Give bling a zing without damaging a thing

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					Give bling a zing without
damaging a thing
    In the quiet hills of                                                    vertant aspiration, gingival
Tuscarawas County, we                                                        inflammation, metallic reac-
don’t get to see a lot of the                      Dr. Kevin                 tion, dental decay, etc.
unique styles that are seen in                       Huff                        I guess that bling isn’t
urban America. However,                                                      going to go away, and it sim-
we are constantly reminded                           Dentist                 ply is a sign of the time. My
by the media that we are not                                                 only advice.... If you’re
very far away. Unless you                                                    considering bling that
were born after 1990,            cultural status symbol for                  involves your mouth, ask
you’ve probably never heard      people of some ethnicities to               your dentist first. Gold
of “bling.” Bling is the         have gold veneers on one or                 veneers or 3/4 crowns can
urbanesque term for gaudy                                                    be made on appropriate
adornment that has become                                                    tooth preparations that func-
very popular in recent days.      “Bling isn’t going                         tion properly. Diamonds,
A good analogy comes to                                                      gems, etc, can even be
mind...”Mr. T.”
                                   to go away, and                           added for extra sparkle.
    Apparently, it is consid-     it is simply a sign                        There are probably ways to
ered cool and hip by some to                                                 give the bling a zing without
have large, gaudy jewelry             of the time.”                          damaging a thing.
that may or may not be                                                           Dr. Kevin Huff is a gen-
attached to some form of         more front teeth. I have even               eral dentist in Dover, holds
bodily piercing. As a dentist,   made dentures with gold                     the status of “Master” in the
I am, of course, concerned.      front teeth. This now has                   Academy        of      General
Tongue piercings, by far, are    been taken to the next level                Dentistry, and is a clinical
the most dangerous. I will       in the form of “grills.” A                  instructor at the Case
never understand why peo-        grill is a metallic shell made              School of Dental Medicine.
ple willfully have their         to wrap over the front teeth                    For questions about den-
tongues mutilated in this        that can either be perma-                   tal health or to schedule a
way....I go to great lengths     nently cemented or made to                  complementary consulta-
daily to avoid injuring the      snap on and off. Obviously,                 tion, call 330-364-2011,

tongue by accident!              there are several potential                 visit, or
    For years, it has been a     problems with grills: inad-                 ask your regular dentist.

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