PR 99 Case Study by taoyni


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Matthew Malone
PR 99
Dr. Wilcox

                      Case Study Assignment: Chapter 6 – Planning

Description of situation:

Longview State University located in a northern California town of 30,000 people. Past

time activities consist of parties and alcohol consumption through drinking games such as

beer pong which typically leads to binge drinking. Both Campus and City police have

reported a major rise in “disturbance” complaints, arrests for public drunkenness are up

150 percent.


1. Inform and educate students about the dangers of binge drinking.

2. Convince students to drink more responsibly.

3. Actually lower the number of arrest for public drunkenness.

Target Audience:

Current Students at Longview State ages 18 – 24 living on or near campus.


1. Increase on campus awareness of the problem at hand.

2. Give students alternative non-alcoholic activities.

3. Increase awareness of health risks associated with drinking.

4. Altruism, getting the student leaders and faculty to become part of the solution,


Strategy 1. Increase on campus awareness of the problem at hand
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       Educate the students, faculty and staff on campus to understand the current

situation of binge drinking and the increase number of arrests through the uses of

pamphlets, multiple booths on campus, signs, flyers, and sidewalk chalk advertisement.

Pamphlets would not be like traditional ones; it will look like a postcard, similar to that

fraternities give out during rush week. It will contain a small amount of information

highlighting the key components of binge drink to 1) attempt to get the captive audience

involved and 2) have a web link for the active audience. The multiple booths on campus

would be an information source volunteer staffed by educated professionals within

professional local agencies of Alcohol awareness as well as have leaders on campus be

volunteer staff to attract students on campus to learn more about the situation and

solutions. The sidewalk is a space hardly ever used, the use of sidewalk chalk on

walkways to “advertise” is free space that everyone walking on campus will see. Placing

facts in brightly colored chalk will attract attention and cause walkers to read the written

message. Duplicating the chalk out line of a body as seen in a crime seen investigation

with facts inside will also spark interest as well as inform.

Strategy 2. Give students alternative activities

       Because of the increased amount of parties alternative non-alcoholic events are

needed for students to. Hosting weekend activities like outside movie nights, a student

talent show, or a comedian with a short intro of why this is being put on with a brief

description of the seriousness of the situation. Additional activities include dodge ball,

broomball, root beer pong, ice cream socials, bowling, and scavenger hunts. Giving out

flyers with ideas and upcoming events in the area, places to see of interest like

amusement parks, movie theatres, comedy clubs, historical sites etc. Having the students
                                                                                     Malone 3

get actively involved in clubs that do things on the weekend like camping and rock

climbing. Have non-alcoholic events sponsored or co-sponsored by the ones who are

binge drinking, like fraternities. Gives a positive image to the fraternity, attracts people,

provides a fun alcohol free environment and takes away some of the biggest drinkers

away from drinking.

Strategy 3. Increase awareness of health risks associated with drinking

        Many drinkers work out. Having advertisement, pamphlets, flyers in the student

fitness center educating on the health hazards that go along with dinking from different

diseases like: alcohol related liver disease, Heart Disease, Cancer, Pancreatitis to the

dangers with impaired judgment leading to unprotected sex resulting in a transmissions of

STD’s and unplanned pregnancy. May calorie minded people will be educated about the

caloric intake when drinking, what it is equal to in food how much one would have to do

to burn it off. Many more females are much more conscious of caloric intake and thus

this would be directed towards the females at the campus. Placing the educating material

where the college females are like in the sororities, the dorm bathrooms, the locker room

as well as the fitness center.

Strategy 4. Through altruism, having the student leaders and faculty become part of the


        Through a presentation/work shop, have the leaders on campus understand they

were recruited/chosen to be part of the solution to educate their fellow schoolmates and

friends about the dangers of binge drinking and to convince the students to drink more

responsibly. Altruism is the natural desire to help others thus giving people the

responsibility/ opportunity/job to help other students this creates a sense of wellbeing in
                                                                                    Malone 4

them-selves and a want to help others. The benefits are not only are people being helped

but also the peopling helping is in turn helping themselves with the problem and the

solution. The student leaders that would be invited are: presidents of clubs, fraternities,

sororities, captains of the sports teams, editor of the student news paper, and other

recognized leaders on campus. People who complete presentation/work shop receive

special tee shirts.


        Have it over a two-week period starting the second week of the beginning of the

fall semester. It was last 14 days and have 4 weekend events over 2 separate weekends.

Budget: have total of $5,000

Strategy 1:

Pamphlets 10,000 - $500

Crayola Crayon Shaped Sidewalk Chalk 10 at $5.00 each = $50

Signs (vinyl 2’ x 10’) 10 at $55 each = $550

Flyers: 500 at 10 cents page = $50

On campus booth: 2 at $100 each = $200

Total: $1350

Strategy 2: Activities

Movie Night: $200

Talent Show: cash prices totaling $350

Dodge ball: $60

Ice cream social/game night: $250

Flyers for upcoming local events, 500 at 10 cents page = $50
                                                                                 Malone 5

Total: $910

Strategy 3

Pamphlets 500 - $75

Flyers: 500 at 10 cents page = $50

Total: $125

Strategy 4:

Tee Shirts: 100 at $10.13 ea. = $1,013

Total: $1,013

Total for all 4 strategies: $3,398


Through the use of the 4 strategies and the many tactics used the students will be

educated on the dangers about binge drinking thus being convinced to drink more

responsibility and ultimately have a lower number of disturbances and arrests for public


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