One less bushfire threat for Traralgon South residents Its no by taoyni


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                                                                                       One less bushfire threat for
    It’s no picnic                                                                      Traralgon South residents
   when someone
       gets food
With a relatively early Easter,             possible. Food can only be safely
celebrated at the beginning of              kept between 5 and 60 degrees
April this year, there’s likely to be       Celsius provided it is between these
even more of us take the                    temperatures for less than four
opportunity to head off on a                hours. This is because it takes more
camping trip - or at the very least         than four hours for food poisoning
identifying    with     the     great       bacteria to grow to dangerous levels,”
Australian outdoors by enjoying a           Andrew explained.
picnic or barbecue.
                                            “It’s also important to avoid cross
However, with every camping trip,           contamination in a cooler when
picnic or barbecue, there’s an              travelling. Meat juices from uncooked
upsurge in risks; and no, we’re not         food which may harbour bacteria
just referring to the possibility of tree   can easily leak onto pre-prepared         Harvest residue is being heaped in windrows for burning after the 2009/2010 bushfire danger season
limbs falling on the tent or caravan,       foods, so package with this in mind.
or the mosquitoes or bull ants that         Just in case, place the meat on the
picnickers might encounter in the           bottom of the cooler away from            The Traralgon South township                 recovered for market and the residue           removing the remaining pines among the
outdoors.                                   ready-to-eat food.                        weathered summer with one less               heaped in windrows in preparation for          native vegetation by hand-felling, to
                                                                                      bushfire threat this season, following       burning after the 2009/2010 bushfire           minimise damage and further improve
Latrobe City’s health services              “Cut meat into serving-size pieces        clear-felling of an existing pine re-        season.                                        the natural environment.
coordinator, Andrew Mackintosh, said        before leaving home and have all          growth plantation north of the
food poisoning can also be a real risk      salads ready to eat. This will reduce     Traralgon South township, known as           “The CFA advised that windrows present         “Once the harvesting and residue
when eating outdoors, especially in         the need to handle foods, particularly    the     Shingle    Creek    re-growth        less of a fire risk to the township than the   activities have been completed, it is
the warmer months.                          if there are no hand-washing              plantation.                                  standing plantation,” Cr Vermeulen said.       envisaged that the area will be sown to
                                            facilities. Disposable sanitising wipes                                                “The small stand of native vegetation          pasture.      Latrobe   City   Council’s
“When preparing and storing foods                                                     Latrobe City Council engaged contractors
for outdoor eating, it is important         can be a great help in case there is                                                   along Shingle Creek remains. The quality       expectation is that this process will be
                                                                                      to undertake the work in response to a
people take extra care at this time of      no water for hand washing,” Andrew        request      from     the    community       of the native vegetation along Shingle         finalised in June 2010.
year,” Andrew said.                         said.                                     acknowledging the potential fire risk for    Creek will now have the opportunity to         “Traralgon South residents living near the
                                            “Don’t pack food for a picnic if it has   the township of Traralgon South from this    thrive without competition and shading         plantation were made aware that this
“Whether you go on a picnic,                                                          re-growth plantation.                        from the pines and without the thick bed
barbecue or camping trip, there are         just been cooked and is still warm.                                                                                                   activity was occurring via a door knock
                                            Coolers cannot cool food enough to                                                     of pine needles on the ground inhibiting
some things which can increase the                                                    Latrobe City councillor, Cr Ed Vermeulen                                                    and letter drop, as well as a notice being
                                            prevent bacteria growing. Always                                                       regeneration of native species such as
risk of food poisoning. Your food will                                                said that during the harvest a great deal                                                   provided at the local shop, community
                                            cover pre-prepared foods securely                                                      orchids.
be taken out of its regular                                                           of undersized, spindly tree material was                                                    hub and on a community website,” Cr
environment, which is in the home           and keep in the refrigerator overnight.   identified. However, useable timber was      “The next step will be to explore              Vermeulen added.
fridge or freezer for longer periods of     Other perishable foods and drinks,
time than usual. Instead, you will          such as deli products, cooked
probably rely on a cooler (such as an       chicken and dairy products must
Esky) to keep your food cold. While
these are a great help, coolers are
not as reliable and evenly cold as a
                                            also be cold when put in the cooler.
                                            “Always pack plenty of ice blocks,
                                            frozen bricks or gel packs around the
                                            food. Frozen drinks thaw quickly in
                                                                                                        Firmin Bell rings out
“As such, there’s a risk that food will
remain in the temperature danger
zone (10 to 50 degrees Celsius) for
long times, and the bacteria that
                                            warm weather and can serve as
                                            extra cool bricks.”
                                            Andrew said that picnic tables and
                                                                                                            once again
                                            barbecue preparation areas at many
causes illness will begin to multiply                                                 A 5.1metre steel scaffolding structure
                                            outdoor venues are often small and
rapidly.”                                                                             reproducing an original bell tower
                                            may not be too clean. “These factors
Andrew said a number of simple              increase the risk of contamination        constructed in the 1920’s, has been
food safety practices helped reduce         and cross-contamination during food       completed in Yinnar; awaiting nothing
the opportunities for food to spoil         preparation. “You can avoid direct        but an official opening celebration
and for people to become sick as a          food contact with the surface by          from the Yinnar and District
result.                                     using a clean plate or tray,” he          Community Association.
                                            suggested.                                The bell tower features the Firmin Bell,
“Essentially, potentially hazardous
                                            “People are often in a hurry to eat, so   which once stood outside St Matthew’s
foods such as raw and cooked
                                            there may be a temptation to              Church in Yinnar, which was removed in
meats, dairy products, seafood,
                                            undercook sausages, hamburger or          the 1990s.
processed fruits and vegetables,
cooked rice and pasta, and foods            chicken right through. It’s very          Latrobe City’s acting coordinator
containing eggs, should be kept at 5        important that meat is cooked             community development, Jill Hanley, said
degrees Celsius or colder; or 60            through thoroughly to destroy any         the tower reinstates the bell on the
degrees Celsius or hotter wherever          bacteria,” Andrew added.                  median strip opposite the original site of
                                                                                      St Matthew’s Anglican Church.
                                                                                      “The bell was recently donated by the
                                                                                      Anglican bishop to the community of
                                                                                      Yinnar as an important piece of local
                                                                                      history, and Latrobe City in collaboration
                                                                                      with the Yinnar and District Community
                                                                                      Association have reinstated the bell as a
                                                                                      community asset and reminder of the
                                                                                      town’s heritage,” Jill explained.
                                                                                      In 1898, pioneering Yinnar dairy farmers     Yinnar’s new bell tower under construction
                                                                                      George and Maria Firmin gave land to
                                                                                      the Church of England for the St
                                                                                                                                   “The completion of tower and installation      “Historical signage will shortly be
                                                                                      Matthew’s Anglican Church.
                                                                                                                                   of the bell re-creates an important link       installed beside the bell tower showing
                                                                                      A generation later, in 1921, George and      with the history of the settlement of          the inscription on the bell and providing
                                                                                      Maria Firmin’s thirteen children donated     Yinnar and district. The bell will help to     the background history with a photo of
                                                                                      an inscribed church bell to St Matthew’s     represent in a public way to visitors and      the original church and bell tower,” Jill
                                                                                      in honour of their parents. The bell was     townspeople, and particularly young            added.
                                                                                      erected on a tower at the back of the        people, the history of the town and the
                                                                                      church and stood until the church was                                                       The Yinnar Bell Tower is a Community
                                                                                                                                   people who established it; and will            Building Initiative project, which has
                                                                                      closed and the building and tower            encourage a sense of pride and identity.
                                                                                      removed in the early 1990s.                                                                 been funded from Latrobe City Council
                                                                                                                                   It will celebrate and acknowledge the          and Macpherson Smith Community
It’s very important that meat is cooked through thoroughly to destroy                                                              contribution of early settlers and
                                                                                      “The original tower was typical of a                                                        Alliance. The project has been managed
any bacteria                                                                                                                       pioneering farmers represented by the
                                                                                      Gippsland fire bell tower rather than a                                                     by Ian Hornibrook from the Yinnar and
                                                                                      church bell tower,” Jill said.               Firmin family.                                 District Community Association.

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