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   Cementos Pacasmayo SAA
                                                                                         440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                         Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Peruvian New Sols

                                Wright Quality Rating:DBA10                                Key Data

   Cementos Pacasmayo SAA is a Peru-based company principally engaged in the               Ticker:
   production, distribution and sale of cement, cement blocks and aggregates, concrete     CPACASC1
   and cement and limestone bricks, which are marketed under the Pacasmayo brand.
   The Company mainly operates in the north region of Peru and its facilities include      2010 Sales:
   cement and pre-mixed production plants located in the provinces of Pacasmayo,
   Rioja, Chimbote, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura and Cajamarca. As of December 31, 2009,
   the Company owned such wholly owned subsidiaries as Cementos Selva SA,
   Distribuidora Norte Pacasmayo SRL (DINO), Corianta SA, Empresa de Transmision           Major Industry:
   Guadalupe SAC, Tinku Generacion SAC and Fosfatos del Pacifico SA. Through Zemex         Construction
   LLC, the Company has operations established in the United States and Canada. The
   Company's majority shareholder is Inversiones Pacasmayo SA, with 63.92% of its          Sub Industry:
   interests.                                                                              Cement Producers
                       Stock Chart                                  Officers
                                                                    Chairman               Country:
                                                         Lino Alfredo Abram Caballerino    Peru

                                                                  Vice Chairman            Currency:
                                                              Eduardo Hochschild Beeck
                                                                                           Peruvian New Sols

                                                           Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                           Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                         Humberto Reynaldo Nadal del
                                                                   Carpio                  December

                                                        Joint Chief Executive Officer Employees
                                                         Carlos Julio Pomarino Pezzia 788

                                                           Chief Operating Officer    Exchanges:
                                                        Juan Guillermo Teevin Vazquez LIM

                                                                                           Share Type:

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