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   A Wright Investors' Service Research Report:

   Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna SA
                                                                                    440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                    Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Polish New Zlotys

                                 Wright Quality Rating:DCD5                              Key Data

   Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna SA is a Poland-based company that is active in the        Ticker:
   sector of pharmaceuticals. It acts as a parent company of the Group of companies      PGF
   engaged in such activities as the distribution, wholesale and retail of
   pharmaceuticals, medical and rehabilitation equipment, herbal preparations and        2010 Sales:
   cosmetics. Its offer comprises approximately 18,000 products and its main customers
   are pharmacies, hospitals and herbal shops. The Company operates a nationwide
   distribution network. It also offers a loyalty program for customers of the Group's
   pharmacies and online shopping services through its Internet portal www.doz.pl. The   Major Industry:
   Company acts through numerous subsidiaries, including PHARMALINK Sp. z o.o., Bez      Miscellaneous
   Recepty Sp. z o.o. and Laboratorium Galenowe Olsztyn Sp. z o.o., among others. As
   of December 31, 2010, the Company's major corporate shareholder was Artio Global      Sub Industry:
   Management LLC, with a stake 9.08%.                                                   Medical Services
                       Stock Chart                                Officers
                                                                  Chairman               Country:
                                                              Jerzy Leszczynski          Poland

                                                                  Chairman               Currency:
                                                              Jacek Szwajcowski
                                                                                         Polish New Zlotys

                                                         Vice Chairman, Supervisory
                                                                                         Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                            Dr. Hubert Janiszewski       December

                                                               Vice Chairman             Employees
                                                              Jacek Dauenhauer           7,261

                                                               Vice Chairman             Exchanges:
                                                              Zbigniew Molenda           OTH WAR

                                                                                         Share Type:

                                                                                         Market Capitalization:
            Stock Price (8/19/2011): 40.50
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