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Edition 21, 2005

This Business Ratio Report includes analysis of these companies:.

Accord Office Supplies Ltd          R.J. Gray Ltd                         PNL Properties PLC
Ace Office Supplies Ltd             Herald Business Forms Ltd             Premier Rolls Ltd
Acorn Stationery & Print Ltd        Herma UK Ltd                          Premier Stationery Ltd
Adare Carwin Ltd                    Hunters Contracts Ltd                 Rahmqvist UK Ltd.
Aluset Northern Ireland Ltd         Ian Smith (Stationers) Ltd            R. & S. Greeting Cards Ltd
Anglo Office Group Ltd              Inglis Allen (UK) Ltd                 Ryman Ltd
Bantex Ltd                          The Jade Group Ltd                    SCF Total Print Solutions Ltd
Bic UK Ltd                          K2 Supplies Ltd                       Scr Envelope Solutions Ltd
Bong UK Ltd                         Kaye Office Supplies Ltd              S.E.T. (Office Supplies) Ltd
British Bookshops & Stationrs PLC   Lion - FPG Ltd                        S.E.T. (Swansea) Ltd
Business Evolution Group PLC        J H Lorimer Ltd                       Shared Earth Ltd
Castelli (Diaries) Ltd              Lyra (UK) Ltd                         Snows Office Supplies Ltd
C B F Group PLC                     Lyreco UK Ltd                         Software Stationery Specialists Ltd
CCA Holdings Ltd                    Madison Commercial Ltd                Solcrown Stationery Ltd
Chapman Envelopes Ltd               Mayday Office Eqpmnt Srvcs Ltd        South Bucks Business Prdcts Ltd
Clarity Computer Supplies Ltd       Medea International Ltd               Sovereign Office Eqpmnt Co. Ltd
The Classic Envelope Co. Ltd        Mekvale Ltd                           Spicers Ltd
Colour Five Ltd                     Metropolis Worldwide Ltd              Staples Mail Order UK Ltd
Communisis Datafrm Sth West Ltd     Mitsubishi Pencil Co. UK Ltd.         Staples UK Ltd
Computer Fast Forms Ltd             Moroak                                Staples UK Retail Ltd
Continuous Dataprint (UK) Ltd       Neat Ideas Ltd                        Statex Ltd
Corporate Express Ltd               Office Depot International (UK) Ltd   Stationery Box Ltd
The C.O.S. Group Ltd                Office Depot UK Ltd                   Tesa UK Ltd
A. T. Cross Ltd                     Office Equipment UK (Mdlnds) Ltd      Tompla UK Ltd
Curtis Ei Ltd                       Office Needs (Essex) Ltd              Trickey Of Ewell Ltd
David Winter & Son Ltd              Office Zone Business Solutions Ltd    Tudor Business Forms Ltd
Debden Importing (UK) Ltd           Olivetti UK Ltd                       UFP (UK) Ltd
Durable (UK) Ltd                    One Stop Supplies Ltd                 UKos PLC
Eagle Office Supplies Ltd           Opus Art & Design Ltd                 Universal Document Mngmnt Ltd
Elco Paper UK Ltd                   Osborne Office Stationers Ltd         Viking Office Supplies Ltd
Envelope Sales PLC                  Oyezstraker Group Holdings Ltd        Webb Group Ltd
Esselte UK Ltd                      Panoply Group Ltd                     Whitegrove Group Ltd
Europa Office Ltd                   Paperchase Products Ltd               WH Smith Retail Ltd
Eurostat UK (Office Supplies) Ltd   Paperflow PLC                         Williams Lea UK Ltd
Everflow Pen Co. Ltd                Partners The Stationers Ltd           Winstonmead PLC
Filofax Ltd                         Pentel (Stationery) Ltd               Wordflow Ltd
Frank Smythson Ltd                  Philograph Publications Ltd           The Works Holding Ltd
Gilt Edged Promotions Ltd           Pierre Farber International Ltd
Giltedge Printers Ltd               Pilot Pen Co. (UK) Ltd (The)

This summary brings you a sample of key details from this invaluable report. The report itself
includes many further analyses of the performance of individual companies and the industry
as a whole.

The report provides in-depth financial analysis on these companies in these 4 clear sections:

• Performance League Tables                             • Industry Overview
• Individual Company Profiles                           • Industry Averages
This Business Ratio report focuses on the leading 115 companies operating as Stationery

The report analyses company and industry performance over the three years up to 7th
October 2004. During this period, the average Report company experienced a 7.9 percent
increase in sales from £21.6 million in 2001/02 to £22.4 million in 2002/03 before ending the
three years of analysis in 2003/04 at £23.3 million. The average company’s pre-tax profits
also increased over the same period, from £425,000 in 2001/02 to £1.2 million in 2003/04.


                                                                        Pre-tax Profit Margin
                                                                        Return on Total
                           20                                           Assets
                                                                        Return on Capital
                         % 15
                                                                        Return on Investment


                                     01/02        02/03    03/04

                                         Employee Performance

                 Pay Per Employee

                  Capital Employed
                   per Employee

                        Sales Per

                                     0       20     40    60       80   100   120     140


To order your copy for just £275 (£295 non members) for the book form, or £290 (£310 non
members) plus VAT for the electronic format, simply contact:

Carlton Allen, Key Note Ltd, 72 Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HQ
Telephone number 020 8481 8720 Fax number 020 8783 0049

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