Leadership Blind Spots and What to Do About Them by P-Wiley


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									Leadership Blind Spots and What to Do About Them
Author: Karen Blakeley

Edition: 1

Knowledge is built from personal experience and coloured by our needs and values. It follows that all
knowledge is personal and incomplete. We all suffer from 'blind spots'. But when leaders have them, it
matters. To guide people on a journey of continuous learning, understanding and adapting to events as
they occur, leaders must overcome their own blind spots and those of their organization.

Any leader who implements the practices outlined in this book will immediately improve their ability to
perform in today's competitive global environment. Karen Blakeley provides in-depth analysis of how
leaders learn on the job - and what gets in the way. Most importantly she offers a systematic approach
for accelerating leaders' learning capacity - and maximising their performance potential.

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