Title An Adventure into the Native American World by mrleitner


									Title: An Adventure into the Native American World Type of Teaching Unit: Lesson Plan for Interdisciplinary Unit on Native Americans Grade Level: K-8 Time Frame: The entire unit will be covered in one day. Each segment will be covered in 30 minutes. Subject Matter: Native American World Games Teacher Information: Amy Petersen School: Cornell Grade School Lesson Plan Description and Rationale: During the day, students will be engaged in the study of Native Americans. This segment centers on games played by Native Americans. State Standards/Objectives: In introduction Resources: Photo Analysis Sheet, Venn Diagram, 2 different colored clay balls, a wooden bowl or basket, 6 dice, 56 narrow sticks, 4 flat sticks, and 1 crooked stick Methods:1. Look at some pictures of Native American Games. 2. Analyze the pictures and discuss some of the resources Native Americans had and used to play games with(stones, ropes, sticks as examples). 3. Talk about what we use today to play games(batteries and electronics as examples). 4. Using a Venn Diagram, compare and contrast Native American games of the past and games today and the materials used for both. 5. Tell students they will have an opportunity to play a Native American Game. 6. Describe how to play Pass the Stone Game and the Bowl and Dice Game(I will choose students to demonstrate each game). 7. Put the students into groups and have them try both games. Evaluation: All students will gather in the gym at the end of the day and participate in KWL closing activities.

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