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									OLR Parish Council Meeting Minutes
Date:                   January 28, 2009                   Time:               7:00 pm
Location:               OLR Rosary Hall
Called to order by President, Pete Mininni Prayer by Andy Sarnicola
Attendance: Father Al Gondek, Pete Mininni, Kathy Gwyn, Frank and Helen Greco, Trish Fuller,
Larry Kunar, Teresa Young-Moore, Jim Day, Ed Dillon, Lionel Lopez, Veronica Contreras,
Alexandra Banasik (vicariate), Don and Windy Anderson, Emily Byers, Andy Sarnicola, Jack
Youngblood, Dan Hillenbrand, Rebecca Parker.

Review of December minutes – No changes

Welcome – Alexandra Banasik, Vicariate for Diocese of Charlotte. She shared information about
her multicultural background in cultures and languages, including Polish, Italian, and Mexican. Her
goal is to create a Bridge for all peoples. She is to help coordinate with the Hispanic Ministry and
bring more of the young into the church. She reinforced the idea that total integration will take
more than one generation. Our children are the key. The English and Spanish speaking groups are
growing up together. Incorporation of faith traditions, helping to educate the Hispanic about their
faith. Even though there is a strong faith, knowledge of the faith is frequently missing. Many come
to the US for a better life, but are uneducated even in their own languages creating even more
challenges and fears. OLR is not alone in facing these challenges. Father Al reported that the
Protestant churches in Lexington that have Hispanic parishioners are also having integration issues.
We need to help others in the church family understand that there is ONE MASS, not Our Mass, and
Lionel and Veronica will be liaisons from the Hispanic Parish Council at this time. That council
will be meeting on the last Thursday of each month with Alexandra. One of the problems faced is
that within the Hispanic population in Lexington, there are many groups of peoples with different
traditions from different areas. Many are from Michoacán. A good example was how the various
nationalities of peoples had to acculturate themselves after emigrating from Europe (Polish,
German, Irish, etc). It took generations for that to occur. Our Hispanics are in the first generation of
the process and need our support.
On Feb 7, 2009, there will be a RICA for young Hispanic Adults age 15 and older who haven’t
received all their sacraments. Alexandra will be working weekly for 6 months with the group to get
them ready for sacraments by May 16 when the Bishop comes.

Ministry Fair – Each commission / group to plan a table about their activity/mission. Idea to
recruit parishioners to help commissions with Time, Talent and Treasure. Knights and Woman’s
guild invited

Reports from Commissions

   Religious Education – Ed reported that they are continuing to look for volunteers. There were
    several people interested after this weekend’s ministry fair. A youth representative is still
    needed. On February 8 there will be a children’s prayer service at 1030 to 1050 at parish center.
    Sister Kathy completed a handout that was shared with those who didn’t receive a copy last

   Parish Life – Windy reported that they are planning to have 3 events this year and briefly outlined
    plans for an old-fashioned picnic with activities for all ages. A bowling party, and a meet and

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    great social. Dates are to be determined depending on other church events already planned.

   Liturgy/Worship fair held last weekend was a huge success. Trish reported that there were many
    people interested in the various areas. There will be training sessions held after masses on
    specific weekends. If someone is not able to attend on the weekend, individual training will be
    held. Training will include the current volunteers as well. A letter will be sent to inform
    parishioners about details. Coffee and donuts were also a great success... people want to see for a
    return in fellowship... this was referred to Parish life commission.

   Evangelization/Communication – Teresa reports that one of the priorities will be to get a visible
    calendar of events posted. They are looking for parishioners who have become missing in action
    and will try to persuade return to OLR. There are ideas to provide activity, for elders as well as
    teens. There was discussion about using OLR phone tree for announcements. It is available to
    any church organization that has information that needs to be communicated. Sheets Dance
    Academy is available for the St. Patrick Fundraiser. There are plans to publicize church activities
    in the newspaper and newsletters, etc. (Chris Joss will help)

   Community Ministry/Outreach –Frank provided a handout. Need more volunteers for meals on
    wheels. Recommend that we have a Crisis Ministry Coordinator to oversee, or facilitate the
    meals and help those who haven’t participated in the past. Another recommendation was about
    the possibility of using one weekend second collection to pay for the meals for the groups that do
    not generate income, such as choir and youth, etc. Once again the Episcopal Church has asked us
    to participate in the Sunday lunch during the month of May. Lady’s Guild and Knights
    community outreach activities were outlined in the report.

   Finance – Larry Kunar described the budget process for the church. At this point, since we are
    just in our first year of formal commissions, we have no historical information on which to build.
    About April 1, the finance committee will begin to work on the budget for the fiscal year budget
    for July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010. Larry will need input from the commissions for activities
    planned. The Finance council will review the budget and make recommendations. The budget
    will be submitted to the diocese in July. When submitting information, identify the activity and
    the monetary amount requested. Currently, there are monthly budgets available. It is emailed to
    the council, finance council, and several printed copies are left in the back of church for
    parishioners. If anyone from commissions wants to see income and expense comparisons from
    old to current year, ask Larry to email a copy. In addition to our monthly report, the finance
    committee sends quarterly and twice yearly reports to Charlotte.

Upcoming Events / Miscellaneous Discussion
   Larry is also updating parish directory, Commission leadership is identified. A copy will be
    forwarded with the minutes.
   We are having another Ministry Fair this weekend January 30-Feb1. The front doors will be
    locked, so that people will funnel through Rosary Hall. Everyone to bring a portion of donuts, or
    other treat.
   Valentine Dance with Karaoke
   Lent soup and soul will continue in some form, liturgy commission involved. Look for
    volunteers to drive those who no longer drive at night.
   Tentative Date for Church Picnic – Weekend of May 30
   Knights are having another Fish Fry. Date unknown at this time.
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   St Patrick day dinner dance fundraiser to pay for replacing the roof over Rosary Hall. Gail
    Capone needs people to cook for the St. Pat fundraisers… date unknown at this time. Wants to
    purchase a flat screen TV and raffle as part of the fundraiser.
   Teresa will donate a larger bulletin board for Rosary Hall.
   Discuss Online Calendar on Webpage in addition to a laminated paper calendar.
   Parish council needs to meet and greet new people; we should step up and set an example.
   Father Al is asking Julie Michael to photo ID us.
Plan Next Meeting –
   February meeting was changed to Monday, February 21, 2009 in Rosary Hall at 7 pm. Because
    Ash Wednesday falls on the regular meeting date.
   Discussion about Youth Ministry
   Each Commission will make a SHORT summary updating their activity since last meeting.
    Copies of a brief report should be brought for each member of the council.

Closing Prayer – by Andy Sarnicola

Submitted by Kathy Gwyn, Parish Council Secretary

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