March 3, 2009 Kasie Dawkins, 206.973.2938


SEATTLE, WA – Seattle based .advancedMethod has
announced that Keith Sawka has been appointed Director of
Distribution Channel Sales for North America. Sawka has been
with .advancedMethod since the company’s founding in 2002,
working his way through sales, first helping to develop markets
for the company’s eHotel Tours (responsible for over 1,000
installations), then web development services and all other
.advancedMethod products.

In early 2008, Sawka was asked to come onboard the newly
developing express digital signage system team. He began as
the company’s representative to their early distribution partners;
The Digital Signage Group and EIKI International. Having
demonstrated an immediate ability to grasp the distribution side
of the business, combined with his extensive knowledge of the
express product from the earliest days of its development,
Sawka was subsequently asked to lead distribution channel
sales for all of North America.

Keith Sawka will report directly to Robert Grawet, General
Manager of .advancedMethod a division of EIKI Digital Systems,
Inc. Grawet says: “In my 25+ year career in the distribution
channel business I have met many sales executives. I have
never met anyone with a more positive attitude or with the sheer
dedication to his customers that Keith demonstrates on a daily
basis. There are days when he has one or two webinars for
groups, several individual web demos for dealers, and still finds
time to contribute to our overall thinking on the continued
development of the express product. Keith is a one in a million
man in this fast paced world of Digital Signage.” Sawka can be
reached at 206.973.2933 /
At .advancedMethod’s St. Louis office, Eric Johnson has been
appointed Director of Business Development for Express
Channel Sales. In this position Johnson will lead webinars and
web demo charges as the company further develops business.
Johnson will also help the company develop an increasing dealer
presence in the Eastern United States by visiting many dealers
on a direct basis. Eric Johnson was a founder of
.advancedMethod and set up the company’s St. Louis office, all
the while helping develop the extremely successful eVideo

Not only a visionary, Johnson is also a genuinely nice and
talented guy all wrapped up in one individual. As a successful
rock and roll band member since his earliest days, as well as a
former disc jockey on Seattle radio, Johnson is a presenter for
presenters. It would be difficult to find a person with more stage
presence and such a talent of getting the crowd up on their feet.

Eric Johnson will also report directly to Robert Grawet.
Regarding Johnson Grawet says, “To have a person on our team
with such an amazing stage presence, honed from many years
on stage as a musician, is a bonus that doesn’t come to many
companies. Eric will bring the zing to our efforts. If you’re ever
in St. Louis, you should ask Eric if his band is playing
somewhere that weekend; you’ll be glad if you do.” Johnson can
be reached at 636.442.1922 /

Grawet went on to say: “The combination of Keith Sawka and
Eric Johnson brings the .advancedMethod into the big leagues.
Competitors; you’d better watch out! Customers; you’ll be glad
to know these two gentlemen; they will treat you with the kind of
respect and honesty that all customers get from our company.”

The EIKI Digital and .advancedMethod team members have
unique backgrounds having worked with Apple, Smart
Technologies, EIKI International, Packard Bell Computers, and
Adobe. More information can be found at

About .advancedMethod:
Founded in 2002 to provide innovative web-based communications services, .advancedMethod
engineered new concepts in streaming video and in creating eVideo, a proprietary methodology
for delivering a "live" presentation with available bandwidth. This mastery was then applied to
Digital Signage Solutions, resulting in a robust digital signage operating system, user-friendly
authoring tools, and 24/7 support services.

About Eiki Digital Systems, Inc.

With more than a half century of experience in professional audiovisual communications technology
behind it, Eiki Digital Systems, Inc. was established in 2008 to broaden the scope of The Eiki
Family of Companies. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Eiki Digital Systems shares
management and a focus on the ProAV channel with its older sibling, Eiki International, Inc. of
Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

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