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									                HEALTHY HABITS
                                                                                                                               Jan/Feb/Mar 2009

                                                       GO FAST, SEE BETTER
                                              You could turn that daily walk into        More Ways to Watch Out for Eyes.
                                              eye protection just by adding a few        Hats and sunglasses can help guard
                                              minutes of jogging each day.               you eyes also.
                                                                                         References: Fletcher, A.E. et al., Archives of Ophthalmology
                                              Research shows that a little vigorous      2008 Octo: 126 (10): 1396-1403.
                                              exercise can lower the risk of devel-
                                              oping two kinds of sight stealers:         Simple Don’t-Get-Fat Formula.
                                              macular degeneration and cataracts.        It’s a fact of life: We tend to gain
 Why Fruit Salad is Better
     than a Banana                            Run for Your Eyes. One study re-           weight as we get older. But you’ll
                                              vealed that joggers who, on average,       pack on fewer pounds over the years
Are you stuck in a banana-a-
day rut? Here’s a good reason                 ran a little over a mile a day reduced     with this simple formula.
to chop up that ‘nana with                    their risk of developing age-related
some strawberries, apples,                                                               Walk 2 to 4 hours a week (that’s as
grapes and oranges. It’s called
                                              macular degeneration by a whopping         little as 30-40 minutes every other
synergy. You don’t just get a                 36%.       Even better, people who         day). People in a 15-year study who
wider variety of nutrients by                 jogged about 5 miles a day reduced         did this gained less weight during the
eating more fruits.      Those
nutrients actually work to-
                                              their risk by 54%! But it you haven’t      study period than folks who didn’t
gether to produce even more                   exercised much, talk to your doctor        walk at all.
powerful health benefits than                 before you kick it up that high.
any single fruit could alone.                                                            Although the results were similar for
Think of it like compounding                  Another study showed that physical
interest—but with fruit! We                                                              both men and women, the weight
all know that the antioxidants                activity helped spare people from          benefit was strongest for women who
from fruits and veggies work                  cataracts. No matter how hefty or          were also heaviest. Overall, the
hard to protect your body                     skinny the men in the study were,
from aging and disease. But                                                              heaviest women in the study gained
what you may not know is that
                                              those who ran more than 5 1/2 miles        about 1 pound less per year for every
those antioxidants work even                  a day had a 35% lower risk of cata-        additional 30-minute walk taken each
harder when they have the                     racts than did the men who ran less        week. Regardless of your gender of
company of other antioxidants.
That’s why researcher recom-
                                              than 1 1/2 miles a day.                    size, walking is a super-accessible,
mend people eat 5-10 servings                                                            easy-to-maintain activity that can
of a wide range of different                  Salad Bar: A Sight for Healthy
fruits and veggies each day. If               Eyes. Did you know that the eye has        help you not only keep extra pounds
you tend to eat the same fruit                its own special defense system? It’s       off but also lose weight, if done regu-
over and over, consider break-                                                           larly.
ing the mold next time you’re                 true. But you’ve got to feed it this:
at the grocery store or farm-                 salad.                                     Not a fan of walking? That’s okay.
ers market, and pick up some-
thing you’ve never tried be-                  Research suggests that people age 65       Pick any activity you love, and do it
fore. And choose whole fruit,                 or older could preserve the health of      regularly to help keep your waist in
so you get the most antioxi-                                                             check.
dant bang for your buck.
                                              their retinas by getting lots of vitamin
References: Wilkinson, A.S. et al., Journal
                                              C, zeaxanthin, and alphatocopherol (a      References:Gordon-Larsen, P. et al., American Journal of
                                                                                         Clinical Nutrition 2009 Jan; 89(1): 19:26.
of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 2008        form of vitamin E). Luckly, a veg-
May 14;56 (9): 3037-3042.
                                              gie-rich salad bar can load you up on
                                              all three.
PAGE 2                                                       H E A LT HY HA B ITS

             How to Avoid Doubling Your                                                 Cut Fat, Protect Your Colon
                            Dementia Risk                                 Cheeseburgers and ice cream. We love to eat ‘em,
                                                                          even though they clog our arteries and pad our bel-
If you’re hoping to dodge age-related dementia                            lies. But here’s one more good reason to cut back:
down the road, best to get a handle of your blood                         Cancer of the small intestine.
sugar now.
                                                                          A large long-term study showed that high intakes
Both chronically high blood sugar (prediabetes)                           of saturated fat-the kind found mainly in dairy and
and diabetes increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and                         other animal-based foods-may bump up the risk for
other forms of dementia. And that risk more than                          this rare but particularly dangerous form of cancer.
doubles if diabetes strikes in middle age rather than
later in life.                                                            Saturated fats nay increase the risk for this cancer
                                                                          because of the bile acids your body uses to digest
How does diabetes hurt cognition? Diabetes-                               the fat. These acids can cause oxidative stress and
related inflammation and oxidative stress are two                         subsequent cancer-causing damage to the DNA in
possible bad-for-your-brain effects. And when                             the small intestine. And cancer of the small intes-
those effects happen in midlife rather than later life,                   tine may be extra hazardous because it could in-
the worse it may be for you.                                              crease the risk of other forms of cancer, including
Whether you have normal blood sugar or diabetic                           colon and rectal cancers.
levels, it’s important to control it—not just for your                    In the study, saturated fat from dairy seemed par-
body, but for your brain, too. That means kicking                         ticularly harmful. However, other research has
to the curb any unhealthy habits, like a poor diet                        shown that high calcium intake may be protective
and excessive couch lounging.                                             of your colon. So choose low-fat or nonfat dairy
Her are more tips on protecting your blood sugar                          products.
and your brain:
                                                                          References: Cross, A.J. et al., Cancer Research 2008 Nov 15;68 (22): 9274-9279.
•     Squeeze in a mini workout.
•     Eat your bread.
•     Work your mind.

References: Xu,W. et al., Diabetes 2009 Jan;58 (1): 71-77.

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