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					Smiley Kids Naturena Pre-Primary School January Newsletter
  Issues highlighted in the Parent Meeting            Parents must please inform us if things are not
          held on the 6 February.                     well at home. This has an effect on the childs
                                                      behavior. This would enable us to understand the
    Fees:                                             childs behavior better.

Fees is payable in advance before the end of                  All children naughty
every month. The school is a business and has
expenses that must be paid. Salaries are paid         Children tend to fight with each other. Today your
by the 25 of every month and debit orders run         child fights with another child and tomorrow
            th  st
from the 28 – 1 of every month. If fees is not        another child fights with your child. Parents must
paid then the school cannot cover its running         show understanding and be considerate. In
cost. Parents are urged to pay their fees             certain situations both children are to blame. One
timeously.                                            child hits another and then the other child
                                                      retaliates by hitting back. Normally the child
    School Hours:                                     would go home and not say what he has done.
                                                      Children fight today and tomorrow they best
                                                      friends again. Please keep children’s nails short.
We are open from 6:30-17:45. Parents must
please pick up their children on time. It is a
long day for teachers. The school is open daily               Unity
for 11hours. Try spending 11hours daily with
children and parents will understand and be           Parents must please support the teachers in their
more considerate when picking up their                endeavours to educate the child. We cannot
children on time.                                     work alone without the parents support. The
                                                      poem highlights the importance of unity between
        School Rules                                  the parent and school.

The school rules are in January’s newsletter as          **** Points from Februarys Newsletter ****
well as in the diary. Parents can download the                  We won’t believe everything that your
registration forms on the website if they don’t                 kids say about you if you don’t believe
have the school rules. Please read and                     everything that they say about their teachers.
understand the school rules. The rules are                Please check the facts with your child’s teacher.
there to protect your child aswell as the school.         They may be your darlings at home, but kids do
                                                           lie. Verify facts with the school and teachers.
        Health Issues

All children suffering from contagious diseases
must be kept at home until cleared by a doctor.
Children in nursery school’s tend to get ill a lot.
This is called Creche Sydrome. Children are in
contact with each and tend to pick up infections
from each other.

All medication must be authorized and signed
by the parent. We cannot give any child
medication without the parents consent. The
school diary makes provision for medication to
be signed.

        Personal Details

Parents must update their personal details if
there is a change. Please fill the 1 page of the
diary with your personal details. We cannot
contact you if your cell no has changed.

        Label All items
                                                           We are your partners, not your enemies. Like
                                                           you we have your child’s best interest at heart.
Please remember to label all your child’s items
ie bags, clothing etc. This facilitates the               Lets work together and not against each other
speedy recovery of items.

        Home Circumstances
                                                               Smiley Kids Naturena Pre-Primary February Newsletter

                                                       Smiley Kids Naturena Pre-Primary School                                                                       Date 19th February   2010
                                                                           March Newsletter
Principal: Lorraine Martin                 Lorraine Martin’s Educare Services t/a Smiley Kids Naturena Pre-Primary School
                                                                                                        6 Feb: Wear Yellow Friday

                                                                                              6 Feb: “I am Special Play” R 15.00

Vice-Principal Gail Arthur
                                                                                    13 Feb – Valentines Day Activities – R10

                                                                                                        27 Feb – Wear Green Friday

                                                                                                    13 March – Wear Red Friday


                                                                                                                          Dear Smiley Kids Parent
                                                                                                    20 March – Wear Blue Friday

                                                                                               23 March Easter egg Hunt – R10

                                                                               26 Mar Baby Photos – Theme Bubbles –R70

                    Words of wisdom
                                                                              26 Mar Toddler Photos – Gatsby Theme – R70

                                                                               27 March – “How Peanut the Elephant saved
                                                                                           Easter Play” – R15

                                                                                     27 March Mothers Day Gift order t.b.a

                                                                                     27 March Fathers Day Gift orders t.b.a.

                                                                                               th                         st
                                                                                         27 March – End of 1 Term + Lessons

             "The Lord doesn't ask about your
                                                                                         th                        nd
                                                                                15 April – 2 Term and Lesson Commence

                                                                                                    24 April – Wear Green Friday


                                                        School Meeting:
                                                                                    30 April – Animals visit Smiley Kids – R25


                                                                                                                                                            1st Term – 13th Jan – 26th March
                                                                                         4 May – Reptiles & Doctor Play – R15
                                                                                               29 May Grandparents Day – R10

            ability, only your availability, and, if                           th
                                                                                                        5 June – Environment Day –

                                                                             12 June – Bird Garden @ Monte Casino Excursion
                                                                                                 – R100

                                                                                                   th                    nd
                                                                                          26 June – End of 2 Term + Lessons

             you prove your dependability, the          Thank you to all parents who attended
                                                                              We are the difference
                                                                                         th                       rd
                                                                                20 July – 3 Term and Lessons Commence
                                                                                                             24 July – Pajama Friday

                                                                              14 Aug – Douglas Dale Dairy Excursion – R100

            Lord will increase your capability."        the school meeting. It was a great
                         Anonymous                                                                                                                                 26th Feb – Wear Red Friday
                                                        success. Thank you for Juniors dad                                                                   th
                                                                                                                                                             5 March – Funny hat/cap Friday
        Lorraine Martins Educare                        Mr Moloi with his opening prayer of                                                    1st Mar – Play –Hygiene, My body, Bullies –R20
        T/a                                             blessing over the school.                                                                   19th March – “Old MacDonald (Smiley Kids
         Smiley Kids Naturena
                                                                                                                                                                 Farm visit with animals – R25
         Pre-Primary School                             Monies Sent – Please send correct
        Ck CK2000/021029/23
                                                                                                                                                           21st March – Human Rights Holiday
                                                        monies to the school. We don’t have                                                                        22nd March – Public Holiday
        95 & 97 Malta Road                              the correct change.                                                                                    th
        Naturena                                                                                                                                             26 March Easter egg Hunt – R10
        2064                                                                                                                                         Holiday Program – 29th March – 9th April
        P O Box 745 / 744                               Calendar Photo Shoot: Interested
        Naturena                                        parents wishing to order may do so                                                                2nd Term – 12th April – 11th June
        2064                                            on/before Monday, 22 Feb 2010.                                                            3 May – Head/Shoulder Photo for clock –
        Phone: 011 941-2425
                                                         School Diary: There are only 15                                                           2nd June – Dinosaurs & Water Play – R20
        Fax: 011 941-3147                               diaries still available. All communication                                                                4th June – Jhb Zoo – R105
                                                        is done via the school diary. All children                                                   Holiday Program – 14th June – 9th July
                                                        must have the diary. Please use the                       diary for communication with the                     3rd Term – 12th July – 24th September
        Web address                                     teacher, school, exttramurals,
                                                                                                    29 & 30th July– Douglas Dale Dairy Excursion                    newsletters, etc. Parental details must                                                  – R105
        Or                                              be on the 1st pg of the book.                                             1st Sept – Spring Day                                                                         2nd Sept – Winter, Spring & My Garden Play –
                                                        Phone calls – Parents are asked to                                                          R20
        2010 Fees                                                                                    3rd Sept – Planetarium Excursion – Grade 0’s
        Smiley Babe – R1080                             please call before 8:30 am and between
                                                        1-2pm.                                                                              only – R105
        Toddlers – R1060
                                                                                                                    27th Sept – Cultural Day Dress Up
        Grade 0 – R1120.00
                                                                                                                 Holiday Program – 27th Sept – 1 Oct
                                                        School Uniform: School uniform must be
        February fees payable on OR                     worn 3 days per week and for all
        before                                                                                                    4th Term – 5th Oct – 3rd December
             27th Feb 2010-Internet/ATM                                                                               15th Oct – Rand Airport – R105
             27th Feb (at ABSA bank)                                                              29 Oct – Aladdin/Jasmine Theme Photos-R70
                                                        Kleinkin t-shirt – R60. Kleinkin t-shirts
             26th Feb at the school                                                               Mug –R60, Towel-R130, Snow globe-R70, Tile-
                                                        must be worn every Tuesday.
              No exceptions will be                                                                                          Graduation Photos – R80
                                                        26th Feb : All children to wear
              allowed!!!                                                                                  11th Nov – Dotty the Zebra Xmas Play-R20
                                                        something red. This helps with the
                                                                                                       26th Nov – Smiley Birthday – Bring a Sandpit
                                                        teaching of colours.
        All late payment attracts late penalty                                                     gift for Smiley e.g. plastic spade, bucket, etc
                                                          th                                                                 1st Dec – World Aids Day
                                                        5 March – Funny hat/cap Friday. All                rd
        10% penalty for payments made between                                                             3 December – Grade 0 Camp sleepover –
        the 1st and the 6th.                            children to come with an interesting
        25% penalty for payments received from
                                                                                                                               4th December – Annual
        the 7th – 15th
                                                                                                                        Graduation/Concert/Fun Day
                                                        Shoes: No slippery sandals/shoes. Shoes
        Banking Details                                 must have Velcro straps to facilitate
                                                                                                         4th Dec – Annual Concert /Graduation FUN
        Account – Smiley Kids Naturena                  taking off and putting on. Children fall
        Bank - ABSA                                     with slippery sandals when running.
        Account 4051784550
        Branch 334105
        Dep ref – your Childs name                      My School Card Fundraising Cards
        Please send copy of payment for receipting
                                                        Please complete the My School
                                                        registration forms.           Please cut along dotted line and return

            I,………………………………………………., the parent of …………………………………………… have read and I acknowledge that I fully
                       understand the contents of the February’s Newsletter dated 19th February 2010.

                                                                                                                                       Parent Signature …………………………………………………………….

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