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									                                                                               Issue No. 28        Fall 2003

                    PETA’s Gift & Estate Planning Club

     message for Liberation
When I was a little girl, I twirled about in    see his family again or his real home.         slaughterhouses and from there to stores
front of the mirror, draped in my               Because of him, the “animal lover” who is      in the U.S. and Europe. All I could see that
grandmother’s red fox fur stole. It had a       writing this finally got the message.          morning were the herds of cows I had
fancy clasp that joined two real foxes’             I still wore leather then. Today, I look   watched stumbling along in the heat,
heads together in a macabre embrace, so         back in astonishment to ask myself why on      converted now into lifeless garments and
that the glass orbs that had been used to       Earth did I wish to wear any stolen skins,     accessories.
replace their real eyes met at my neck. It      hairy or hairless? What was the attraction?        In the 21st century, we have wonderful
was every girl’s dream then to grow up to       Did I think the smell of animal leather—       cruelty-free options. We can pleather it up
own a fur. And I did.                           now as hideous to me as the smell of           or choose a host of natural fabrics like
    First, I bought a fox fur-collared coat     burning pigs’ flesh—was desirable? Or that     cotton, corduroy, canvas, satin, or jute. But
and then an arty Ginger Rogers-                 I looked desirable in skins? Again, no one     how many people have a clue? That’s
shouldered coat made of 100 dead                showed me any articles, there were no          where education for liberation kicks in.
squirrels. I wore that one when I took the      billboards, no one mentioned any problem.      Each of us is lucky enough not to have
boat to Belgium to meet my husband-to-              One morning, two years ago, I sat          been born wearing an invisible label
be. All I heard were “oohs” and “ahs” of        outside the BBC studios in London and          marked “clothing,” “meat,” or “research
admiration. There were no animal rights         wept. Rush hour had begun and people           tool.” That means we must do all we can
activists back then to hiss, hand me a card,    were going to work in their leather shoes      to help those who were not so lucky by
have a quiet word, or wake me up.               and leather jackets, carrying their leather    waking up those who do not yet “get it.”
    A poor fox did that. I found him, glaring   attaché cases and leather purses. Some         We are the revolution! Please teach as
and petrified, in a steel-jaw leghold trap      wore leather skirts and coats. I had just      many people as you can how easy and
behind a convenience store. The vet I took      come from India where the hot, dusty           right it is to be kind. Thank you.
him to amputated his foot and he became         cattle trail—thick with exhausted, hungry,
one of the few who can adjust to a life, of     parched, and often lame cows and their
sorts, indoors. Of course, he would never       calves—leads from the fields to the filthy
2    Augustus Club                                                                                                                      3    Augustus Club                                                                                4     Augustus Club

    Putting a New Face                                                                                                                  “Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become
                                                                                                                                                      more just, kind and considerate in [their relations] to each other.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          PETA’s Legal                                          Eagles
        on Animal Rights                                                                                                                                                                                         —National PTA Congress

                       PETA’s Education Department                                                                                      who teach kids about empathy—the
                                                                                                                                        ability to “put yourself in someone
                                                                                                                                                                                    “’zine that bites back!,” Grrr!, is a
                                                                                                                                                                                    biannual magazine for kids of all ages
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Four remarkable players make up the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          legal team that is responsible for many of
                                                                                                                                        else’s shoes.”                              that provides readers with simple and                 PETA’s hard-won victories for animals in
The wheels of our Education                   tells teens how to beat their meat          Math Is Mandatory—Teaching                       We also quickly respond to cruelty       fun ways to help animals, including easy              and out of court.You will find them
Department staff are always turning as        addiction, organize a campaign for any      Kindness Should Be,Too                        cases involving young people by             recipes, cruelty-free fashions, puzzles,              speaking “legalese” on the phone or
they conceive of new ways to reach as         animal issue, and fight back against        It has been said that teaching children to    dispatching Share the World and our         and fun facts.                                        poring over haystacks of legal documents,
many young people as possible with            teachers whose idea of science is to        respect animals helps children as much        “Raising Kind Kids” brochures to                The impact has been phenomenal,                   looking for the needle that will bring us                                                               Matthew Penzer, Susan Hall, Jeff Kerr, Lori Kettler
messages of compassion and action for         chop up animal corpses in a biology         as it helps animals. In fact, teaching them   schools in affected areas to help           as one young activist recently told us. “I            a victory for animals. Whether they are
animals. Full of drive and energy and         lab.                                        to be kind to animals is a key element in     teachers guide classroom discussions. In    was on the Internet one afternoon, …                  arguing for our right to express our
with a unique vision to reach out and             By networking with some of the          character-education programs—                 addition, we contact the local media to     when I came to a Web site where you                   animal rights opinions or against the           video footage, and other documentation        largest school district in Vermont,
grab the next generation, they are            biggest punk bands, we have won             required by law in some states—and a          highlight studies showing that young        could send away for a free issue of                   Environmental Protection Agency’s               to prove HLS’ abuse of animals, PETA          resulting in the removal of all milk
putting a new face on animal rights.          animals countless allies. Last summer,      proven, effective way to prevent other        people who are violent toward animals       [Grrr!]. … The magazine was all about                 vivisection programs, these legal               was sued for $10 million by HLS, which        advertisements from its schools. He
                                                                                               wrongs or violence. PETA’s               often later commit acts of violence         becoming a vegan and animal rights. I                 practitioners provide a lifeline to animals     came after us with one of the largest law     has brought unprecedented lawsuits
Urging Teens to Question                                                              Web site is based on       against other human beings.                 couldn’t imagine giving up meat. … But                who suffer in a sea of unregulated abuse.       firms in the country and spent more           against the California Milk Board for
Exploitation                                                                                   this premise and helps teachers                                                      I decided to read it and was shocked                                                                  than $2 million in an attempt to ruin us.     misrepresenting dairy farm conditions
Since the Education Department’s                                                               bring animal issues into the             Keeping the “Life” in Life                  by the stories. … I, like many people,                Jeff Kerr                                           Thanks in part to Jeff ’s efforts, PETA   and recently won against KFC, stopping
launch of, an interactive                                                            classroom by offering advice, lesson     Science                                     wanted to help. But what could I, a 14-               A graduate of the University of Virginia        achieved a settlement in which not only       the company from making false
Web site for Generation Y—ages 13                                                              plans, downloadable activity sheets,     Students should always have the right       year-old girl, do? I became a vegetarian.             School of Law, Jeff Kerr came to PETA           did HLS dismiss the suit, but PETA did        statements about the treatment of
to 24—animal rights has become a                                                               and packs of free animal rights          to make the grade without killing           I know it’s not big or world-changing,                more than seven years ago with a                not pay HLS a single penny of the             chickens. He also files legal petitions,
hot topic with teens across the                                                                literature.                              animals. Now they can choose from           but it’s a step in the right direction.”              mission to fight for the rights of all          animals’ money, either. Plus, because of      including one with the U.S. Department
globe. Edgy and provocative,                                                                         Teachers and librarians can also   more than 400 dissection alternatives,          Kids and teens are our future                     animals. “I attended a lecture entitled ‘Did    our complaint, the U.S. Department of         of Agriculture (USDA) calling for humane is urging young activists                                                            order free copies of Share the World,    such as models, laser discs, and            policymakers, scientists, consumers, and              Your Food Have a Face?’ that changed            Agriculture fined HLS $50,000 for several     protection of animals raised on factory
to question animal rights violations                                                           PETA’s humane education kit that         software programs. Our education            parents. By working to maximize our                   me forever. I went home that evening            violations of the Animal Welfare Act.         farms—the first petition of its kind.
in their schools and communities.                                                              includes an interactive multimedia       specialists give students the information   networks of teachers, students, and                   and threw out every animal product in               For Jeff, every day brings new                With each legal challenge, Matt forces
    The site’s super-hip “Out There”                                                           program with beautiful animal            and tools that they need to exercise        college students, our Education                       my kitchen. Within six months, I was            opportunities to fight for PETA’s right to    the nation’s legal system and public to
section features teen idols from the                                                           footage. We have already distributed     their right to refuse to dissect animals,   Department continues reaching out to                  working at PETA.”                               speak out for all beings. “Simply put, I      address often ingrained cruelty in our
world of sports and entertainment who         education staff traveled the country        it to every elementary school in the          including animal-free alternatives,         them today in ever-increasing ways for                     An experienced trial and appellate         have the greatest legal job on the planet.”   society. He has argued most ably for
are committed to justice for animals. Pro     with the “Warped Tour,” reaching tens       U.S., and it has now been translated into     humane science projects, and how to         a brighter, freer tomorrow for animals.               litigator, Jeff serves as general counsel                                                     animals on television and radio programs,
skateboarders, well-known bands, top          of thousands of young people in 49          12 languages for use worldwide. As one        get involved with                                                                                 and director of corporate affairs. He is        Matthew Penzer                                and headlines about his lawsuits have
actors such as Casey Affleck, and even        cities.                                     teacher said after using the kit, “Kids       local animal rights                                                                               responsible for all legal issues that           Three years ago, Matthew Penzer joined        appeared in USA Today, The New York
comic-book artists and characters tell        On the way, they hooked up with             love animals, and now my students             activities.                                                                                       confront PETA, the PETA Foundation,             PETA as legal counsel in our Policy           Times, The Washington Post, and scores of
kids that there’s nothing cool about          music producer Fat Mike of NOFX and         really think about how to express their           PETA also directs                                                                             and all the PETA entities around the            Department and has never slowed               other papers across the country.
animal abuse and that it is very cool to      Fat Wreck Chords, who donated his           concern and show responsibility toward        a Student Activist                                                                                world, as well as legislative matters at        down. Matt went to law school at the              Says Matt, “One of the highest ideals
do things to stop it.                         production services to PETA to              animals.”                                     Network that assists                                                                              both the state and federal levels.              University of Florida in Gainesville with     of the law is to protect those who are
    Moreover,’s “Street Team”       produce a compilation CD, Liberation:           Equally popular are PETA’s free           students in grade                                                                                      Among the most fundamental tasks           the intention of using his degree to fight    unable to protect themselves. It’s past
motivates young people to get busy for        Songs to Benefit PETA. The CD features      colorful comic books: “An Elephant’s          levels K through 12                                                                               of Jeff ’s office is defending our ability to   for animals. After graduating with honors,    time the law’s protections encompassed
animals in their communities. Members         16 tracks, including rare recordings by a   Life,” which compares the dismal              across the country                                                                                speak out for animals. In that regard, Jeff     he went on to run his own law firm. He        the most innocent and defenseless
earn points for activities like leafleting,   host of punk rock’s hottest acts, and       existence of captive elephants to the         with ideas and                                                                                    is most proud of his involvement in             now focuses on using animal protection        among us, the animals.”
which they can redeem for PETA                many of the artists who contributed         rich lives of elephants in their natural      materials to help them promote                                                                    PETA’s victorious litigation against            laws in innovative ways.
merchandise, music, concert tickets, and      tracks have already been vocal in their     habitat, and “A Chicken’s Life,” a fun        compassion and respect for animals                                                                vivisection laboratory Huntingdon Life              Matt’s groundbreaking work has            Lori Kettler
more. And the “Take Charge” feature           support of PETA.                            story about three rescued chickens            in their communities. And PETA’s free                                                             Sciences (HLS). After releasing photos,         included a successful negotiation with the    Trained at Vermont Law School, Lori
5    Augustus Club

 [Continued from page 4]                     their rescue from a Puerto Rican circus.        own law firm with three other lawyers in
Kettler joined PETA three years ago as           Lori’s goal is to force the USDA to         1994, where Susan stayed until coming to
legal counsel for our Research &             fulfill its responsibilities under the Animal   PETA.
Investigations Department (R&I). She         Welfare Act. And her secret for success             “My goals for the future are to apply
tends to the myriad legal issues             is integrity. “The best way to encourage        every legal ability I have toward animal
confronted by R&I, her work primarily        others to do the right thing, whether it’s      liberation,” she says, “and to live my life in
revolving around administrative law,         a prosecutor or a meat-eating family            harmony with that goal.”
relating to regulations and decisions of     member, is to command respect.”

                                                                                              A Gift at
administrative agencies.
                                             Susan Hall
“It’s past time the law’s                    After being a PETA member for 18

protection encompassed
                                             years, as well as a member of PETA’s
                                             Augustus Club and Vanguard Society,
                                                                                                Year’s End
                                             Susan Hall visited PETA headquarters in         Although the last thing that anyone likes
the most innocent and                        February 2003.                                  to think about is their taxes, the year’s
                                                  “I left feeling that I had experienced     end is a very popular time for charitable
defenseless among us,                        something genuinely transcendent,” she          gift-giving. Gifts made to PETA before the
                                             says. “I wanted—indeed needed—to                end of the year not only provide
the animals.”                                become a part of this movement to end           important support and stability to our
                                             the slaughter of the innocents.”                programs but can also bring you tax
    This includes using the Freedom of            In March, Susan joined PETA’s staff as     benefits come next April.
Information Act (FOIA) to gather             legal counsel in the Research &                     PETA is a registered 501(c)(3)
information about businesses and             Investigations Department. She provides         nonprofit organization, and as long as
governmental agencies that use and           legal counsel on government testing             your gift to PETA is received before the
abuse animals, including the number of       issues and related programs and is              start of 2004, it will apply to your 2003
Animal Welfare Act violations that           responsible for pursuing government             taxes. Cash, stock, and other securities,
circuses incur. She also addresses and       agencies such as the Environmental              personal property (including all types of
challenges licensing and permit issues       Protection Agency (EPA) through                 cars, boats, and other vehicles), and real
with the U.S. Department of Agriculture      litigation.                                     estate are all valuable gifts that bring
and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.          She also initiates FOIA requests to        much-needed resources to the task of
    Lori’s perseverance has proved to be     government agencies, addresses                  helping animals. For more information
the critical factor in more than one         questions raised in connection with the         about the different ways that you can
instance. One of her victories involved a    EPA’s high production volume chemical-          make a year-end gift, please contact
battle against the city of Virginia Beach,   testing program, and drafts animal-             Tim Enstice, PETA’s planned gifts
Va., after officials approved plans for a    friendly shareholder resolutions for            manager, at 757-622-7382, extension
dolphin tank. Lori exposed corruption in     presentation at annual meetings of              1610, or via e-mail at
the program and sank the city’s plans,       corporations. In addition, she evaluates
saving many of these complex animals         the merits of potential suits against
from the misery of captivity.                government agencies to curtail and
    Lori’s complaint to a prosecutor         ultimately end animal tests.
about an undercover investigation of a            Born in Minneapolis, Susan attended
pig farm led to felony cruelty-to-animals    Rutgers University Law School and then
charges, and her legal battle for several    joined a law firm where she met her
mistreated polar bears helped result in      husband, Dan. They later formed their
6    Augustus Club

Your Special Ones Animals You Have Saved
                                                           reports that the babies do     Donna. She reports that Mo is a real
                                                            not spray him, as they        dynamo who operates in two speeds:
                                                            consider him their “mom.”     on and off. And when he’s on, Mo keeps
                                                                 Once the babies are      Donna and her two other cats, Feline
                                                             old enough to be             and Francesca, amused with his wild and
                                                             released, Burton takes       crazy antics.
                                                              them to an isolated area,       But, while he can be mischievous at
                                                              far from traffic and        times, Donna says that Mo “is a real
                                                               people, with a nearby      sweet pussycat” who can as easily spend
                                                               water source, and sets     hours fetching and retrieving his favorite
                                                               them free.                 toy, a Q-tip, as relaxing in the way that
                                                                 When he’s not            this photo (taken during his “off ” time)
                                             working with baby skunks, Burton also        depicts. Says Donna, “It is hard to
Burton Butler                                rescues and releases adult skunks. Local     imagine life without Mo. He is a
Augustus Club member Burton Butler           residents contact him when they have         character and keeps us laughing.”
has always had a heart for animals. Even     visiting skunks, either in or under their
as a child, he sensed that many did not      homes, and Burton comes to the
care about animals in the way he did.        rescue. Says Burton, “The people who
Now Burton not only continues to care,       call are very glad to see me!” And we
but is also making a world of difference     believe that the skunks are, too!
for the orphaned skunks whom he
rescues and rehabilitates.                   Mo
   Through Burton’s local wildlife           Donna Friedson
rehabilitation center, he fosters baby       Mo had been living in a Manhattan
skunks that the center receives from         parking lot when he arrived at Augustus
humane societies, animal control             Club member Donna Friedson’s
agencies, and individuals. Many times, the   apartment for an “overnight visit.”
babies’ mothers have been hit and killed     Donna’s neighbor, who often
by cars. Burton and his team raise the       rescued animals, had asked her to
babies and provide them with the             take in Mo for just one night.
tender loving care and nourishment that          Now, more than five years
they need to survive in the wild. Burton     later, guess what? Right. Mo is still with

We invite you to send in photos of your animal companions. Please remember to enclose:
• a note giving us permission to use the picture in the newsletter
• your name and address
• your animal’s name and age
• the story of how you came to care for this individual and something about his or her unique personality and favorite
If you would like to have your name printed, please state this in your letter or note. Otherwise, to protect your privacy, we
will not print your name.
Please send your pictures to PETA,Augustus Club, 501 Front St., Norfolk,VA 23510.
Thank you!

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