Germans to America (Series II), Volume 2, July 1843-December 1845 by P-RowmanLittlefield


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									Germans to America (Series II), Volume 2, July 1843-
December 1845
Immigrants to America

Author: Ira Glazier
Author: William P. Philby

This ebook download includes Germans to America (Series II), Volume 2, July 1843-December 1845 from
the series Immigrants to America series only.Each volume in the Immigration to America series presents
information from the original ship manifest schedules, or passenger lists, filed by all vessels entering U.S.
ports in accordance with a Congressional Act of 1819. The passenger lists make it possible to trace the
movement of immigrants to the U.S. from their countries of origin. Volumes are arranged in chronological
order by each ship's date of arrival. Every passenger list includes first and last name of each passenger,
their age, sex, occupation, nationality, residence, and destination. Analysis of this information enables
the researcher to identify not only immigrants, but also aliens returning to the U.S., citizens who are
returning to their native country, and those traveling through the U.S. en route to other destinations. Each
volume also features a complete name index, making it easy to find a particular individual or family name.

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