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Top 10 Ideas for Publishing Magazines, Journals, Newsletters by mrleitner


									Top Ten Tips Periodicals and Book Publishing: Alternative Paths to Success (Publishing Magazines, Journals, & Newsletters)
1. Plan your content (and any illustrations) to reflect the demographics your entity aspires to have in its membership. 2. Understand that your leadership is generally more advanced than your broad membership. Include content for all levels of practice. 3. Put young lawyers and law students on your editorial boards to help focus on beginner content and to provide a working path to leadership. 4. Plan, plan, plan. Have an editorial board of working members (not just political appointees). Have editorial board meetings. The more proactive your editorial board is, the better your publication will be. 5. Reward your editorial board members for the amazing amount of work they do and for how valuable they are to your entity—fund enough meetings, feed them, thank them publicly, then move them along to other leadership roles. (But be ruthless in replacing editorial board members who do not do the work.) 6. Do not take your periodicals for granted. They are the most important member benefit you have. Make sure that all your membership marketing (including your home page) makes this point front and center. 7. On a regular basis, look at all the features and departments that make up a typical issue and evaluate how well they meet the goals of the publication and the needs of the readership.

8. On a regular basis, look at your entire periodical publishing program to assure that all titles—whether print or electronic—are working together to fulfill the goals of the entity. Think electronic along with print. Consider compilations of periodical articles for possible book projects. Consider chapters from your book projects for possible periodical articles. Look at CLE the same way. 9. Spend at least 95% of your space on practice-oriented content. Each article should help your members practice better.

10. Readers have very limited time. Edit or rewrite to grab them in the first paragraph or two or you will lose them.

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