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F    all has arrived. But don't despair, there is still time to enjoy your land-
     scape. Trees are starting to change colors, cooler weather is settling in.
There is still time to plant or add to your landscape with a new patio, deck
                                                                                                Volume 3 Issue 9
                                                                                                 September 2009

or walkway.
                                                                                                September 7th
                                                                                                  Labor Day
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                                                                                       September 11th Patriot Day
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                    Natural Irregular Bluestone walkway

 Patio with fire pit and seat wall of
     Unilock Old Quarry Stone
          Fall Landscaping                                      Common Weeds
                 Tips for your lawn                              Getting to know common weeds

Fertilizing: If you only fertilize your lawn once a        Creeping Charlie: grows
year, fall's the time to do it. In fact, your lawn         commonly in shady areas
could take a light application of fertilizer in early            has purple flowers
fall and again in late fall.

             Mowing: As temperatures cool, your
             lawn will start growing faster: You'll
             likely need to mow regularly through
             the end of the season.
                                                                      White Clover: grows in sun and
Cleaning up: For a healthy lawn, it's a good idea                     partial shade areas
to clean up fallen leaves. If you don't want to rake
up leaves, do several passes over your lawn with a
mulching mower. You'll chop up the leaves into
fine pieces so they decompose and add to your
soil's structure. It's easier and also better for the
health of your lawn!
                                                         Bindweed: grows in areas with sun
Overseeding: Most grasses in this re-
gion grow and take best in cool tem-
peratures, making autumn the ideal
time to overseed. Give your new grass
about a month before your first aver-
age frost date so it can get established.

Attacking perennial weeds: Most perennial lawn
weeds, such as dandelion and creeping Charlie, are
most susceptible to spraying in fall when they're
winding down and getting ready for winter.                            Unilock
Aerating: Cooler autumn temperatures mean your           
grass will start growing more again -- so it's a great
time to aerate to loosen compacted soil.

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         Lori Capone             Jay and J. Ratto Landscaping recently helped out Shoreham
        631-696-6503             and the Boy Scouts- Eagle Scouts with a planting project, by
                                 supplying and planting varies trees and shrubs as seen in the
                                 above picture. Bissett Nursery of Dix Hills also contributed
                                           in the supplying of the planting material.

         PO Box 980
                                                         Did you know?
      Coram, NY 11727            In the fall deciduous trees can no longer produce chlorophyll,
                                 causing their leaves to turn to yellow, red and orange before
        (631) 696-6503           falling to the ground.
        (631) 696-7512
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