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					              Increasing Alcohol
                             A Webquest

        Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion

Have you ever wondered why….

       There is an age limit for alcohol use in the US?

       Many parents drink, but don’t let their kids?

       If everyone is drinking, how bad can it really be?

       The media portrays alcohol as “sexy” and “cool”?

       Many crimes are committed while under the influence of alcohol?

There does seem to be a lot of energy associated with alcohol use in this
country. It's always in the news and in the media. There are many laws
associated with drinking. Adults always seem to be concerned about underage
drinking. Schools have harsh penalties for alcohol use. Why shouldn’t I drink?

By gathering information about alcohol related topics you can increase your
understanding of the nature of alcohol and make better personal decisions
concerning alcohol. Remember, alcohol by itself, is not bad. It is the unsafe
and irresponsible use of alcohol and the poor decisions made while under the
influence that are bad.
The Task
Your task is to complete a worksheet about alcohol use. You will first be asked
to take a personal alcohol use assessment to get you thinking. You will then be
guided to sites on the Internet and asked to answer questions based on the
information you find there. The questions will be specific in nature and you
will be required to go to the indicated sites to extract the information.

Here are the resources you will need to complete the worksheet.

Alcohol: A Brief Overview               Beer Goggles
Age and Alcohol Use                     Alcohol Poisoning
Alcohol: Effects on the Body            Tips for Teens
Zero Tolerance                          Alcohol and “Hooking-Up”
Binge Drinking                          Ask Your Personal Questions
Myths About Alcohol

The Process
The process is fairly simple. You will be guided the whole way. If you need
help on browsing the Internet, ask your instructor.

1. Complete the alcohol use self-assessment
You will answer a questionnaire that will help you assess the relationship (if
any) that you have with alcohol. This will remain personal. You will not be
asked to turn this in. This assessment is for your own personal knowledge. It is
designed to get you thinking about alcohol before you begin on the worksheet.
Online Alcohol Use Assessment

2. Complete the worksheet
When you finish the questionnaire, you will answer the questions on the
worksheet. Some questions will be fill in the blank, some will be multiple
choice. In any case, you will need to go the resources section of this Web Page
and use the web sites listed there to get the information to answer the questions
on the worksheet. All you have to do is click on the resource name that you
want to go to and you will be taken to that Web Page. Use the Back button to
return to this Web Page.

You will be evaluated on your completed worksheet. You will be required to
get the answers on your own. You will not be evaluated on the personal
inventory of alcohol use. Please refer to the Rubric for more details.

Congratulations! You completed the task and heightened your awareness of
alcohol use. Increased awareness and knowledge is helpful in making
appropriate decisions in your life.
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