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					                                                                     ICT Workshop Plan
                                                        Best value shopping for our lunchbox goodies
                Learning Target                Introduction                                  Activities                            Assessment point                 Resources
Lesson no.

1            To become competent in      We are going on a school     Discuss what children need to find out eg – cost of        Children design a sheet    Computers, paper
             the use of Number Magic     trip and have to take a      chocolate biscuits, fruit, drinks, crisps. Children do a   to gather information
             to build and use a          picnic lunch. Mrs Jacobs     survey for homework of prices in a local shop or
             spreadsheet model           says that she will make      supermarket.
                                         the sandwiches but we        Children create an empty chart to fill prices in –
                                         have to buy everything       decide whether thy are working in pairs or groups
                                         else to go in the lunch      and who is going to collect what information.
                                         boxes and we have £1         Plan to get lots of information – crisps in large multi-
                                         per person. We will work     packs, chocolate bars in multi-packs, drinks in big
                                         in groups of 6.              bottles, small bottles, cartons and multi packs.

2            To build a “model”          Think about what our         Children start to build model – in pairs.                  Are the children able to   Computers, gathered
             spreadsheet with all of     model needs – how to lay     (There will be lots of other maths to sort out eg –        build a spreadsheet        information
             the gathered info. (This    it out. Revise how to        how many glasses, flasks of pop are in a large bottle,     model, entering data
             could be several models     build a formula with the     is squash a better buy, how many multi packs of            and formulae?
             – each group or pair        formula builder.             crisps or chocolate will be needed?
             could share information
             but build a different
3            Start to work our what      Children should be able       Children “Present” their best model – print it off in     Change of plan – 2 new     Computers
             the best deal is for our    to alter the model to play   some format so that it can be shared with others.          sheets needed, are they
             lunchboxes – multi –        number games – 5 multi       Memo from the cook – orders please!                        able to lift information
             packs v single packs,       pack against 30 packets      Memo from the office – invoices please!                    from spreadsheet or do
             what sort of choc bar and   of crisps, etc to come up    All groups compare – are there differences,                they have to create new
             large bottles of pop v      with the best deal.          similarities, have they decided on a different             from scratch?
             small bottles v cartons.                                 combination of food?
                                                             ICT Workshop Plan
                                                Best value shopping for our lunchbox goodies

4   Play with the model          Introduce the idea of       Announcement – bad potato harvest puts 3p on a           Can the group alter the
                                 changing variables and      packet of crisps!                                        model to compensate /
                                 compensating for them.                                                               then adjust model to
                                 We are buying for the                                                                keep price per person
                                 whole class not just 6.                                                              ratio?

5   Make a report                Introduce the idea of a     Make a report on the Picnic lunch project                Can children share
                                 report:                                                                              their experience by
                                 Cut and paste into Word                                                              talking through what
                                 Use bullets to keep brief                                                            they have done and the
                                 to the point items etc                                                               decisions they have
                                                                                                                      come to?
                                                                                                                      Can the children cut
                                                                                                                      and paste between

If these take less time than allowed children could create a presentation in the form of posters or PowerPoint showing how each group made up their book list or food list and
giving reasons for the differences etc.

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