10th Grade by taoyni


									                 10th Grade Tears of a Tiger        Power Point

Teen Drinking:
      - Facts/Statistics:
             o Average ages
             o Percentage of teens drinking
             o How often
             o Number of deaths associated with alcohol
      - What does alcohol do to your body
      - Binge Drinking
      - Causes of Teen Drinking
      - Effects of Teen Drinking
      - Treatment
      - Where to get help

Teen Depression:
      - Facts/Statistics
      - Causes
      - Warning Signs & Symptoms
      - Effects
      - Difference between Teen and Adult Depression
      - Treatment
      - How you can help
      - Where to go for help

Teen Suicide:
       - Facts/Statistics
       - Who is at Risk
       - Warning Signs
       - Causes
       - Prevention
       - What to do for a friend you suspect is thinking about suicide
       - Where to go for Help
       - Dealing with Loss from Suicide

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