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                                                          Father William P. O’Reilley Council #4967
                                                                           North St. Paul, MN

Father William P. O’Reilley Council News                         August 2008                               Volume 3; Issue 1
IMPORTANT: Would you like to receive occasional announcements and volunteer opportunities via email? If so, please email
Trustee Scott Franzmeier at and simply write your name & then “KC EMAILS” in the subject line.

                                                                            SUPREME RAISES ANNUITY
                                                                            INTEREST RATES TO 4.75%

                                                                 Are you getting concerned about stock market fluctuations
                                                                 and the low rates paid on CD’s and other accounts? The
                                                                 Knights of Columbus has just announced a rate increase
                                                                 to 4.75%* on their flexible premium and single premium
                                                                 annuities. This compares very favorably to what is
                                                                 available out there in other investments. A few important
                                                                 facts about Knights of Columbus annuities:

                                                                       Growth is tax deferred (tax free on a KC Roth
Brother Knights:                                                        IRA).
                                                                       There is never a “fee”.
A huge thank you is in order for the newest Past                       Rates can never go below 3.0%.
Grand Knight Scott Franzmeier for a great year well                    Guaranteed growth – every year!
done.                                                                  Low surrender charges (5% and declining over 7
We start a new fraternal year looking forward to                       Free withdrawals of up to 10% once each year
fellowship and charity. I really am looking forward to                  through surrender charge years.
this year. We have a lot to look forward to. We will be                Commissions are NOT taken from the money you
running all of the usual events plus a couple of new                    invest.
ones and as usual we are short of chair people for                     Rollovers from 401k’s, 403b’s, IRA’s (Roth and
them. Please look at your calendars and see if you                      regular), and transfers from other annuities
would have the time to run a program. We have a lot                     accepted.
of support available for people who want or need help.
                                                                 Take advantage of these rates while they last!
During the general meeting we were treated to a tour
of the new worship space and offices. The architectural          Why not see if a Knights of Columbus annuity is right for
detail tying the old and new together is a masterpiece           you. Contact us at or call us at
of design and craftsmanship. I don’t know if God                 651-757-4400.
cares about such things but I certainly was impressed.
The dedication should be the event of the year.                  *4.75% on deposits of at least $10,000.   4.5% on deposits under
Membership is always a concern for any organization;
if you are not growing you are not healthy. The                            CONGRATULATIONS COUNCIL
average age of our membership is aging. We really                              2008-09 OFFICERS!
need to be on the look out for members under 60. If
you know any catholic men under 60 it might be a                 Congratulations to the 2008-09 Council 4967 Officers,
good idea to ask them if they are interested. Charity,           who were elected by the membership at the June meeting:
Fraternity and Unity are very good words but without
the implied action they are meaningless.                         Grand Knight                       John Lawless
                                                                 Deputy Grand Knight                Frank Schultz
The family picnic was a lot of fun even though Duane             Chancellor                         Mark Slaikeu
Perizzo won the Grand Prize in the cribbage                      Recorder                           Joe Morrisette
tournament. I was lusting for that beautiful custom              Treasurer                          Mike Stahlmann
made cribbage board that Brother Dennis Zweber                   Advocate                           Zach Morgan
donated. And Al Worms’s wife Norma won the second                Warden                             Ben Rauen
place board that was very nearly identical and for               Inside Guard                       Russ Mitchell
third place I got a very nice deck of cards. The                 Outside Guard                      Mark Maurer
burgers, brats, hot dogs and chicken were grilled to             Trustee 1 year                     Dick Fredrick
perfection and the salads, fruit and cookies made for            Trustee 2 year                     Paul Koller
some fine dining. The other game that was a big hit              Trustee 3 year                     Scott Franzmeier
was the bag toss game that Mark Slaikeu provided.
                                                                                  CHARITIES REPORT
Let’s get together and make this the best year ever for
our council in the fun and fellowship part.                      The Membership approved a donation in the amount
                                                                 of $365.00 to pay for a one week Catholic Youth
Vivat Jesus,                                                     Camp experience for St. Peter’s student Max Doren.
John Lawless
            2008-09 KC’s FALL EVENT                                    NEWSLETTER SCHEDULE REMINDER
                CHAIRS NEEDED
                                                                  This is a reminder that there will be no newsletter in
We are currently planning our event schedule for Fall             September. The next newsletter will be published in
2008 and need chairmen for the following events. Please           October.
contact Program Director Al Worm at 651-777-0910 if
you are interested in working as a chairman or volunteer                          KC FAMILY PICNIC
for these events:
                                                                  Thank you to all of the KC families who attended the
NSP Fall Round-up Parade – September 20, 2008                     Family Picnic on July 12 at Casey Lake Park. Thank you
Fall Festival Bingo – September 20-21, 2008                       also to all of the members who volunteered for the picnic,
Spaghetti/Pizza Dinner – October 25, 2008                         especially John Lawless for chairing the event. Thank you
Pancake Breakfast – October 26, 2008                              also to Ben Rauen for setting up the logistics for the picnic
                                                                  and to Paul Koller for overseeing the Cribbage

        CHAPLAIN         BOB O’CONNOR              777-4406       TRUSTEE YR 3        SCOTT FRANZMEIER          793-6742
        GRAND KNIGHT     JOHN LAWLESS              779-0917       TRUSTEE YR 2        PAUL KOLLER               777-4277
        DPY GRD KNIGHT   FRANK SCHULTZ             770-0749       TRUSTEE YR 1        DICK FREDRICK             773-0912
        CHANCELLOR       MARK SLAIKEU              777-5187       WARDEN              BEN RAUEN                 777-9176
        RECORDER         JOE MORRISETTE            770-5203       FINANCIAL SEC       BOB BRUTON                777-2224
        ADVOCATE         ZACH MORGAN               426-2372       TREASURER           MIKE STAHLMANN            770-9148
        INSIDE GUARD     RUSS MITCHELL             770-4100       INSURANCE AGENT     BRIAN GOSTANZIK           224-6263
        OUTSIDE GUARD    MARK MAURER               777-2617       DISTRICT DEPUTY     MIKE SCHILLING            738-3626

        All events are held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church or School unless noted otherwise.
        To volunteer for an event, call Program Director Al Worm at 651-777-0910 or via email at

        DATE                              EVENT                                                   CHAIR
        9/20/08                           NSP Fall Round-Up Parade (downtown NSP)                 Chair Needed
        9/20-21/08                        Fall Festival Bingo                                     Chair Needed
        10/19/08                          Fall Booya                                              Paul Otte
        10/25/08                          Spaghetti/Pizza Dinner                                  Chair Needed
        10/26/08                          Pancake Breakfast                                       Chair Needed

        Monday, August 18, 2008 in Fellowship Hall; Rosary at 6:45 pm; Meeting at 7:00 pm
        Monday, September 8, 2008 in School Library; Meeting at 7:00 pm

                                            Celebrating Faith In Action

Knights of Columbus                                                                                  NON-PROFIT ORG.
Father William P. O’Reilley Council #4967                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
PO Box 9072                                                                                            ST. PAUL, MN
North St. Paul MN 55109                                                                               PERMIT NO. 2418

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