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					         101 Foods That Could Save Your Life!
           “Dave’s Raves” - 2008 Holiday Issue

Pecans                                           I know…I know… But try to do your
                                                 best to get that image of Alex
                                                 Baldwin as “Mr. Schweaty” out of
                                                 your head!

                                                 Laura Jean Weil, the creator of
                                                 Heavenly Balls ® credits her mother
                                                 with the memorable name. While
                                                 scouring her Passover cookbooks
                                                 for a new and decadent treat to
                                                 serve, she came across a traditional
                                                 sweet paste made from fruits and
                                                 nuts called charoses. So she
                                                 embarked on creating her own
                                                 version made from her favorite
             Heavenly Balls® by Turtle Treats!
                                                 variety of fruits and nuts including
                                                 delicious Georgian pecans, dates
                                                 and figs, all wrapped in velvety
                                                 chocolate. She served them to her
                                                 family during Sunday dinner where
                                                 her eighty-four year old mother after
                                                 taking a bite exclaimed, “Oh Laura
                                                 Jean…these balls are heavenly!” So
                                                 the name began.

                                                 Turtle Treats also has a variety of
                                                 Heavenly Balls® made with dark,
                                                 milk and white chocolate or simply
                                                 dusted with the finest cinnamon!
                                                 They are out of this world!!

Teff                                             Besides, teff grain and flour, there
                                                 isn’t a whole heck of a lot of teff
                                                 products to choose from out there.
                                                 These gluten-free wraps are really
                                                 delicious. They combine teff and
                                                 millet flour and come in either a
                                                 dark or ivory version. Like their
                                                 wheat counterpart, La Tortilla
                                                 Factory Teff Wraps are soft, moist
                                                 and amazingly delicious!

             La Tortilla Factory Teff Wraps
Whole Wheat
                                             I know I offered a “wheat product” in
                                             my last raves but I really wanted
                                             you to know about this fantastic
                                             sandwich bread from Arnold’s
                                             Bakery. If you like the taste of
                                             bread, but rather your sandwich
                                             creation be ‘insides’ versus bread,
                                             these thins are perfect for you. They
                                             are made with whole grain wheat,
                                             are only 100 calories each with five
                                             grams of fiber. They are soft and
                                             delicious, too! Not always a trait
              Arnold’s Sandwich Thins        commonly found in whole wheat
       bread products!

                                             When fresh mangoes aren’t in
                                             season, I love to pack these mango
                                             slices in my kid’s lunch. And I
                                             especially like the 70 calorie packs
                                             because these are more
                                             representative of a single serving of

              Sunsweet Thailand Mangoes®
                                                   Technically, these delicious Zing
Whey                                               bars could be classified under a
                                                   host of foods featured in the 101
                                                   Foods That Could You’re your Life
                                                   book – chocolate, peanuts,
                                                   blueberries and agave are just a
                                                   few of the ingredients that you will
                                                   find in Zing bars that fall in line with
                                                   those featured in the book. But I
                                                   chose “Whey” because besides
                                                   powdered forms, it’s hard to find
                                                   products that taste good and are
                                                   convenient made with whey. Each
                      Zing Bars                    Zing bar packs a whopping 10-13
                         grams of protein per bar (depending
                                                   on flavor)!

                                                   Developed by a group of dietitians
                                                   and nutritionists, Zing bars are the
                                                   closest thing to a real meal in bar
                                                   form that I have found without all of
                                                   the artificial colorings and
                                                   flavorings. But even more
                                                   importantly, they are truly

Pumpkin                                            Oh no, my friend! This is NOT just
                                                   for pumpkin pie!

                                                   Where else can you get five grams
                                                   of fiber, 300% of the daily value for
                                                   vitamin A, only 40 calories in a half
                                                   cup? I think this is liquid gold! Well,
                                                   semi-liquid might be a better
                                                   description. Besides pie, you can
                                                   add it to your favorite soup,
                                                   casserole, smoothie, dips and of
                      Libby’s 100% Pure Pumpkin!   course, a variety of other desserts!
                                                     Check out this outrageous Thai
                                                        Pumpkin Soup recipe!

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