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									The Emblem

Official publication, County of Allegheny, Lodge 91
Fraternal Order of Police
VOL. XXXV, No 1                                                      March 2007

                                    Presidents Message
         Our lodge will once again award four $500.00 grants to children or stepchildren
of Lodge 91 members.
         The grants are to be used for college or trade school attendance. Applicants who
are to receive an award must provide proof of acceptance that they will be attending
college or trade school during this year but they may apply prior to graduation from high
school or its equivalent.
         The parent of the applicant must be a Lodge 91 member in good standing and
have their dues paid at least 90 days prior to the submission of the application.
         An application for a grant is enclosed in this newsletter. Members seeking
financial aid consideration must submit a separate official application for each child
         Send the application(s) to: Floyd M. Nevling, Fraternal Order of Police, 253
Dutch Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Applications are to be submitted to Brother Nevling
prior to June 1.
         In order to be fair to all of our members, grants are determined by an impartial
drawing held during the lodge’s annual Kennywood picnic. I will announce the winners
at that time. Attendance at the picnic is not required.

        One of our own has taken up the challenge and seeks our support. Retired
Philadelphia Officer Seamus McCaffery, that right, Judge McCaffery is running for a seat
on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He has earned my personal support and respect and
my family and I are supporting his election. I would hope that all my brothers and sisters
would consider supporting Judge McCaffery this May 15, 2007. Please check his web
site and qualifications at Judge McCaffery requests our help in
electing another fine man, Judge John Younge to the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Both
Judge McCaffery and Judge Younge embody many of our personal ideals and goals. It
does the system well to have both these fine men on the bench, men who understand our
needs on the judicial bench safeguarding our legal system the law enforcement
community from those who abuse the system.
        May 15 is police memorial week and if you are planning to be out of town
remember to apply for your absentee ballot and don’t forget to vote during this important
primary election. There is strength in numbers and all police officers should be first in
line to vote.

Fraternally yours,

Henry J. Wiehagen, President
County of Allegheny, F.O.P. Lodge #91
                  Department Representative’s and Members
        Please advise your membership that they have an obligation to notify the Lodge
of any change of address. In the past with regard to the newsletter if the post office
returned your newsletter because of a change of address but provided a new or
forwarding address your file was updated and your newsletter was sent to your new
address. We will no longer update the newsletter mailing list based on information from
the post office. Members who have their newsletter returned due to an address problem
will be dropped from the mailing list until they correct their address with the Lodge.
Changes of address for the Emblem can be e-mailed to
containing you name, your department, your new address and you membership number.

                                     Labor Notice
        There are guidelines that must be strictly adhered to with regard to collective
bargaining. If your collective bargaining agreement expires this year on December 31,
2007 you must start the negotiations process soon. If it is your intent to have the F.O.P.
Lodge #91 Labor Committee negotiate your collective bargaining agreement it is
imperative that your department have an election prior to the end May to designate your
official bargaining agent with your municipality. Those departments seeking the F.O.P
as there bargaining agent are directed to contact the lodge at 412.824.7780 for further
information without delay.

                             DATES TO REMEMBER:

FRIDAY MAY 4, 2007
    Time:     8:00 PM
    Place:    Police Memorial Site, North Shore, Across From Heinz Field
    Activity: 3rd Police Memorial Candlelight Service
TUESDAY MAY 15, 2007
       Primary Election Day. Remember to vote.
FRIDAY MAY 18, 2006
      Time: 6:30 PM
      Place: Boroughs and Townships Memorial
             Next to County Police Office South Park Fair Grounds
SUNDAY MAY 20, 2007
     Time:     10:00 AM
     Place:    St. Paul Cathedral 5th Ave.& Craig Street Oakland
     Activity: 26th Annual Blue Mass
               Procession with Pittsburgh Emerald Society Pipe Band from
               Parking lot of Cardinal Dearden Center across the street from Central
               Catholic High School on 5th Ave.
                              2007 Kennywood Picnic
        Members are urged to put Monday June 25, 2007 on your event calendar as the date
of our annual family picnic at Kennywood Park. Ride all day tickets will be $20.00. See
your area representative for tickets. A $3.00 surcharge for the picnic lunch will be charged
at the park as in past years. Plan to attend and share in the fraternalism with all your
bothers and sisters.

            Annual Gold Card Retirement and Awards Banquet
       On Friday, February 23, 2007 we once again held our annual “Gold Card
Retirement and Awards Banquet”. We would like to thank all of our dignitaries and
guests who were able to attend.
       Our award winners for outstanding service to their communities were;

               James Wabby            Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office
               Tim Kreger             Baldwin Borough Police Department

        We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all of this year’s retiree’s. May good
health and prosperity follow you into what are hoped to be the best years yet to come.

Michael Bowen, Edgewood                       Kevin Brennan, Penn Hills
Andrew Brody, Allegheny County                Michael Coury, Whitehall
Susan Crowley, Allegheny County               Peter DeFazio, Sheriff
William Ehrin, Ross Township                  William Evans, Monroeville
Steven Frank, A.T.F.                          Vincent Guerrieri, Monroeville
Ernnest Heilmann, Allegheny County            David Kerr, Neville Township
William Klobucher, Penn Hills                 Edmund Kruse, Plum Borough
Diane Kuffner, Allegheny County               John Laufer, Monroeville
James Long, Shaler                            Jack Maple, Jefferson Hills
James McIntyre, Heidelberg                    Joseph Moran, Mt. Lebanon
Robert Ober, Etna                             John Pancari, Scott Township
Kenneth Robinson, Allegheny County            David Rowley, McCandless
John Simcho, Munhall                          Paul T. Snowden, Penn Hills
Frank Spaniol, Sewickley Heights              Bernard Tomayko, Bethel Park
Robert Wallace, Elizabeth Township            Terry Watson, Neville Township
William Wetzler, Wilkins Township
F.O.P. , County of Allegheny, Lodge #91, FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION

Name:      _______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Name of current school: ___________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________


Current grade level: ________ Date of Birth: ________________________

Year of high school graduation: _____________________________________

Intended college: _________________________________________________

Address:           _________________________________________________


Intended date of attendance: _________________________________________
(Proof of attendance will be required if selected for aid.)

Parent of Applicant

Name:       ________________________________________________________

Address:    ________________________________________________________


Department: ______________________________ Active______ Retired_____

Home phone: _____________________ Work phone: ___________________

Are you a member in good standing of Lodge 91? _________________________

Signature of Lodge 91 member: ______________________ Date: ____________

Signature of applicant: _____________________________ Date: ____________


Send applications to: Floyd M. Nevling, Fraternal Order of Police, 253 Dutch Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

I verify that all the information provided is true to my knowledge of the nominee.

Signature of Nominating Individual
Send nominating form to Floyd M. Nevling, 253 Dutch Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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