – September 15th)

                                                                                             Pink Beach Club
                                                                                Get away from it all with a Weekend Stay for Two
      BLACK TIE SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                         at the Pink Beach Club
         Saturday, 28th March 2009                                      (includes accommodation, full buffet breakfast, tea and dinner).
                                                                                           Courtesy of Pink Beach Club
                                                                           (Valid until 1 December 2009 and is subject to availability)
            ITEMS IS 28 MARCH 2010                                    On the water:
                                                                                             Umpire for a day
                                                                       Spend a day during the 2009 Gold Cup in the center of the action
                                                                                  on aboard with the international Umpires.
                                                                          This can be on the day of your choice including the Finals
Bermuda escapes:                                                                Courtesy of Vice Commodore S. Peter Shrubb

                                                                                ‘Snapper Fishing’ Aboard Kenoka
            Royal Palms Hotel and Ascots                                           Two lucky people will enjoy a four-hour trip
     Enjoy a romantic Friday or Saturday night at the elegant             off the North Shore at Murray’s Anchorage or the inner reef.
           Royal Palms Hotel including dinner at Ascots.                   Bait, tackle, beverages and lots of good stories provided
          The Royal Palms Hotel Fodor’s’ choice for 2008                        Courtesy of Past Vice Commodore W. Keith Hollis
      and Trip Advisor’s #1 recommended hotel in Hamilton.
           Ascots Restaurant is located in the Royal Palms.
 The high standard of creative and innovative offerings incorporate                        Sail on ‘Shamrock’
        fresh ingredients from local farmers and fishermen.                Enjoy a sail for four aboard the last of the Bermuda Sloops
             (Room reservations subject to availability)                            ‘Shamrock’. Snacks included – BYOB.
          Courtesy of Royal Palms and Ascots Restaurant                                        Courtesy of Hubert Watlington
                      Mooring Inspection                                  Art:
         Always good to have peace of mind knowing your
        boat is secure during Hurricane season and beyond.
        Courtesy of Tim Patton – Bermuda Marine Services
                                                                                 Deryck Foster limited edition framed print
                                                                                                  ‘Rivalry at the West End’
                                                                                   depicts HMS Pickle and a local ‘Bermudian’ circa 1827,
                     The Bermuda Boater                                                  by well known yacht painter Deryck Foster
  The Second Edition of the Bermuda Boater was published as a                    Signed, matted and framed, approximate size 30”H x 40”W
    paper back version in 2004 by RBYC Commodore Ralph E.                                        Courtesy of Charles Tatem
   Richardson. Each one of these special hand bound collectors
  copies is uniquely numbered (only 50 printed of a possible 100).                           Contest fan memorabilia
           One of these special hardbound copies sold for                  This package included a framed signed photo of Contest in action,
            $500.00 at a recent auction for a local charity.                   a framed mainsail Contest number, and Contest boom #4.
           Courtesy of Commodore Ralph E. Richardson                                       Value of these items - Priceless.
                                                                                          Courtesy of Contest III & the RBYC
                Become a Contest Warrior
   The lucky bidder will become a Contest Warrior for the day and            Dereyck Foster limited edition signed print
participate in a race aboard the Contest III. They will experience the                  ‘Thermopylae’ – ‘Cutty Sark’s’ greatest rival
full colour of Bermudian sailing at its best, learning from some of the                   running up English Channel, circa 1868.
              finest. Location and date to be confirmed –                          Limited edition of 200. Approximate size 30”W x 23”H
              crew shirt provided, bring yah own bail’ins!!                                      Courtesy of Charles Tatem
                  Courtesy of the Contest III Warriors
                                                                          Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Model by Michael Hooper
                            Sail on 505                                            A scale replica of Contest III, built by Michael Hooper.
    This is a relatively athletic outing, no picnic will be provided!               Exquisite detail, perfect for the mantle or the office.
               Available at a mutually convenient time.                                   Courtesy of Somers and Megan Kempe
                     Donated by Douglas DeCouto

                 Get Up Close & Personal                                              Carol Sebold original watercolours
      A party of four is invited for the day aboard this spacious                     Two original watercolours, framed and matted,
     boat to watch either the Quarter-finals or Semi-finals of the                            approximate size 17” H x 12” w
  King Edward VII Gold Cup in October, 2009 in Hamilton Harbour.                           by New England artist Carol Sebold.
        Lunch will be provided but bring your own beverage,                          Carol’s work can be viewed at
                  binoculars, sun tan lotion and hat.                                           Courtesy of Charles Tatem
          Courtesy of John Cooper and Dorothy Billings
     Eldon Trimingham limited edition signed                               Paul Doughty Print “Optimist Racing 2’
           print of the Bermuda Sloop                                         Matted 5” x 7” gauche watercolour print done on
     Be part of Bermuda’s seafaring heritage and take pride                          fine paper and signed the artist.
          in supporting the future of Bermuda’s youth.                                 Courtesy of Paul H. Doughty
              Courtesy of Eldon Trimingham III and
                The Bermuda Sloop Foundation                                  Paul Doughty Print Set ‘The Storm’
                                                                         Matted 5” x 7” set of two gauche watercolour prints done on
          Original Framed Art by R. Collins                                            fine paper and signed the artist.
       Acrylic on canvas of The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club                                 Courtesy of Paul H. Doughty
                Courtesy of Rosalind Collins
                                                                    In the garden:
         Original Framed Art by D. Billings                                                Princess Palms
         Acrylic on canvas of "The Heydon Trust Chapel"                             Two Princess Palms in 18” pots.
                  Courtesy of Dorothy Billings                                 Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Roderick DeCouto

   Sue Quarles limited edition numbered print                                        Landscape Consultancy
           ‘Canadian Forces Station Daniel’s Head’                                  Thinking of redesigning your garden?
       by well know Canadian watercolourist Sue Quarles                     We have just the professional to make your job easy
                  Courtesy of Charles Tatem                               Four hours of Professional Consultancy Design Services
                                                                      If you are looking for your hedge to be cut…this is not for you !
                Nelson W. Aldrich print                                                Mutually agreed date and time
                                                                                        Courtesy of Robert O. Duffy
                     ‘Spirit of Massachusetts’
                                                                                       Landscape Consultant Limited
        depicts the Sailing School Ship launched in 1984,
which was a replica of ‘Fedonia’ type Boston Gloucester Schooner.
                    Courtesy of Charles Tatem                                                 Palm Tree
                                                                                 Your choice of a 25 gallon Princess or
        Paul Doughty Print “Optimist Racing’                                  Bamboo palm tree to help fill out your garden.
          Matted 5” x 7” gauche watercolour print done on                           Courtesy of Lee and Kim White
                  fine paper and signed the artist.
                    Courtesy of Paul H. Doughty
Well being…..                                                                           In home entertaining
                                                                           Let former Contest sailor Jay Hooper cook a four-course
                       Reflexology                                                   dinner for a group of six in your home.
  Reflexology can be used to help restore and maintain the body’s     Jay will shop, cook, serve and clean up on a mutually agreed date.
        natural equilibrium, by applying pressure to the feet.                            Wine and liquor not included
    This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally                    Compliments of Jay Hooper and Gwen Hamm
                 to restore its own healthy balance.
                       Donated by Sarah Field                                  Dinner from Tom Wadson’s Farms
                                                                     Wadson's farm shopping spree. Your choice of entrée of grass fed
                                                                      organic Lamb, Bermuda hog or chicken; vegetables; salads; fresh
Wining and dining:                                                   strawberries; flowers; Bacon and eggs for Breakfast! Best collected
                                                                                      by mid May. Enjoy! for six persons.
               Contest Crew serves you!                                                    Courtesy of Tom Wadson
Be served in your home by the Contest Warriors a three-course meal
       for six people. Dates and place to be mutually agreed.                       Brunch for two at the Reefs
  The crew provides the food and service – drink yah own booze!!     Enjoy an award winning brunch for two at one the Island’s premium
                 Courtesy of the Contest Warriors                         hotels. Relax and enjoy an excellent meal in their newly
                                                                            renovated dining room overlooking the South Shore.
               Custom Cedar beer opener                                              Gratuities and Liquor not included.
  Custom cedar carving made from 200 year old Bermuda cedar.                            Courtesy of The Reefs Hotel
      Crafted locally in Paget and polished to a high sheen,
          it will be the heirloom your family will cherish.          Active pursuits:
              It does work well as a beer opener..."
                       Courtesy of Scott King
                                                                                             Tennis lesson
                  Gourmet Cooking Class                              Let Tennis Instructor Wilfred Gonsalves from the Coral Beach Club
                A lucky couple will join in the fun at a              spend an hour working on your game. The lesson will be geared
                       gourmet cooking class                             toward your level or any area of the game that you request.
                       at International Imports                           The winner can share the lesson with another if they wish.
               Courtesy of Reeve and Sheena Trott                                      Donated by Wilfred Gonsalves

                                                                                "Experience the future of sailing"
                                                                         With a one hour lesson in kite surfing taught by Glenn Mello.
                                                                                        Compliments of Glenn Mello
                                                                For your home:
For the Ladies:
                                                                                        Time to Burn
        Necklace Designed and Created by                               Don't have time to burn? Burn some wood instead.
                                                                                One cord of firewood, delivered.
                  Jazz Furtado                                               Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Horsfield
   Hand made heart necklace made with beautiful semi precious
            stones, glass beading and gold plated
            Courtesy of Jasvir K. Chaggar-Furtado               Let’s get organised:
                                                                                       Get Organised
        Jazz Furtado Necklace and Earrings                                        Her P.O.V. (Point of View)
          Elegant Swarovski Austrian Crystal necklace            Franklin Planner Consultant, Martha Kirkland, is here to help you
                    and matching earrings.                        Get organized. She provides a Franklin Planner Kit, complete
             Courtesy of Jasvir K. Chaggar-Furtado                  with a leather binder, and a consultation to get you started
                                                                                    Courtesy of Martha Kirkland
        Jazz Furtado Necklace and Earrings
      Colourful tourquise necklace and matching earring set.
              Courtesy of Jasvir K. Chaggar-Furtado

      Bracelet and Earrings by Jazz Furtado
          Semi precious stone, bead and silver bracelet
                     and matching earrings.
            Courtesy of Jasvir K. Chaggar-Furtado

Out and about:

           A Private Tour of the Bermuda
            Institute of Ocean Sciences
            President and Director Dr Anthony Knap
          offers a Private Tour of this important facility.
       Tour for 12 guests, takes approximately 90 minutes
                  Mutually agreed date and time
                  Courtesy of Dr Anthony Knap
                                    The Auction Committee
                                    Dorothy Billings
                                    Mary Bouchard
                                    Douglas DeCouto
                                    Megan Kempe
       SILENT AUCTION ITEMS         Somers Kempe
                                    David Furtado
        Saturday, 28th March 2009   Elizabeth Simmons
                                    Will Thompson

                                    Burrows Lightbourn for the
A very special thank you to the     complimentary Champagne at the
following:                          reception
Our Auctioneer
                                    And all our generous donors and
Mr. Leonard Gibbons
                                    attendees at tonight’s Auction.

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