Science and Soccer by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Science and Soccer
Editor: Tom Reilly
Editor: A. Mark Williams

Edition: 2
Table of Contents

Introduction to science and soccer - T Reilly. Biology and Soccer. Functional anatomy - T Howe. Fitness
assessment - T Reilly . Physiology of training - J Bangsbo. Motion analysis and physiological demands -
T Reilly. Nutrition - D Maclaren. Special Populations - T Reilly. Biomechanics and soccer medicine.
Biomechanics applied to soccer skills - A Lees. Biomechanics of soccer surfaces and equipment - A
Lees. Injury prevention and rehabilitation - T Reilly and T Howe. Psychology and injury - F Sanderson.
Goal setting during injury rehabilitation - D Gilbourne. Enviromental stress - T Reilly. Behavioural science
and soccer. Soccer skills practice - D Bate. Coaching science - A Borrie. The science of soccer
management - M Cook. Psychology - F Sanderson. Football and society: The case of soccer
hooliganism - J Minten. Football violence - an interdisciplinary perspective, B Peiser. Match analysis.
Notational analysis - M Hughes. The science of match analysis - I M Franks and T McGarry. Information
technology - T Shelton.

Science and Soccer provides a comprehensive and accessible analysis of the physiology, biomechanics
and psychology behind the world's most popular sport, and offers important guidance on how science
translates into practice. Fully revised and updated to include new scientific research and data, it
examines every key facet of the sport, including:players' anatomy, physiology, psychology and
biomechanicscoaching and trainingnutritioninjury prevention and rehabilitationsoccer surfaces and
equipmentmatch analysisgrowth and development in youth playerstalent identification.Science and
Soccer represents a unique resource for students and academics in sports science and physical
education. It should also be essential reading for all professional support staff working in the game,
including coaches at all levels, physiotherapists, club doctors and sport psychologists.

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