Gloucester Healthy City Partnership Action Plan 2009-2010
1. ACCESSIBLE, HEALTHY                                County/Local         Key People   Resources       Timescale   Monitoring    Progress          Gaps              LAA               Links to
                                                        Actions                                                     Outcomes                                     priority/Target    Strategies/Task
AND SAFE HOUSING                                                                                                                                                     areas            Group work

• Strengthen the relationship between housing,
  health and social care.
• Develop a multi sector strategy for Housing in
• Engage and involve other independent sector
  providers in the planning processes.
• Engage with existing service users and those
  likely to use services in the future to ensure
  that services delivered meet their needs and

2. ACTIVE AND HEALTHY                                 County/Local         Key People    Resources      Timescale   Monitoring    Progress           Gaps              LAA              Links to
                                                        Actions                                                     Outcomes                                      priority/Target   Strategies/Task
AGEING                                                                                                                                                                areas           Group work

WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                              Introduce weekly   Caroline         Gloucester      2009-10     GHCP         Sites           Remaining        LI 18             GHCWP
• Raise awareness and understanding of the
  Joint Commissioning Strategy for Older
                                                    activity sessions  Henley,          City Council;               reporting    identified      funding to be    LI 120
  People. Older people’s advocacy groups like       to include (Wii    Gloucester       Gloucester                  process      for delivery.   sourced.
  GOPA and the proposed older people’s forum        and Wii Fit) to    City             City Homes;
  can help with awareness.                          each GCH           Council;         NHS
• Enable older people to remain actively
  engaged in socially valued and useful activity,
                                                    Sheltered Housing  Terry            Gloucestersh
  whether paid or unpaid. There are proven          Scheme.            Elcock,          ire
  links between activity and physical/mental                           Gloucester
  health.                                                              City Homes
• Empower and enable older people to make
  decisions and choices around their health and
                                                    Establish and      Chitra           NHS             2009        GHCP        Evaluation   -                    LI 18             GHCWP
  wellbeing.                                        evaluate the Fresh Ramaswam         Gloucestersh                reporting   showed                            LI 120
• Action plans should be based on the Older         Start 4 Life       y, NHS           ire; GL                     process     programme
  People’s Needs Assessment and Joint               Programme for      Gloucesters      Communities                             to be a
  Commissioning Strategy, and should consider
  wellbeing in the third age in a holistic way.     over 50s.          hire; Sue                                                success – it
• Be more inclusive of employers in developing                         Cunningha                                                will now
  strategies.                                                          m, GL                                                    continue
                                                                       Communitie                                               through
                                                                       s                                                        voluntary
                                                                                                                                s of those
                                                                                                                                taking part.
                                                    Explore the           Elizabeth     NHS             2009        Quarterly   Meeting to   Contract to be       LI 18             GHCWP
                                                    possibility of the    Steyert,      Gloucestersh                reports to  take place   finalised.           LI 120
                                                    new GL                NHS           ire; GL                     NHS         with GL
                                                    Communities           Gloucesters   Communities                 Gloucesters Communitie
                                                    contract              hire                                      hire        s in June to
                                                    containing an                                                               finalise
                                                    element of                                                                  contract.
                                                    delivery around
                                                    active, healthy

     Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
3. REDUCE OBESITY                                  County/Local      Key People        Resources      Timesc   Monitoring     Progress          Gaps               LAA              Links to
                                                     Actions                                            ale    Outcomes                                      priority/Target    Strategies/Task
                                                                                                                                                                  Areas           Group work
WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                           Develop ‘Trim       Caroline     Gloucester City     2009-    GHCP          Already well Resident         NI 8                GHCWP;
 Improve County data collection especially in
                                                 Trails’.            Henley,      Council; Three      10       reporting     established awareness.        NI 120              Gloucestershire
  adults where no current data exists.
 Continue to engage with all partners to                            Gloucester   Bridges                      process.      in a number                                       Obesity Strategy
  ensure obesity prevention is on everyone’s                         City Council Community                                  of
  agenda.                                                                         Partnership;                               Gloucester
 Develop and implement targeted                                                  Moreland                                   Parks.
  interventions for key groups.
 Provide opportunities that support long term
  behaviour change.                                                               Partnership;
 Use social marketing techniques to target                                       Matson and
  health promoting messages and to                                                Robinswood
  disseminate information about accessing
 Focus on health promoting messages and                                          Partnership;
  activities for children and families.                                           Barnwood
   Focus on health promoting messages and                                        Community
    activities within the workplace.                                              Partnership;
                                                 Expand and          Caroline     Gloucester City     2009-    GHCP          Investigatin   -              NI 8                GHCWP;
                                                 promote ‘Fresh      Henley,      Council; NHS        10       reporting     g future                      NI 120              Gloucestershire
                                                 Start’ Exercise     Gloucester   Gloucestershire;             process.      links with                                        Obesity Strategy;
                                                 Referral            City Council Aspire Sports                              Vascular                                          Vascular Risk
                                                 Programme.                       and Cultural                               Risk                                              Assessment
                                                                                  Trust; University                          Assessmen                                         working group
                                                                                  of                                         ts for 40 –
                                                                                  Gloucestershire;                           74 years.
                                                                                  Living and
                                                                                  Learning Centre
                                                 Living and          Pat Bailey,  Living and          Ongoin Steering        Continuing     Migration of   NI 8                GHCWP;
                                                 Learning Centre     Gloucester   Learning Centre;    g      group           funding        SLA to         NI 57               Gloucestershire
                                                 to deliver the      City         Gloucester City            monthly         during         contract                           Obesity Strategy
                                                 following           Council;     Council;                   meeting         2009/10.       during
                                                 programmes:         Zaheera      SHAPE teams                and annual                     2009.
                                                                     Nanabawa,    Extended                   report.
                                                    -  Play Fit      Living and   Services
                                                    -  Family Fun    Learning
                                                       and Fitness   Centre
                                                    - Get Fit 4
                                                    - Baby
                                                    - Back 2
                                                 Development of      Elizabeth      GL                2010     Quarterly     Funding        Contract to NI 8                   GHCWP;
                                                 programmes to be    Steyert,       Communities;               reports to    agreed.        be finalised. NI 120               Gloucestershire
                                                 delivered by GL     NHS            NHS                        NHS                                        Possibly NI 53       Obesity Strategy
                                                 Communities.        Gloucesters    Gloucestershire            Gloucesters
                                                                     hire                                      hire.
                                                 Continuation and    Morgana        Gloucester City   2009-    GHCP          Plans          -              NI 57               GHCWP; CYPSP;
                                                 development of      Lovell,        Council Sports    10       reporting     developing                                        Gloucestershire
                                                 StreetGames         Gloucester     Development                process.      for a                                             Obesity Strategy
      Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
                                        Gloucester            City Council (lead)                                   StreetGame
                                                                                                                    s South
                                                                             In partnership                         West
                                                                             with:                                  Festival to
                                                                             Youth Support                          be held in
                                                                             Service;                               July at
                                                                             GL                                     Oxstall’s
                                                                             Communities;                           Tennis
                                                                             Gloucestershire                        Centre.
                                                                             Services Team;
                                                                             Resident and
                                                                             groups; Onside;
                                                                             Gloucester SSP;
                                                                             Aspire Sports
                                                                             and Cultural
                                        Develop healthy       -              Gloucestershire    2009    GHCP        Gerry O’Brien   This has been   NI 120   GHCWP;
                                        eating initiatives.                  Food Vision;               reporting   attended the    a gap in the             Gloucestershire
                                                                             NHS                        process.    last GHCP       GHCP action              Obesity Strategy
                                                                             Gloucestershire                        meeting and     plan in
                                                                                                                    briefed         previous
                                                                                                                    members on      years – plans
                                                                                                                    current and     to be
                                                                                                                    future          developed
                                                                                                                    activity in     over 2009 to
                                                                                                                    Gloucester.     address need
                                                                                                                                    by engaging
                                        Develop a healthy     Chitra         Gloucestershire    2009-   GHCP        Work has        Funding.        NI 120   GHCWP;
                                        eating training       Ramaswam       Food Vision;       10      reporting   begun to                        NI 8     Gloucestershire
                                        program for           y, NHS         NHS                        process.    link key                                 Obesity Strategy
                                        community             Gloucesters    Gloucestershire                        stakeholder
                                        volunteers/           hire                                                  s.
                                        leaders and other
                                        working with the
                                        community like
                                        coaches, walk
                                        leaders etc to link
                                        in with the
                                        obesity strategy
                                        Develop the ‘Walk     Caroline       Gloucester City    2009    GHCP        Health Walk     -               NI 120   GHCWP;
                                        It-Bike It-Jog It’    Henley,        Council,                   reporting   routes have                     NI 8     Gloucestershire
                                        scheme.               Gloucester     Gloucestershire            process.    been                                     Obesity Strategy
                                                              City Council   County                                 mapped
                                                                             Council,GHURC                          and

Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
                                                                                                                                     and training
                                                                                                                                     of volunteer
                                                                                                                                     leaders has

4. REDUCE ALCOHOL HARM                                County/Local          Key People      Resources      Timescale   Monitoring        Progress        Gaps           LAA priority/         Links to
                                                        Actions                                                        Outcomes                                         Target Areas      Strategies/Task
                                                                                                                                                                                            Group work
WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                             Work with the            Pat Dabbs,   GHCP;            Ongoing      GHCP and      Two             -               NI 39               GHCWP;
 Refresh current Alcohol Strategy to address
                                                   Crime and                Gloucester   CDRP                          CDRP          representat                                         Gloucestershire
  points raised in needs assessments.
• Develop the County Alcohol Strategy to cover     Disorder                 City Council                               reporting     ives sit on                                         Alcohol Strategy
  2009 – 12 to meet the points                     Reduction                                                           processes.    both the                                            2009-12
  identified in the needs assessment and makes     Partnership                                                                       GHCP and
  progress against the 10 year aspirations
                                                   (CDRP) to                                                                         CDRP for
• Working to change the drinking culture of the    encourage                                                                         cross-
  county.                                          reduction of                                                                      fertilisation
• Making sure that the population of               alcohol                                                                           of ideas.
  Gloucestershire has access to accurate
  information about alcohol use.
• The provision of support for front line staff    ‘Last Orders’ play       Pat Dabbs,   GHCP;            2009         GHCP and      Funding      -                  NI 39               GHCWP;
  working in a variety of settings.                and workshop             Gloucester   CDRP                          CDRP          identified                                          Gloucestershire
• Targeted and linked treatment interventions      delivered in             City Council                               reporting     and                                                 Alcohol Strategy
  to where the biggest need is identified e.g.
  focusing on areas of deprivation and social
                                                   schools.                                                            processes.    programme                                           2009-12
  exclusion.                                                                                                                         ready to be
• The continued recognition by schools that                                                                                          delivered in
  they should aim to meet the minimum                                                                                                2009.
  Healthy Schools criteria.
• Partnership wide ownership of the agenda to      Implementation of        Pat Dabbs,   GHCP;            2009         GHCP and      Campaign     Planning for       NI 39               GHCWP;
  include workplaces, housing, young people        ‘Don’t Buy 4U18s’        Gloucester   CDRP                          CDRP          materials    rollout.                               Gloucestershire
  etc.                                             Campaign.                City Council                               reporting     produced.                                           Alcohol Strategy
• Pressure to bear on decision makers at a                                                                             processes.                                                        2009-12
  national level to have an impact on price,
  supply and consumption.                          Delivery of              Pat Dabbs,   GHCP;            2009-10      GHCP and      -               Planning for    NI 39               GHCWP;
                                                   seasonal anti-           Gloucester   CDRP                          CDRP                          Christmas                           Gloucestershire
                                                   binge drinking           City Council                               reporting                     and New                             Alcohol Strategy
                                                   campaigns.                                                          processes.                    Year                                2009-12
                                                   Provision of proof       Pat Dabbs,   GHCP;            2009-10      GHCP and      -               -               NI 39               GHCWP;
                                                   of age cards to          Gloucester   CDRP                          CDRP                                                              Gloucestershire
                                                   young people             City Council                               reporting                                                         Alcohol Strategy
                                                                                                                       processes.                                                        2009-12
5. REDUCE SMOKING                                     County/Local          Key People      Resources     Timescale    Monitoring        Progress        Gaps               LAA               Links to
                                                        Actions                                                        Outcomes                                        priority/Target    Strategies/Task
PREVALENCE                                                                                                                                                                 Areas            Group work

WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                             Develop tobacco          Kate Gegg,      GSAS , NHS    2009         GHCP and LSP Kate and         This has been   LI 14               GHCWP
 Develop a comprehensive Gloucestershire
  Tobacco Control Strategy.
                                                   control initiatives in   Elizabeth       Gloucesrshire              reporting    Kirtsy           a gap in the    LI 17
• Continue to engage with all partners to          Gloucester working       Steyert and     ; GL                       process.     attended the     GHCP action
  ensure tobacco control is on everyone’s          with Gloucestershire     Kirsty-Hulme    Communities;                            last GHCP        plan in
• Prioritise delivering a reduction in smoking
                                                   Smoking Advice           Jones, NHS      Living and                              meeting and      previous
  prevalence among routine and manual              Service (GSAS) and       Gloucestershi   Learning                                briefed          years –
  workers.                                         make stringer links      re              Centre                                  members on       Elizabeth
• Prioritise activities protecting children from

     Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
  second hand smoke.                                  with existing                                                               current and    Steyert to
• Prioritise reducing the uptake of tobacco use
  and smoking prevalence in children and              activity.                                                                   future         meet with the
  young people.                                                                                                                   activity in    GSAS Team to
• Use data from the pupil on-line survey to                                                                                       Gloucester.    develop
  inform approaches to preventing uptake of
  smoking by children and young people.                                                                                                          plans.
• Focus on health promoting messages and
  activities in schools and colleges.
• Develop on the role of voluntary and
  community sector outreach workers to
  engage with vulnerable groups and people
  from deprived areas.
• Develop the role of Health Trainers (initially in
  inner city Gloucester) to deliver ‘grass roots’
  support in conjunction with community and
  voluntary organisations.
• Use social marketing techniques to target
  health promoting messages and to dis-
  seminate information about accessing
• Continue to offer training to key people who
  come into contact with smokers, to ensure
  referrals to GSAS

6. IMPROVED SEXUAL                                       County/Local     Key People    Resources    Timescale       Monitoring       Progress       Gaps               LAA                Links to
                                                           Actions                                                   Outcomes                                      priority/Target     Strategies/Task
HEALTH                                                                                                                                                                 Areas             Group work

WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                                Improve sexual      Paul          NHS          Ongoing     GHCP             -              -               Chlamydia            GHCWP;
  PCT Sexual Health Services leading by
                                                      health awareness    Hopkins,      Gloucesters              reporting                                       Screening Target     Gloucestershire
   example through innovative practice, service
   models and training.                               in GL1 area via     NHS           hire, Living             process                                         09/10 – 25% of 15-   Sexual Health
 • Improve communicated information to the            the working sub-    Gloucesters   and                                                                      24yrs (17,745)       Strategy
   public for making healthier choices in relation    group, SHIG         hire          Learning                                                                 countywide.
   to sexual health.
 • Develop common data collection systems on
                                                      (Sexual Health                    Centre
   sexual health issues from all providers in real-   Implementation
   time.                                              Group), acting to
 • Develop patient feedback and involvement           implement
   mechanisms which inform service
   development and improve patient
   satisfaction.                                      from GL1 sexual
 • Involve other organisations and providers in       health research.
   prevention and awareness programmes.
 • Continue to be able to offer 100% GUM
   appointments within 48hours and to
   maximise the number of people seen within
   48 hours.
• Achieve the annual target for screening 15-24
   yr olds for Chlamydia.

7. BETTER ACCESS TO                                      County/Local     Key People    Resources    Timescale       Monitoring       Progress       Gaps               LAA                Links to
                                                           Actions                                                   Outcomes                                      priority/Target     Strategies/Task
SERVICES FOR ALL                                                                                                                                                       Areas             Group work

WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                                Develop the         Ian Preston, NHS         Ongoing       -                Four Health    Training to     NI 8                 GHCWP;
• Form a Strategic Intelligence Board to develop
  a coordinated approach with partners to
                                                      ‘Health Trainers’   Health       Gloucesters                                Trainers       take place      NI 120               Gloucestershire
  develop local research in order to understand       Initiative.         Trainer Co- hire                                        have now       June -          LI 14                Obesity Strategy
  the access needs of the population, and                                 ordinator,                                              been           October         LI 17
  resource mapping. This will include a Health                            NHS                                                     employed       2009 before
  rep, LINKS, MAIDeN, District Councils,
  Transport and the Vol Sector.
                                                                          Gloucesters                                             in             work with
                                                                          hire                                                    Gloucester.    the
      Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
• Access to health services should include the                                                                                                      community
  needs of staff and visitors as well as patients.
• Accessibility planning needs to involve other
  local partners tackling the related problems of                                                                                                   commence.
  access to work, shops, learning and other           Establish             Elizabeth       NHS         2009-10       Monthly          Project      Identificatio    NI 120                Pacesetters
  facilities.                                         ‘Pacesetters’ self-   Steyert,        Gloucesters               reporting to     plans        n of                                   Project Team;
• Develop migrant workers ‘local welcome
  packs’ in each district.
                                                      help project for      NHS             hire;                     Strategic        developed    Specialist                             Equality and
• Extend the Care Closer to Home approach             the Bangladeshi       Gloucesters     Rikenel                   Health           and long     Diabetes                               Diversity work
  with the independent and voluntary sector,          community with        hire            Surgery;                  Authority        term project Nurse for                              stream
  piloting new ways of delivering services            type 2 diabetes.                      Bartongate                and local        support      Programme
• Ensure websites talk to each other. Take
                                                                                            Surgery                   Pacesetters      officer      delivery.
  every opportunity to establish info points –                                                                        Project          identified.
  Post Offices, Libraries, Internet points, Council                                                                   Team.
  Offices etc. Including PALS and GOPA Forums.        Roll-out of           Hazel Millar,   Citizens     2009-10      -                Programme -                   -                     GHCWP
• Ensure citizen involvement in planning and
  monitoring.                                         ‘Citizens Advice      NHS             Advice                                     already well
                                                      Bureau’               Gloucesters     Bureau;                                    established
                                                      programme to          hire            NHS                                        and proving
                                                      further GP                            Gloucesters                                a success
                                                      surgeries.                            hire;                                      in three
                                                                                            participatin                               Gloucester
                                                                                            g GP                                       practices.
                                                      Homeless Needs        Elizabeth       NHS          2009         -                Outside         Contract      NI 120                -
                                                      Assessment            Steyert,        Gloucesters                                consultanc      with
                                                      (countywide           NHS             hire                                       y for           consultancy
                                                      project, however,     Gloucesters                                                conducting      to be
                                                      Gloucester has        hire                                                       qualitative     finalised.
                                                      significant                                                                      interviews
                                                      homelessness                                                                     with
                                                      services that will                                                               homeless
                                                      be reviewed).                                                                    people and
                                                                                                                                       s identified
                                                                                                                                       n of
                                                                                                                                       gical data
                                                      Delivery of           Debbie          Vaughn      2009          GHCP             Programme       -             NI 120                -
                                                      healthy living        Woodfine,       Centre;                   reporting        funding
                                                      sessions at the       Vaughn          GHCP; NHS                 process.         provided
                                                      Vaughn Centre by      Centre          Gloucesters                                through
                                                      the Homeless                          hire                                       GHCP small
                                                      Health Team.                                                                     grants

8. HEALTHIER                                             County/Local       Key People       Resources    Timescale       Monitoring    Progress           Gaps               LAA                  Links to
                                                           Actions                                                        Outcomes                                       priority/Target       Strategies/Task
WORKPLACE                                                                                                                                                                    Areas               Group work

     Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                               Badging of           Chitra      GHCP            2009 -10     GHCP         Work has      Identificatio   NI 120              GHCWP;
Develop a Gloucestershire workplace health
strategy addressing issues of recruitment,
                                                     businesses as        Ramaswam                                 reporting    begun to      n of            NI 39               Gloucestershire
prevention and management of work-related            ‘health promoting    y, NHS                                   process.     link key      funding.        LI 17               Alcohol Strategy
illness, and health promotion. The strategy needs    business’ to link    Gloucesters                                           stakeholder                   NI 8                2009 -12;
to be developed in partnership between and           in with              hire                                                  s.                                                Gloucestershire
reflect the needs of the public sector, private
sector and voluntary and community
                                                     countywide                                                                                                                   Obesity Strategy
organisations. Specific issues to be addressed       obesity strategy
include:                                             Develop Healthy      Caroline     Gloucester   2009 - 10      GHCP         Toolkits      -               NI 120              GHCWP;
  • The NHS and other public sector bodies           Workplace Policy     Henley,      City Council                reporting    from other                    NI 39               Gloucestershire
    leading by example,
  • Mechanisms locally for identifying and sharing
                                                     for Gloucester       Gloucester                               process.     organisatio                   LI 17               Alcohol Strategy
    good practice,                                   City Council and     City Council                                          ns                            NI 8                2009 -12;
  • Working with employees to identify their         subsequently                                                               identified                                        Gloucestershire
    needs and solutions,                             develop best                                                               as a basis                                        Obesity Strategy
  • Provision of support to public and private
    organisations,                                   practice toolkit.                                                          for
  • Supporting individuals with complex needs to                                                                                developme
    return to work,                                                                                                             nt.
• Training for General Practitioners in
    occupational health.

9. IMPROVED EMOTIONAL                                  County/Local       Key People     Resources     Timescale   Monitoring    Progress         Gaps                LAA              Links to
                                                         Actions                                                   Outcomes                                     priority/Target    Strategies/Task
HEALTH AND WELLBEING                                                                                                                                                 Areas           Group work
                                                     Develop Green        Caroline    Gloucester       2009        GHCP         Developme     -               NI 120              GHCWP;
WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                               Gym initiatives.     Henley,     City Council;                reporting    nt of local                   NI 8                Gloucestershire
 Complete work on mental health promotion                                Gloucester  Three                        process.     Green Gym                                         Obesity Strategy
  and social inclusion strategies.                                        City CouncilBridges                                   co-
• Action planning and/or investment to achieve
  identified improvements.                                                            Community                                 ordination
                                                                                      Partnership;                              groups.
                                                                                      Matson and
                                                     Establish network    Chitra      Gloucester       2009-11     GHCP         Event held    Keeping         NI 120              GHCWP;
                                                     of older people’s    Ramaswam City Council;                   reporting    at GL1 May    momentum        NI 139              Gloucestershire
                                                     groups that          y, NHS      Luncheon                     process.     09 to begin   after initial   LI 18               Obesity Strategy
                                                     contribute to        Gloucesters Clubs; NHS                                process.      event.
                                                     feelings of          hire;       Gloucestersh
                                                     security and         Zaheera     ire; County
                                                     physical and         Nanabawa,   Council;
                                                     mental well being.   Living and  GAVCA;
                                                                          Learning    Living and
                                                                          Centre      Learning

     Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
10. PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST                               County/Local       Key People      Resources      Timescale       Monitoring       Progress       Gaps             LAA               Links to
                                                         Actions                                                         Outcomes                                    priority/Target    Strategies/Task
– TRANSFORMING SOCIAL                                                                                                                                                    Areas            Group work
WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?                               Explore the          Toni           Gloucester      2009-10     GHCP             Initial plans   Funding.     NI 120              GHCWP
Putting People First Transformation Programme
between 2008-2011 and beyond, to include:
                                                     possibility of       Drinian,       City Council;               reporting        discussed                    NI 136
• Reviewing the approach to information giving,      developing a         Gloucester     GHCP;                       process.         between                      NI 139
   advice, advocacy, support and assessment and      standardised,        City Council   GUIDE /                                      key                          NI 141
    piloting new services where there are            multi-agency / lay                  PALS, NHS                                    stakeholder                  LI 18
   identified gaps.
• Introducing a system of personal budgets,
                                                     person referral                     Gloucestersh                                 s.
   together with improving and aligning Com-         form to support                     ire.
   missioning approaches to reflect the changes.     provision of
• Through effective commissioning, promoting         information via
   high quality, affordable provision that will
   support people’s ability to remain living at
                                                     GUIDE and PALS
   home where that is their choice.                  to vulnerable
• Ensuring that staff, providers, partners,          people who are
   service users and carers are well informed        living in the
   about, trained and supported through, the
   significant changes in culture and practice
   required to transform social care.
• Refreshing the Care at Home and other
   relevant strategies, including those for
   different service user groups, to ensure they
   are properly aligned to Putting People First.
• Progressing the modernisation programme for
   day services to ensure a greater range of
    community based activities (and
   opportunities for work where appropriate) are
   available and that any barriers to accessing
   them are addressed e.g transport.
• Planning to meet the needs arising from
   demographic changes, particularly in relation
   to older people with dementia, disabled
   children in transition to adulthood and carers.

HEALTH INEQUALITIES                                    County/Local       Key People     Resources       Timescale       Monitoring       Progress       Gaps             LAA               Links to
                                                         Actions                                                         Outcomes                                    priority/Target    Strategies/Task
                                                                                                                                                                         Areas            Group work
                                                     Continue the         Chitra         NHS         Ongoing         GHCP             -               Membership
                                                     ‘Health Action       Ramaswam       Gloucesters                 reporting                        and
                                                     Group.’              y, NHS         hire;                       process.                         meetings
                                                                          Gloucesters    Gloucester                                                   need to be
                                                                          hire           City                                                         revitalised
                                                                                         Council;                                                     after a
                                                                                         Living and                                                   period of
                                                                                         Learning                                                     inactivity,
                                                                                         Centre;                                                      however,
                                                                                         community                                                    members
                                                                                         partners                                                     are keen for
                                                                                                                                                      the group to
                                                     Pilot Vascular   Elizabeth          NHS         -               -                Working         -            NI 120              GHCWP;
                                                     Risk Assessments Steyert,           Gloucesters                                  group                                            Gloucestershire

     Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010
                                        Screening         NHS           hire;          working to   Alcohol Strategy
                                        Programme for     Gloucesters   participatin   develop      2009 -12;
                                        those aged        hire          g GP           template.    Gloucestershire
                                        between 40 and 74               practices                   Obesity Strategy;
                                        who have not                                                Vascular Risk
                                        already been                                                Assessment
                                        diagnosed with                                              working group
                                        heart disease,
                                        stroke, diabetes
                                        or kidney disease

Healthy Gloucestershire Delivery Plan 2009-2010

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