Vinyl LPs by taoyni


									  Title                                       Artist                                    Title                                         Artist
  Cocktail                                    (Film soundtrack)                       * Something Special                             Kool & the Gang
  The Blues Brothers                          (Film soundtrack)                       * Twice as Kool (Hits)                          Kool & the Gang
  Bladerunner                                 (Film soundtrack)                         Greatest Hits                                 Linda Ronstadt
  The Producers                               (Film soundtrack)                       * Go Ahead                                      Linx
  The Lost Boys                               (Film soundtrack)                       * Any Love                                      Luther Vandross
  The Rocky Horror Picture Show               (Film soundtrack)                         True Blue                                     Madonna
  Angel Heart                                 (Film soundtrack)                         The Correct Use of Soap                       Magazine
  Rediffusion Stereo Sampler                  (Various)                                 Fans                                          Malcolm McLaren
  We Do 'em Our Way                           (Various)                                 The Story of Pop (series)                     Marc Bolan & T.Rex
  Take it Home                                B.B. King                               * What's Going On?                              Marvin Gaye
  This is …                                   Bert Kaemfert                           * Midnight Love                                 Marvin Gaye
  Blondie                                     Blondie                                   Surpise, surprise                             Mezzoforte
  Slippery When Wet                           Bon Jovi                                  Platinum                                      Mike Oldfield
  New Jersey                                  Bon Jovi                                  Hoochie Coochie Man (Levi's edition)          Muddy Waters
  Born to Run                                 Bruce Springsteen                         Rough Mix                                     Pete Townsend & Ronnie Lane
  The Return of Bruno                         Bruce Willis                              Outlandos d'Amour                             Police
  The Best of …                               Button Down Brass, The                    Reggatta de Blanc                             Police
  The Cars                                    Cars, The                                 Sign o' the Times                             Prince
  The Christians                              Christians, The                           Hemispheres                                   Rush
  Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine    Daryl Hall                                Fourplay                                      SAHB (without Alex)
  Let's Dance                                 David Bowie                               Shango'                                       Santana
  Dire Straits                                Dire Straits                              Seekers Golden Collection                     Seekers, The
  Be Seeing You                               Dr Feelgood                             * The Look                                      Shalamar
* Raise!                                      Earth, Wind & Fire                        Sheila E.                                     Sheila E.
  Caribou                                     Elton John                                Stan Reynolds Plays a Tribute to James Last   Stan Reynolds
  Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player   Elton John                                1972 - 1978                                   Steely Dan
  Come on Everybody - Let's do the Twist      Fats & the Chessmen                       Fear of Music                                 Talking Heads
  Wind & Wuthering                            Genesis                                   The Name of thie Band is … (2 LP set)         Talking Heads (1977-1979 / 1980-1981)
  The Black & White Mistrel Show              George Mitchell Minstrels                 Introducing the Hardline according to …       Terence Trent D'Arby
  Island Life                                 Grace Jones                               Spiral                                        Vangelis
  Wired                                       Jeff Beck                                 Right Track                                   Wilson Pickett
  There & Back                                Jeff Beck                                 Fragile                                       Yes
  I'm The Man                                 Joe Jackson                               Close to the Edge                             Yes
  Modern Lovers Live                          Jonathan Richmond & the Modern Lovers
  A-side                                                             Artist                                   AA / B-side
  Club Country                                                       Associates                               A.G. It's You Again / Ulcragyceptemol
  Summer Breeze (33rpm) (radio guitar mix) / (dance hall bass mix)   Bahala-na Gang, The                      Summer Breeze (piano club mix) / (summer beats)
  Don't Miss The Partyline                                           Bizz Nizz                                Don't Miss The Partyline (instrumental) / (incrowd version)
  I Feel For You (remix)                                             Chaka Khan                               I Feel For You / Chinatown
  Stop This Crazy Thing (feat. Junior Reid)                          Cold Cut                                 Stop This Crazy Thing (Speng version) / (instrumental)
  The Real Life                                                      Corporation Of One                       The Prayer
  Our Love Is Insane                                                 Desmond Child & Rouge                    City In Heat
  What's That Tune? (friends of Dorothy mix) / (radio mix)           Dorothy                                  Sleaze Sisters Hard Bag Medley / The Disco Dollys
  A Promise                                                          Echo & The Bunnymen                      Broke My Neck
  The R (work, rest & play)                                          Eric B & Rakim                           The R (LP version)
  I Got You - James Brown                                            Good Morning Vietnam (soundtrack)        Nowhere To Run - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
  Step On (stuff it in mix)                                          Happy Mondays                            Step On (one louder mix)
  John Wayne Is Big Leggy (groovy long version)                      Haysi Fantayzee                          The Sabres Of Paradise / John Wayne Is Big Leggy
  Holy Joe (extended version)                                        Haysi Fantayzee                          Holy Joe (7" version) / OK Big Daddy
* Body Talk (vocal)                                                  Imagination                              Body Talk (instrumental)
  Good Life (House of Trix) / (Chicago mix)                          Inner City                               Big Fun (L.A. remix)
  Blow The House Down (Keith Cohen mix)                              Living In A Box                          Blow The House Down (7" version) / (club dub) / "Dance The Mayonnaise"
  Waltz Darling (extended version) / Deep In Vogue                   Malcolm McLaren (feat. Bootsy Collins)   Waltz Darling (Banjie realness)
  Sanctified Lady (club mix)                                         Marvin Gaye                              Sanctified Lady (instrumental version)
  Ever So Lonely (extended version)                                  Monsoon                                  Sunset Over The Ganges
  99 Red Balloons (club mix)                                         Nena                                     99 Luftballoons / Ich Bleib' Im Bett
* Forget Me Nots (special dance mix)                                 Patrice Rushen                           Haven't You Heard / Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be)
  Little Red Corvette (dance mix)                                    Prince                                   Lady Cab Driver
  Controversy                                                        Prince                                   When You Were Mine
  Rat Rapping (extended version)                                     Roland Rat Superstar                     Rat Rapping (7" version) / (instrumental version)
  Love Groove (feat. J.J. Jones)                                     Squeezebrain & The Machine               Lust Groove / More Love, More Groove
  The Smurf                                                          Tyrone Brunson                           I Need Love
  Don't Slow Down                                                    UB40                                     Don't Let It Pass You By
  Kissing with Confidence (7" play lip-shaped disc)                  Will Powers                              All Thru History
  The Only Way Is Up                                                 Yazz & The Plastic Population            The Only Way Is Up (Speng re-mix)
  Oh Yeah                                                            Yello                                    La Habanera / Oh Yeah (Indian Summer Mix)
A-side                                                  Artist
Art For Art's Sake                                      10CC
When Smokey Sings                                       ABC
Aie A Mwana                                             Bananarama
Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)                 Benny Hill
Chew Tobacco Rag                                        Billy Briggs (Imperial Rockabillies)
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me                          Billy Joel
It Doesn't Have To Be This Way                          Blow Monkeys, The
Shoot All The Clowns (remix)                            Bruce Dickinson (limited edition clear vinyl)
Breakdown / Time's Up                                   Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto (Spiral Scratch EP)
Watch Your Step                                         Carlos Santana
Just What I Needed                                      Cars, The
My Best Friend's Girl                                   Cars, The
Aline                                                   Christophe accompagne' par Jacques Denjean
White Boy                                               Culture Club
Ashes To Ashes                                          David Bowie
Space Oddity                                            David Bowie (Maximillion series)
Stardust                                                David Essex
Lucky Stars / The Deli Song (Corned Beef On Wry)        Dean Friedman (33 rpm EP)
Muscles                                                 Diana Ross
Farmer's Daughter                                       Double Date
I Don't Want To Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)    Dynasty
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye                               Ella Fitzgerald
Someone Saved My Life Tonight                           Elton John
Step Into Christmas                                     Elton John
In A Monastery Garden / Barcarolle from 'The Tales Of   Embassy Light Symphony Orchestra conducted by
Hoffman'                                                Lionel Hale (45 rpm extended play microgroove)
You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart                     Eurythmics
Yo Yo Get Funky (radio version)                         Fast Eddie, The DJ
Only You Can                                            Fox
I Want Your Sex (rhythm 1 Lust)                         George Michael
Nobody But You                                          Gladys Knight & The Pips
Radar Love                                              Golden Earring
Private Life                                            Grace Jones
I Believe In Father Christmas                           Greg Lake
John Wayne Is Big Leggy                                 Haysi Fantayzee

Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)               INXS (limited edition 2 record set - record 1)
This Time                                               INXS (limited edition 2 record set - record 2)
It's A Disco Night (Rock Don't Stop)                    Isley Brothers
Mallorca En Sus Bailes Y Sus Canciones: Parado De       Jaime Company (Supervision Musical: Maestro B.
Valldemosa / Bolera Mallorquina / Bolero De L'Amor /    Oliver) Agrupacion Folklorica Aires Mallorquines D'Es
Bolero De Sen Pere                                      Pont D'Inca
Down In A Tube Station At Midnight                      Jam, The
Going Underground                                       Jam, The
Town Called Malice                                      Jam, The
We Drove 'em All Mad                                    Jenne Haan
Little Bits And Pieces                                  Jim Stafford
Jumpin' Jive                                            Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)                                John & Yoko / The Plastic Ono Band
Imagine                                                 John Lennon
(Just Like) Starting Over                               John Lennon / Yoko Ono
Woman                                                   John Lennon / Yoko Ono
D-a-a-ance                                              Lambrettas
O Superman                                              Laurie Anderson
I'm That Type Of Guy                 LL Cool J
Walk On The Wild Side                Lou Reed (the Golden Grooves collection)
It's Hard To Be Humble               Mac Davis
On A Little Street In Singapore      Manhattan Transfer, The
Wonderwall                           Mike Flowers Pops, The
In Dulci Jubilo                      Mike Oldfield
Roll Away The Stone                  Mott The Hoople
Wonderful Christmastime              Paul McCartney
Middle Of The Road                   Pretenders
Now I'm Here                         Queen
From A Rabbit                        Radio Stars (special hip pocket edition)
Riding On A Fantasy                  Rah Band
Jessie's Girl                        Rick Springfield
Uganda Stile                         Rinking Deven
Cuddly Toy                           Roachford
Family Man                           Roachford
Love Is The Drug                     Roxy Music
Juke Box Jive                        Rubettes
Bird Of Paradise                     Snowy White
American Movie Week                  Soma Ride, The
Keep On Movin'                       Soul II Soul
The Freeze                           Spandau Ballet

To Cut A Long Story Short            Spandau Ballet

Gangsters                            Specials, The / Selecter, The
California Day                       Starland Vocal Band
Ravers                               Steel Pulse
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)   Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
Lately                               Stevie Wonder
Golden Brown                         Stranglers, The
Toast                                Street Band
It Didn't Matter                     Style Council, The
My Ever Changing Moods               Style Council, The
Wishing Well                         Terence Trent D'Arby
Genius Of Love                       Tom Tom Club
Loc'ed After Dark                    Tone Loc
On Fire                              Tone Loc
Street Beat                          Toni Basil (2 record set - 1)
Nobody                               Toni Basil (2 record set - 2: limited ed. picture disc)
(Is This The Way To) Amarillo        Tony Christie
TV Is King                           Tubes, The
Are 'Friends' Electric?              Tubeway Army
Red Red Wine                         UB40
Fade To Grey                         Visage
Don't Stop The Music                 Yarbrough & Peoples
AA / B-side                                             Label
Get It While You Can                                    Mercury
Chicago (part 1)                                        Neutron / 10 Music
Dubwana                                                 Demon Records
Ting-A-Ling-A-Loo                                       Columbia
Chew Tobacco Rag no.2                                   Liberty
Through The Long Night                                  CBS
Ask For More                                            RCA
Over And Out / (+ bonus track)                          EMI
Boredom / Friend Of Mine                                New Hormones
Lightnin'                                               CBS
I'm In Touch With Your World                            Elektra
Moving In Stereo                                        Elektra
Je Ne T'Aime Plus                                       Disques Motors
Love Twist                                              Virgin
Move On                                                 RCA
Changes / Velvet Goldmine                               RCA Victor
Miss Sweetness                                          CBS
Ariel / Don't You Ever Dare                             The 4 Series
I Am Me                                                 Capitol
Stoned Soul Picnic                                      Gasatanka
Your Piece Of The Rock                                  Solar (RCA)
Manhattan                                               Verve
House Of Cards                                          DJM Records
Ho, Ho, Ho (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?)            DJM Records
In A Persian Market / Intermezzo from the opera         Embassy Records
'Cavalleria Rusticana
You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart (acoustic)        RCA
Yo Yo Get Funky (Tyree's Funky Beats)                 DJ International
Out Of My Body                                        GTO Records
I Want Your Sex (rhythm 2 Brass In Love)              Epic
Pipe Dreams                                           Buddah (Pye)
Just Like Vince Taylor                                Track Record
She's Lost Control                                    Island
Humbug                                                DJM Records
The Sabres Of Paradise                                Regard Records
                                                      (Chrysalis / Carlin)
Six Knots / The One Thing (live)                      Mercury
Original Sin (long version)                           Mercury
Ain't Givin' Up No Love                               Epic
Mallorca En Sus Bailes Y Sus Canciones: Mateixa De La Alhambra
Pagesia / Bolero Antic / Bolero D'Es Vermar

So Sad About Us / The Night                             Polydor
The Dreams Of Children                                  Polydor
Precious                                                Polydor
Forgotten Dreams                                        EMI
Banjo Billy                                             CBS
Knock Me A Kiss                                         A & M Records
Listen, The Snow Is Falling                             Apple
Working Class Hero                                      Apple
Kiss Kiss Kiss                                          Geffen Records
Beautiful Boys                                          Geffen Records
(Can't You) Feel The Beat                               Rocket Record Co.
Walk The Dog                                            Warner Bros
It Gets No Rougher                    Def Jam (CBS)
Vicious                               RCA
The Greatest Gift Of All              Casablanca (Pye)
Single Girl                           Atlantic
Son Of God / Theme from Memory Man    London Records
On Horseback                          Virgin
Where Do You All Come From            CBS
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae          Parlophone
Watching The Clothes                  Real Records (WEA)
Lily Of The Valley *                  EMI
To A Beast                            Chiswick
Rock Me Down To Rio                   DJM Records
Affair Of The Heart                   RCA
(version)                             Jah Lee
Lion's Den                            CBS
Never                                 CBS
Sultanesque                           Island
When You're Falling In Love           Polydor
The Answer                            Towerbell Records
Dropping Bombs In Your Mind           Dreamtown
Keep On Movin' (instrumental)         10 Records (Virgin)
The Freeze (version)                  Reformation
To Cut A Long Story Short (version)   Reformation
The Selector                          Chrysalis
War Surplus Baby                      RCA Victor
More Dub' Marcus Say                  Wise Man Doctrine
Another Journey                       EMI
If It's Magic                         Motown
Love 30                               Liberty
Hold On                               Logo
The Cappuccino Kid                    Polydor
Mick's Company                        Polydor
Elevators & Hearts                    CBS
Lorelei (instrumental)                Island
Wild Thing                            Delicious Vinyl
Funky Cold Medina                     Delicious Vinyl
Rock On                               Radialchoice/Virgin
Thief On The Loose                    Radialchoice/Virgin
Love Is A Friend Of Mine              MCA
Telecide                              A & M Records
We Are So Fragile                     Beggar's Banquet
Sufferin'                             DEP International
The Steps                             Polydor
You're My Song                        Mercury
A-side                                                     Artist
Life Is But A Dream                                        Alan Dean
Medley Of Strauss Waltzes (part 1)                         Alonzo & His Orchestra
Day Dreams                                                 Anne Shelton
Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)                            Anne Shelton
Three Little Words (from 'Check And Double Check')         Ben Light At The Steinway
I Dreamed                                                  Beverley Sisters, with The Roland Shaw Orch.
Hot Dog Buddy Buddy                                        Bill Haley & His Comets
R-O-C-K (from the film 'Rock Around The Clock')            Bill Haley & His Comets
Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant-Major                          Billy Cotton & His Band
Me And My Girl (from the show 'Me And My Girl')            Billy Cotton & His Band
The Flying Saucer                                          Billy Cotton & His Band / Alan Breeze & The Bandits
No One But You (featured in 'Flame And The Flesh')         Billy Eckstine
Beloved (featured in the film 'The Student Prince')        Billy Eckstine
Main Title (from 'The Man With The Golden Arm')            Billy May & His Orchestra
Around The World (from 'Around The World In 80 Days')      Bing Crosby / Victor Young & His Orchestra
Dance, Ballerina, Dance                                    Bing Crosby with The Rhythmaires
Baby, Come-A-Back-A                                        Chordettes, The

Born To Be With You                                        Chordettes, The

Fallin'                                                    Connie Francis
Who's Sorry Now?                                           Connie Francis
It's Only Make Believe                                     Conway Twitty
Oh, Boy                                                    Crickets, The
Nothing But A Lie (Russian tango)                          Dajos Bela Dance Orchestra
At The Hop                                                 Danny & The Juniors
C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)                                Danny Kaye
Put 'em In A Box, Tie 'em with a ribbon And Throw 'em In   Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters / The Andrews
The Deep Blue Sea (from 'It's Magic')                      Sisters
Hotta Chocolotta (The Same Thing Happens 'ith)             Dave King & The Keynotes with Roland Shaw Orch.
My September Love                                          David Whitfield
The Hand Of Friendship                                     Dickie Valentine
Day Dreams                                                 Dickie Valentine with Johnny Douglas & His Orch.
Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) (from the        Doris Day
Paramount picture 'The Man Who Knew Too Much')
Foolishly Yours                                            Doris Day
It's Almost Tomorrow                                       Dream Weavers, The
What Is This Thing Called Love?                            Eddie Fisher
All About Love (featured in the film 'Bundle Of Joy')      Eddie Fisher
By The Fountains Of Rome                                   Edmund Hockridge (Tony Osborne Orchestra)
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye                                  Ella Fitzgerald
Jailhouse Rock (from the film 'Jailhouse Rock')            Elvis Presley
Party (from the film 'Loving You')                         Elvis Presley
My Baby Left Me                                            Elvis Presley
Don't Be Cruel                                             Elvis Presley
All I Have To Do Is Dream                                  Everly Brothers, The

Wake Up Little Susie                                       Everly Brothers, The

If You Can Dream (from the MGM film 'Viva Las Vegas')      Four Aces, featuring Al Alberts
Flamenco Love                                              Frank Cordell & His Orchestra
I Get A Kick Out Of You                                    Frank Sinatra
You My Love (as performed in the film 'Young-At-Heart')    Frank Sinatra
My Blue Heaven                                             Frank Sinatra
The Tender Trap (from the MGM picture)                     Frank Sinatra
Chicago (from the Paramount motion picture 'The Joker Is   Frank Sinatra
(Love Is) The Tender Trap (from the MGM picture)           Frank Sinatra
I Get A Kick Out Of You                                    Frank Sinatra (orch. conducted by Nelson Riddle)
Three Coins In The Fountain                                Frank Sinatra (orch. conducted by Nelson Riddle)
Five Hundred Guys                                          Frank Sinatra (with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra)
Johnny Concho Theme (from the film 'Johnny Concho')        Frank Sinatra (with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (recorded directly from     Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm / Frank Sinatra (both
the sound track of the film 'High Society')                with the MGM Studio Orchestra)
A Woman In Love (from 'Guys And Dolls')                    Frankie Laine
Some Day (from 'Vagabond King')                            Frankie Laine
Jealousy                                                   Frankie Laine
Moonlight Gambler                                          Frankie Laine
The Green Door                                             Frankie Vaughan
So Many Women                                              Frankie Vaughan
Wanderin' Eyes                                             Frankie Vaughan
Crying My Heart Out For You                                Glen Mason
Mary's Boy Child                                           Harry Belafonte
Chu Chin Chow selection part 1 - Intro: Any Time's         Harry Fryer & His Orchestra
Kissing Time / I Love You So / Mahbubah / Robbers'
Chorus / I'll Sing And Dance
Swing With A Swing                                         Harry Roy & His Band
Fantasy Staccato (fox-trot)                                Ike Carpenter & His Orchestra

Reet Petite                                                Jackie Wilson
A String Of Pearls (fox-trot)                              Jerry Gray & His Orchestra
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody                   Jerry Lewis
So Rare                                                    Jimmy Dorsey
Cry Baby                                                   Jimmy Parkinson
Hesitation Waltz                                           Jimmy Shand & His Band

Bluebell Polka                                             Jimmy Shand & His Band (Scottish country dance in
                                                           strict tempo)
The Royal Scots Polka                                      Jimmy Shand & His Band (Scottish country dance in
                                                           strict tempo)
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean / Won't You Buy My           Jimmy Shand & His Band (Waltzing to Jimmy Shand)
Pretty Flowers
Rocky's Rag                                                Joe 'Fingers' Carr (piano)
I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key)           Joe Loss & His Band
(quick step)
Trudie                                                     Joe 'Mr Piano' Henderson
Ask For Joe                                                Joe 'Mr Piano' Henderson & His Friends
Let It Rain                                                Johnny Mathis
I've Changed My Mind A Thousand Times                      Kay Starr
The Stroll                                                 Ken Mackintosh & His Orchestra
If Tears Could Bring You Back                              London Piano Accordeon Band
Tom Dooley                                                 Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Dead Or Alive                                              Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Lost John                                                  Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Hoots Mon                                                  Lord Rockingham's XI, (Jack Good presents...)
Ev'ry Day Of My Life                                       Malcolm Vaughan
The Heart Of A Child                                       Malcolm Vaughan
Now                                                        Malcolm Vaughan
Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow (from              Malcolm Vaughan
'Strip For Action')
Mandolin Serenade (from the film 'A King In New York')      Mantovani & His Orchestra
Come To Our Coming Out Party                                Max Bygraves
Try Another Cherry Tree                                     Max Bygraves
Tulips From Amsterdam                                       Max Bygraves
May I?                                                      Michael Holliday
When Mexico Gave Up The Rhumba                              Mitchell Torok
When I Fall In Love                                         Nat 'King' Cole
Send For Me                                                 Nat 'King' Cole / Nat 'King' Cole & The Four Knights
Well!                                                       Olympics, The
A Wonderful Time Up There                                   Pat Boone

April Love (from the film)                                  Pat Boone

Bernadine (from the film)                                   Pat Boone

Tutti Frutti                                                Pat Boone

Two Hearts, Two Kisses                                      Pat Boone

Friendly Persuasion (from the sound track of the film)      Pat Boone

Allegheny Moon                                              Patti Page
My Funny Valentine                                          Perry Como / Perry Como & The Ray Charles Singers
Magic Moments                                               Perry Como with The Ray Charles Singers
More                                                        Perry Como with The Ray Charles Singers
I'm Sorry (from the picture 'Rock All Night')               Platters, The
Out Of My Mind                                              Platters, The
Barrel Organ Street Party                                   Richard Pasquale Turns The Handle
Without Love                                                Ronnie Carroll
Who Are We?                                                 Ronnie Hilton
You Are My First Love (from 'It's Great To Be Young')       Ruby Murray
More Party Pops - part 1: Music Music Music (Put Another    Russ Conway
Nickel In) / If You Were The Only Girl In The World / I'm
Nobody's Sweetheart Now / Yes Sir That's My Baby

The Spotlight Waltz                                         Russ Conway
Adelaide (from the film 'Guys And Dolls')                   Sammy Davis
The Banana Boat Song                                        Shirley Bassey
After The Lights Go Down Low                                Shirley Bassey
In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town                              Somethin' Smith & The Redheads
Rockin' And Rollin'                                         Star Gazers, with Johnnie Gray & His Band Of The
Young Love                                                  Tab Hunter

Canadian Sunset                                             Ted Heath & His Music
Siboney                                                     Ted Heath & His Music
Why Do Fools Fall In Love?                                  Teenagers, featuring Frankie Lymon
Nora Malone                                                 Teresa Brewer
Music! Music! Music!                                        Teresa Brewer with The Dixieland All Stars
A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)                   Terry Dene with The Malcolm Lockyer Group
Mister Cuckoo (Sing Your Song)                              Three Kayes, The
Please Love Me Forever                                      Tommy Edwards
Cannibal Pot (from 'The Tommy Steele Story')                Tommy Steele & The Steelmen
I Puts The Lightie On                                       Tommy Steele & The Steelmen
Lady Love (featured in the film 'Sound Off')                Vaughan Monroe And His Orchestra
The Faithful Hussar (Don't Cry My Love)                     Vera Lynn
Doonaree                                                    Vera Lynn with The Roland Shaw Orch. & Chorus
Let's Have A Party (part 1)                                 Winifred Atwell
Let's Have A Ball / Music! Music! Music! / This Ole House   Winifred Atwell & Her Other Piano
/ Heartbreaker / The Woody Woodpecker
AA / B-side                                              Label
Rock 'n' Roll Tarantella                                 Columbia
Medley Of Strauss Waltzes (part 2)                       Rex
Lay Down Your Arms                                       Philips
Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me?                         Philips
If I Had My Way                                          Oriole
Mama From The Train (A Kiss, A Kiss)                     Decca
Rockin' Through The Rye                                  Brunswick
The Saints Rock 'n Roll                                  Brunswick
Oh! Ain't It Grand To Be In The Navy                     Rex
Lambeth Walk (fox-trot) (from 'Me And My Girl')          Rex
The Thing                                                Decca
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart                          MGM
Olay, Olay (The Bullfighter's Song)                      MGM
Suzette                                                  Capitol
Around The World (from the soundtrack of the film)       Brunswick
Laroo Laroo Lilli Bolero                                 Brunswick
Lollipop                                                 London 'American'
Love Never Changes                                       London 'American'
I'll Get By                                              MGM
You Were Only Fooling                                    MGM
I'll Try                                                 MGM
Not Fade Away                                            Coral
I Could Be Happy With You (tango)                        Parlophone
Sometimes (When I'm All Alone)                           His Master's Voice
Wilhlelmina (from 'Wabash Avenue')                       Brunswick
Run, Run, Run (from 'It's Magic')                        Brunswick

The Birds And The Bees                                   Decca
The Rudder And The Rock                                  Decca
Christmas Island                                         Decca
Give Me A Carriage With Eight White Horses               Decca
We'll Love Again (from the Paramount picture 'The Man    Philips
Who Knew Too Much')
Two Hearts, Two Kisses (Make Me Love)                    Philips
You've Got Me Wondering                                  Brunswick
Sweet Heartaches                                         His Master's Voice
Some Day Soon (featured in the film 'Bundle Of Joy')     His Master's Voice
I'll Need Your Love                                      Pye Nixa
Manhattan                                                His Master's Voice
Treat Me Nice (from the film 'Jailhouse Rock')           RCA
Got A Lot Of Lovin' To Do (from the film 'Loving You')   RCA
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You                       His Master's Voice
Hound Dog                                                His Master's Voice
Claudette                                                London 'American'
Maybe Tomorrow                                           London 'American'
It's The Talk Of The Town                                Brunswick
Sadie's Shawl (Santie Se Kopdoek)                        His Master's Voice
My Funny Valentine                                       Capitol
Just One Of Those Things (from 'Young-At-Heart')         Capitol
Should I                                                 Philips
Weep They Will                                                  Capitol
All The Way                                                     Capitol

Weep They Will                                                  Capitol
My Funny Valentine                                              Capitol
I Could Have Told You                                           Capitol
How Little They Know                                            Capitol
Hey! Jealous Lover                                              Capitol
Mind If I Make Love To You (from the film 'High Society')       Capitol

Make Me A Child Again                                           Philips
There Must Be A Reason                                          Philips
Flamenco                                                        Columbia
Only If We Love                                                 Philips
Pity The Poor, Poor Man                                         Philips
Kewpie Doll                                                     Philips
Man On Fire (from the film 'Man On Fire')                       Philips
Why Don't They Understand                                       Parlophone
Eden Was Just Like This                                         RCA
Selection part 2 - Intro: Cleopatra's Nile / Cobbler's Song /   Decca

A Man & His Drum                                                Regal Zonophone
The Blue Pacific Blues (fox-trot) (Sadie Thompson's song        Brunswick
from the film)
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon                                Coral
Crew Cut (fox-trot)                                             Brunswick
Come Rain Or Come Shine                                         Brunswick
Sophisticated Swing                                             His Master's Voice
Walk Hand In Hand                                               Columbia
Scottish Waltz (Intro: The Auld Hoose / Rothesay Bay /          Parlophone
Bonnie Gallowa' / Braes Abune Bonawa / Ho Ro My Nut
Brown Maiden
The Veleta                                                      Parlophone

La Rinka                                                        Parlophone

Peggy O'Neill / Till We Meet Again / Wyoming Lullaby
Down Yonder                                                     Capitol
A-Tisket, A-Tasket (quick step)                                 Regal Zonophone

Love Is The Sweetest Thing                                      Pye Nixa
Heart Of Gold                                                   Pye Nixa
A Certain Smile                                                 Fontana
Rock And Roll Waltz                                             His Master's Voice
The Swingin' Shepherd Blues                                     His Master's Voice
Behind The Clouds (Are Crowds Of Sunbeams)                      Regal Zonophone
Rock O' My Soul                                                 Pye Nixa
Bring A Little Water, Sylvie                                    Pye Nixa
Stewball                                                        Pye Nixa
Blue Train                                                      Decca
Mama                                                            His Master's Voice
My Special Angel                                                His Master's Voice
The World Is Mine                                               His Master's Voice
St. Therese Of The Roses                               His Master's Voice

The Spring Song (from the film 'A King In New York')   Decca
(I Love To Play) My Ukelele                            Decca
Seventeen Tons                                         His Master's Voice
You Need Hands                                         Decca
Stairway Of Love                                       Columbia
I Wish I Was A Little Bit Younger                      Brunswick
Calypso Blues                                          Capitol
My Personal Possession                                 Capitol
Western Movies                                         His Master's Voice
It's Too Soon To Know                                  London 'American'
When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano              London 'American'
Love Letters In The Sand                               London 'American'
I'll Be Home                                           London 'American'
Rich In Love                                           London 'American'
Chains Of Love                                         London 'American'
My First Formal Gown                                   Mercury (Pye)
Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)                         His Master's Voice
Catch A Falling Star                                   RCA
Glendora                                               His Master's Voice
He's Mine (from the picture 'Rock All Night')          Mercury
Twilight Time                                          Mercury
Barrel Organ Street Party                              Columbia
The Wisdom Of A Fool                                   Philips
Give Me My Ranch (El Rancho Grande)                    His Master's Voice
Honestly, I Do                                         Columbia
More Party Pops - part 2: Some Of Those Days / The     Columbia
Honeysuckle And The Bee / Hello! Hello! Who's Your
Lady Friend? / In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town

Soho Fair                                              Columbia
I'll Know (from the film 'Guys And Dolls')             Brunswick
Tra La La                                              Philips
If You Don't Love Me                                   Philips
Coal Dust In The Fiddle                                Philips
Hot Diggity (Dog Diggity Boom)                         Decca

Red Sails In The Sunset                                London 'American'
Oriental Holiday                                       Decca
The Faithful Hussar                                    Decca
Please Be Mine                                         Columbia
When I Leave The World Behind                          Vogue Coral Series
Copenhagen                                             London
The Man In The Phone Booth                             Decca
Ivory Tower                                            His Master's Voice
It's All In The Game                                   MGM
Butterfingers (from 'The Tommy Steele Story')          Decca
The Only Man On The Island                                    Decca
Mountain Laurel                                               His Master's Voice
The One Beside You                                            Decca
Show Me The Way                                               Decca
Let's Have A Party (part 2)                                   Philips
Last Train To San Fernando / Bring A Little Water, Sylvie /
Puttin' On The Style / Don't You Rock me Daddy-o

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