TIMESHEET 209 by mrleitner


									TIMESHEET To ensure inclusion in the payroll run, this timesheet must be completed by your Manager / Supervisor and returned to Atlas Personnel Group to arrive before 12 Noon on Monday Name of Temporary Worker: Name of Company: Week Ending:



NORMAL HOURS (excl. lunch)

OVERTIME A Time + half

OVERTIME B Double Time

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL

Please tick appropriate box, indication payment requirement:  Paypath  Hold cheque for Collection  Post cheque  P.45

IMPORTANT NOTE: Timesheets must be authorised by your Manager /Supervisor including overtime. CLIENT COST CENTRE / DEPARTMENT ALLOCATION: These hours have been worked to our satisfaction. Overtime Confirmed:  Yes  No Mgr. Initial:

Total hours @ time & half: _________ Total hours @ double time: Signed: Name:( BLOCK CAPS PLEASE) Position:
Timesheet to be faxed to 677 6972 by the authorising manager

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