COUNCIL OF GOVERNORS

                                 Meeting Date: 30 October 2007

Title:       Membership Update after college visits

To update the Council on the current position regarding membership

Membership recruitment – we are close to achieving the target of 10,000, with 9,895 members as
at 22 October 2007 (including the members still to be loaded on the system).

There is a lot of activity at present, with meetings with local colleges and other groups.

A Careers event is being held at the Hospital on 1 November 2007.

The CoG is requested to note the update on membership.

Prepared by:                                        Presented by:
Sarah Waldron                                       Sarah Waldron
Membership Development Manager                      Membership Development Manager
Membership recruitment:

The format of the college visits is that I give a talk on the foundation trust and membership and I
have arranged for Kim Kurani of Involve - Surrey young people’s service to give a talk on the effects
of binge drinking, which is a real issue with the age group at the colleges. Kim was involved in the
making of and appeared in a documentary on Channel Four earlier this year about the effects of
binge drinking.

The visits completed to date are:
Farnborough College of Technology 25 September: 200 new members
Tomlinscote College 27 September: 85 new members
Collingwood College 12 October: 102 new members
FCoT Cadets 16 October: 21 new members
 th                               th
6 Form College Farnborough 18 October: 67 new members
Kings International College19th October: 44 new members

Total of 519 new members aged 16 – 19 years
Farnborough Hill School – visit on 30 October target audience 30

Farnham College – date of visit is still to be confirmed, with a target audience over 400, of which 50
are attending the careers event on 1 November. (Membership forms have been given to Julie Bates
to arrange completion on the coach on the way to the hospital)
Staff members: 19 September I attended the Staff Benefits day in the Atrium and as a result we
had 56 members of staff sign up as members of the foundation trust. I will be arranging a meeting
with Kirsten Voss once the new personnel system is in place, as Kirsten can produce a list of
Doctors who are not yet members.
Also a campaign for staff who are not members will begin.

 Churn report

                                                                   Out of
 Number of members                                    Public   Catchment           Staff       Total
 1 April 2007                                          6,757         536          1,977        9,270
 Added                                                   443          30            254          727
 Deleted                                                  94          44            208          346
 22 October 2007                                       7,106         522          2,023        9,651

 Members by Constituency                           22-Oct-07                  01-Apr-07
 Bracknell Forest & Wokingham                            484                        467
 Guildford                                               437                        427
 Hart                                                  1,592                      1,543
 Rushmoor                                              1,882                      1,733
 Surrey Heath                                          1,862                      1,703
 Waverley                                                849                        837
 Out of Catchment                                        522                        536
 Admin                                                   475                        448
 Medicine Elderly & Pharmacy                             574                        565
 Not known                                                 5
 Pathology Radiology & Therapy                           269                        248
 Surgery & Surgical Services                             421                        442
 Women Children A&E                                      279                        274

 Membership Total                                      9,651                      9,270

 This number excludes 244 of the students, whose
 details still have to be loaded
Other age groups I intend to focus on include parents of pre-school children. Initially I am working
closely with the head of Brookside pre-school and will be attending a committee meeting of heads of
local pre-schools, and my target audience will be young parents in the 20 – 30 age groups. This
activity will start in November.

I will also be targeting health clubs, recreation centres, golf clubs etc, again trying to target the 20 –
30 age group.

The on line application form is now live and we have already received 9 applications.
The careers event, “A Taste of Frimley” is taking place on 1 November. This is going to be a
fantastic event! Gareth Beynon, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology, has put the agenda
together. The event will start at 5.00pm and end at 8.30pm.

The event has proved so popular with students on health related courses that we have 114 student
names for 1 November and a second list for a second event with 60 names on already!

Membership retention programme:

I am looking at ways of rewarding our members, to encourage them to stay members, such as
extending the discounts local businesses have granted to staff to members (examples would be
discounts at local hairdressers, Halfords, local restaurants etc). I strongly believe that this is a real
win:win situation and can only encourage our members to stay as members.

A cheese and wine event for public and staff members is also in the process of being arranged. I am
working very closely with a local supermarket and trying to encourage them to sponsor this event.
The staff event will be held in the atrium, and I am still negotiating a venue for the public event.
These events will be held at the end of January, early February 2008.

In April 2008 Mary Dunne and I will be arranging a Health event that will be held here at the hospital.

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