Spicy Sage Potato Soup

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					Spicy Sage Potato Soup                                                       GO: pull out the old crock pot. fire it up on low. pour in 2 tablespoons
                                                                             of EXTRA ViRGiN OLiVE OiL. throw in 2 GARLIC cloves. loosely chop up
spicy, earthy and hearty -- this is the ultimate winter soup!                one bunch of the FRESH SAGE. toss in 2 teaspoons of FENNEL SEEDS.
                                                                             add the 2 cups of FROZEN CORN. finally kick it up with a 5 second
fix: 30 minutes                                                              round of CRACKED BLACK PEPPER and 2 teaspoon of RED PEPPER
slow cook: 2-6 hours. the longer the better.                                 FLAKES (a hefty pinch or two will do).

GOODS:                                                                       now time to cube up all the POTATOES... about 2 inches of all will
3 medium of each: YELLOW YUKON,                                              suffice. drop in all the potatoes along with 4 cloves of GARLiC, two cups
RED, PURPLE, SWEET and RUSSET POTATOES                                       of loosely chopped CARROTS and 2 pinches of SEA SALT. bring to a boil
1 cup of chopped CARROTS (two carrots will do)                               and cook till soft in about 4 cups of water. usually takes about 20
2 tablespoons of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL                                      minutes. drain off some of the excess broth (about a cup or so will do).
1 medium container of SOUR CREAM                                             pour the potatoes and the rest... of the (super nutritious) broth into
2 bunches of chopped FRESH SAGE                                              the crock pot. stir everything together. cover. leave for 4-6 hours while
2 teaspoon of RED PEPPER FLAKES
                                                                             the crock does all the work.
2 teaspoons of FENNEL SEEDS
2 tablespoons of RAW SUGAR
CRACKED BLACK PEPPER                                                         MiX: about and 1/2 hour before serving, grab the hand wand mixer
2 cups of FROZEN CORN                                                        and lightly puree right in the crock pot. go as long as you like. if you
2 tablespoons of SUGAR                                                       want it smooth, go for it. i like it slightly chunky so i mix a bit less. add
2 pinches of SEA SALT                                                        a tablespoon of RAW SUGAR to taste.
6 cloves of GARLiC
5 cups of water                                                              for a rich creamy consistency with a poppy punch. stir in 3 tablespoons of
                                                                             SOUR CREAM.
NOTE: for vegetarian version minus the chicken and substitute
veggie broth in place of the chicken broth.                                  give another 5 second round of CRACKED BLACK PEPPER. stir. cover.
                                                                             i like to give the soup another hour or so to let all the added and
                                                                             pureed ingredients settle in (nice and cozy) with each other.
crock pot
wand hand mixer
(also called an immersion blender)                                           ASSEMBLAGE: super simple. i grab some big soup bowls and saucers
wooden spoon                                                                 and pour in a hefty size ladle or two into each. to top it off: give each
chef's knife                                                                 serving a dopple of fresh SOUR CREAM, a pinch of FRESH SAGE and a
4 quart pot                                                                  final round of CRACKED BLACK PEPPER. serve with your favorite rustic
chop board                                                                   bread.
can opener
soup ladle
                                                                             SPECIAL NOTE: this dish can easily be vegan... just delete the SOUR
                                                                             CREAM. for a rich luscious taste, substitute a drizzle of EXTRA ViRGiN
FEEDS: this pot of soup can serve at least 6. if it's just you and maybe a   OLiVE OiL on top of each serving. YUM!.
mate... i would set aside some for the week and freeze the rest.

                                                                                                                  4 x 6 RECIPE CARD
                                                                                                                  JUST PRINT, CUT and FOLD

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