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            Catering and Event Planning

                Event Menu
Organization:   Kathy/Greg Sierminski and Family
Event:          Family Cookout
Date:           Saturday July 19th 2008
Time:           8am- (setup) until ?
Location:       610 north Green Street McHenry, Illinois
Contact:        Kathy Cell 815.353.0801
Event Description
A friends and family cook-out.

Event Size
Approximately 20-60, including hosts.
Important: Final headcount must be provided within 2 weeks of event.

Services Included
The following services for this fully catered will be provided:

   •   The purchase and preparation of all food
   •   Delivery and set-up of the meal
   •   Take-down and clean-up after the event
   •   Trash control
   •   Insect abatement
   •   Electrical connections
   •   Lighting
   •   Set up day before, if necessary
   •   Cooking equipment and portable kitchen with hand wash station and coolers

The following accessories will be provided for the event:

   •   Tablecloths for food tables
   •   Food tables
   •   Tables and chairs
   •   Napkins
   •   Plates
   •   Utensils
   •   Decorations
   •   Two servers

Note: Decisions regarding beverages and cups not yet determined at the time of proposal.

Menu Proposal
Please see following page(s) for proposed menu.

Important: Because we strive to use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients available, we
reserve the right to alter the menu based on product availability.

Event Quote
Cost: Down payment of $1300. The balance (or lack thereof) will be determined by later
agreement, after menu and headcount is finalized. This is a non-refundable deposit.

Please call 847.456.6680 to approve menu and make deposit. Major credit cards are accepted.
Make all checks payable to Mary Smith.
Picture this…
Tables gaily covered in old-time checked tablecloths, pressed and folded bandanas as napkins,
lanterns and lights, baskets overflowing with homemade breads, whipped and whiskey butter,
cedar and cherry wood smoldering in the perimeter, and two outstanding trail cooks at your
service! (Cowboy hats are available and optional.)

This modern version of a high-end round up is a delight to the senses! The ambiance begins with
brightly covered checked tables that evoke memories of cookouts past. Then we “kick it up a
notch” by adding simple modern amenities.

Your senses are treated to the scents of cedar and cherry wood from the grills, baked brown
breads, sorghum and molasses, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, lemon, just to name a few… now for
the tastes…

                                Proposed Menu
Specialty Platters
Fresh vegetables, including carrots, cucumbers, celery, bell peppers, radishes and green onions,
will be offered alongside a variety of tempting dips.

Pièce de résistance
We start with a dry bed of heated rocks, which is laid with special ordered Utz salt and pepper
potato chips. These light, thin specialty snacks offer a vinegar, salt and pepper flavor
combination that can’t be beat.

The chips are graced with a dollop of crème fraiche, and an elegant topping such as salmon
caviar, marinated garlic or stuffed green olives. Finished with a dusting of cracked black
Herbed Prime Rib
Normandy Beef is organic hand-fed cattle from Iowa.
This prime beef is aged for the utmost in flavor. The roast is rolled in organic herbs and slow
cooked over woods and steam. Sliced thick or thin at a carving station ensures everyone’s
preference is accommodated.

Au jus and homemade horseradish sauce will be offered on the side.

Planked Salmon
Farm raised freshwater salmon are delicately brushed with extra virgin olive oil and place on
planks soaked in herbed white wine. These are nestled into a wood & rock heat source and
quickly cooked. The fish are then removed from heat and served - plank and all - over a steaming
bed of hot rocks.

Fired Potatoes
Idaho potatoes are baked in a stone plate oven, then scooped out and whipped with roasted
garlic, butter and Celtic sea salt. The filling is replaced in potato shells and crème Fraiche is
added. They are wrapped and roasted directly into fire, then served on a bed of hot rocks.

The potatoes will be served with sour cream, butter, whiskey butter and other toppings.

Mirai Sweet Corn (ME-rye)
This sweet corn was developed in Harvard, Illinois and is so tender it requires hand picking.
Outer layers of husks are gently removed to be used in another treat. The corn soaked in ice
water for at least 1 hour. Grill is preheated to highest temperature and corn is quickly seared on
grill, then they finished cooking by steaming over a bed of herb-water hot rocks.

Pure clarified butter is the only accompaniment allowed on this exceptional corn!

Roasted Tamale Corn Cakes
The Mirai corn husks are set in muffin pans and filled with fresh-shucked corn and cornmeal.
These are baked in heavy cream and served hot with homemade roasted pepper and tomato

Three Bean Salad
A new take on an old-fashioned dish.

This wonderful recipe includes kidney, pinto and garbanzo beans marinated in cilantro oil and
combined with onions and vinegar. Served over ice on a bed of crisp lettuce.

Fruit Salad
Refreshing cold fruit ambrosia that can be made with or without coconut, depending on your

What says comfort like homemade cookies and pies made from scratch from locally grown fruit?

One Shot Pie
This pecan pie is made with Georgia pecans, glazed in sorghum and paired with bittersweet
Schokinag chocolate. One shot of Bookers True Barrel Bourbon tops it off, then it’s slow baked
to perfection. Served with a dollop of bourbon whipped cream.

Door County Cherry Pie
Fresh tart cherries from Forestville, Wisconsin fill this delicious homemade pie.
Served homemade Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Apple Pie
Three varieties of locally grown apples baked in a flaky crust and served with slices of Vermont
white cheddar cheese.

Cookie Platter
No picnic would be complete without a huge plate heaping with homemade cookies.

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