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   Grana Y Montero SAA
                                                                                          440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                          Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Peruvian New Sols

                                Wright Quality Rating:CAA20                                 Key Data

   Grana y Montero SAA is a Peru-based holding company engaged in the construction          Ticker:
   and engineering services, oil sector, real estate, and business services. The            GRAMONC1
   Company, through its subsidiaries: GyM SA, GMP SA, GMD SA, GMI SA, Concar SA,
   Larcomar SA, Fashion Center SA, Survial SA, Concesion Canchaque SA, GMV SA and           2010 Sales:
   Norvial SA provides such services as construction, management and development of
   real estate, oil exploration, production and sales; natural gas and its derivates,
   storage and delivery of combustibles, information technology services for the
   Peruvian corporate market, engineering consultancy, as well as projects and studies      Major Industry:
   execution, management of projects and work supervision, operation and                    Construction
   maintenance of concession roads. It also develops and operates the Parque Salazar
   del Distrito de Miraflores conditioning and equipment project for its commercial and     Sub Industry:
   recreational use. As of June 30, 20010, its major shareholder was GH Holding Group       Diversified Construction
   with a 21.05% stake in the Company.                                                      Cos.
                       Stock Chart                                     Officers
                                                                      Chairman              Country:
                                                              Jose Alejandro Grana Miro     Peru
                                                               Vice Chairman
                                                                                            Peruvian New Sols
                                                         Juan Carlos Antonio Montero
                                                                                            Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                         Executive Director & Chief         December
                                                         Mario German Oscar Alvarado        Employees
                                                                   Pflucker                 16,158

                                                           Chief Financial Officer          Exchanges:
                                                         Monica Maria Miloslavich Hart      LIM

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