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									                        Monday, April 19, 2010   Features                                                                                                    The Clarkson Integrator (clarksonintegrator.com)   5B
                        “Is life worth living? That depends on the liver.”                                                                                                                         -Internet proverb

                                High alcohol                                                                            Dorm room cooking
                               content beers                                                                             with Chef Hunter
                   Reid Denis                                         Schorschbrau a German brewery producing a                                    Meatloaf for one
                    Distribution Manager                              40% brew. Not to be outdone, BrewDog re-
                                                                      cently released Sink the Bismarck! brewed at      Hunter Preston                                   4) Transfer meatloaf mix to a micro-
                      There is a new craze spreading across           41% to regain the title.                           Staff Writer                                  waveable mug.
                   America like wildfire. It’s not a new social           This competition is a plus for consumers                                                        5) Place in microwave and cook with
                   media website or a reemergence of the Twist,       because BrewDog microbrewery ships a                 Tired of eating on the meal plan or don’t   70% power for about 5 minutes or until
                   but high alcohol content beers. These beers are    healthy portion of its high ABV beers to the      know what to cook in the apartments? Well      meatloaf is firm.
                   rated on alcohol by volume (ABV) with some         U.S. With such large alcohol content these        take charge and learn how to cook. You           6) Remove from microwave and make
                   beers as high as 30 and 40 percent. That may       beers may soon regulated. A British alcohol       might be thinking, “But Hunter, I don’t live   sure the meatloaf is no longer pink in the
                   not seem astounding, but the average beer is       regulatory body has already started keeping       in the apartments. My dorm room kitchen        center and is completely cooked.
                   5 or 6 percent ABV. Mainstream breweries           watch of high ABV beers, even forcing Brew-       is just a microwave and a mini-fridge.” No       7) Let it stand for a minute or so, top
                   and Micro-breweries alike are jumping on           Dog to pull one of its beers from shelves.        problem! I will include many of the reci-      with ketchup or gravy, and enjoy.
                   the high ABV beer wagon. Sam Adams was             This was mostly due to its label scoffing at       pes for microwave cooking and simplistic
                   lauded for their groundbreaking Utopias beer,      moderation, but raises the issue that these       ingredients. If you have any suggestions          This is definitely a recipe that will take
                   a noncarbonated 24 to 27 percent ABV brew          beers might be too strong. Not being carried      for new recipes, comments, or questions        a few attempts to perfect. For instance the
                   with rich malt and wood complexity. Or so it       by most bars and a high price tag excluding       please post it online at www.clarksoninte-     cooking time will depend on the type of
                   says on the Sam Adams website.                     the rowdy drunks who might abuse such a           grator.com under the features section.         microwave that you are using. Make sure
                      The problem with high ABV beers aside           hazardous beer is the juxtapose to com-              Are you looking for a recipe for an easy    to check the center of the meatloaf to make
                   from strength is that they can be hard to          plaints of breweries going to far in alcohol      hearty meal? Do you love the idea of cook-     sure that it is thoroughly cooked through.
                   obtain. Obviously Microbreweries cannot            content. U.S. legislation currently does not      ing meatloaf for just yourself while you’re    Eating undercooked meat is really not
                   produce mass quantities but even national          have tight restrictions on these types of beers   on the go? This recipe is an idea that I       healthy, so yeah, make sure you cook the
                   breweries such as Sam Adams run high ABV           and although the President is a beer drinker      received from www.allrecipes.com for           meatloaf long enough.
                   brews on a limited production. Business law        (spotted last week consuming a Bud Light)         “Meatloaf in a Mug.”                              As far as taste goes, there are many dif-
                   states that low production and high demands        if high ABV beers started causing problems,                                                      ferent options to choose from. The simplest,
                   lead to higher prices. This is exemplified by       they might crack down.                              Ingredients:                                 is to use salt and pepper when mixing the
                   strong beers as some bottles cost an excess           Only time will tell how much these finely         1 slice of bread                             ingredients in the bowl. Also try some gar-
                   of $60 for less than a twelve-ounce bottle.        crafted brews will spread. Mostly sold in           2 tbsp. of milk                              lic salt, garlic powder, or better yet, fresh
                   Brewing these behemoth brews does take             specialty bars and occasionally health food         ½ tsp. of Worcestershire sauce               chopped garlic mixed in with the beef. It
                   more tuning and specialized brewing meth-          stores, one day hopefully they will be sold         ¼ pound of ground beef                       is easy to switch up the type of bread that
                   ods that contribute to its high price tag.         in Potsdam. The addition of the second bar          1 green onion                                you use for the “filler” in the meatloaf to
                      BrewDog, a three-year-old microbrewery          on campus would be a great chance for                                                            better match your taste preferences or try
                   in Scotland achieves ridiculously high ABV         Clarkson to start selling more sophisticated        Recipe:                                      croutons or crackers.
                   beers by freezing them at a local ice cream fac-   drinks and opening up the eyes of its stu-          1) Tear the bread into small pieces and         For toppings, ketchup or tomato sauce is
                   tory. BrewDog stores its beers at temperatures     dents to drink possibilities, now that I am       place in a bowl.                               probably the most common. However, you
                   where water freezes and alcohol does not, so       leaving. So go try something new, if you              2) Add the milk and Worcestershire         can also try barbecue sauce or even some
                   the solution is higher in alcohol content. This    can get your hands on a high ABV beer this        sauce.                                         warm gravy. Also, try cooking the ketchup
                   process created two of the highest ABV beers       summer then do it and let the Integrator             3) After the bread has absorbed most of     or barbecue sauce into the meatloaf. Try
                   known to man. The Tactical Nuclear Penguin         know how it is.                                   the liquid in the bowl, chop up the onion,     adding some of your own favorite spices
                   was released in November and held the record          May your cup always be full Clarkson stu-      then thoroughly mix all ingredients in the     and condiments and see what you like the
                   for highest ABV until being knocked down by        dents! Eat, drink and be merry!                   bowl.                                          best.
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