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           farm implements
                                                           5 Tyne Ripper
               The LANDMECH Ripper is tractor mounted to fit Category 2 linkage. Tynes are set at 700 mm centres
               operating to a depth of 600 mm. High tensile knock-on tips are fitted with optional blades for extra soil
                         MODEL                   CUT WIDTH                    TynEs                       MAss
                         C16/3                      1.5M                         3                         421
                         C16/5                      2.4M                         5                         541

                                              Tillage - Jumbo Fertilizer Unit
               This high performance machine applies fertilizer in 3 or 4 furrows previously prepared by the Ridger. The
               row width is adjustable from 0,75 metres to 1,6 metres. The corrosive resistant hoppers have a capacity
               500 Kgs each while the unit is semi-mounted mounted with the load carried on wheels while operating.
               Work rate is over 20 HA/day with only two operators being required.
                        MODEL                      ROWs                     CApACITy                     MAss
                        C100/3                        3                      20 Bags                      390
                        C100/4                        4                      20 Bags                      390

                                            Tillage - Reversible Disc Plough
               The LANDMECH Reversible Disc Plough is a simple and tough machine, designed for deep ploughing in
               the most rugged conditions, and is available in two or three disc configuration.
               The plough is fitted with large discs and clearance between the discs and the height of the beam allows
               the unit to operate easily in heavy trash conditions without clogging up.
               The reversing of the plough is achieved by swinging the beam manually and the discs are reset autocrati-
               cally by the opposite thrust of the soil. There are no links, pins and bushes to wear and the only adjust-
               ment on the plough is the undercut angle of the discs. All other adjustments are on the tractor linkage.
               In steep hillside conditions an hydraulic kit is available to assist with the reversing action.
                   MODEL            CUT WIDTH             FURROWs              MAss                     EXTRA
                    C23/2           600-900 mm               2                 460 kg         - Depth Wheel
                    C23/3          900-1200 mm               3                 530 kg         - Special Shares (extra per

                                      Tillage - Reversible Mouldboard Plough
               The LANDMECH Reversible Mouldboard Plough is designed to withstand the tough conditions often en-
               countered in Africa. It is strong and reliable and incorporates the simple but strong swing type mechanism
               used on the very popular LANDMECH reversible disc plough which design has been in production for more
               than twenty years. The plough is available as a two furrow model suitable for tractors from 40 to 55 Kw
               and as a three furrow array suitable for tractors from 55 to 70 Kw. The bottoms are fitted with replaceable
               hard-wearing high carbon mouldboards, shares and landsides. The tegs are provided with shear bolts to
               prevent serious damage. Width of cut is 450 mm per bottom giving an overall cut of 900 mm for the two
               furrows and 1350 mm for the three furrow model. Maximum recommended ploughing depth is 300 mm.
               The C118/2 is best suited for a tractor of 40-55 kW and the C118/3 a tractor of 55-70 kW
                        MODEL                   CUT WIDTH                  FURROWs                       MAss
                        C 118/2                     900                         2                       450 KG
                        C 118/3                     1350                        3                       530 KG

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           farm implements
                                                     Tillage - Stool Plough
               The LANDMECH stool plough is designed to shear cane stubble accurately at the desired depth to kill the
               old stool. This can be followed by a light discing to chop up the residue without inverting. After the resi-
               due has dried out, proceed with normal deep tillage to prepare the seedbed. The stool plough is available
               in 1, 2 and 3 row models.
                        MODEL                     CUT WIDTH                  FURROWS                       MASS
                          C5/1                   600-900 mm                       1                        142 kg
                          C5/2                  900-1200 mm                       2                        242 kg
                          C5/3                  1200-1600 mm                      3                        359 kg

               The LANDMECH Heavy Duty Ridger is fitted with mould board wings which are adjustable to suit the
               required furrow width and depth. The ridger shanks are extra heavy duty and each one is provided with a
               shear pin to protect the points against damage in stony conditions.
               Row widths can be adjusted from 0,9 to 1,8m by moving the ridger bracket along the toolbar which is 3,8
               meters wide.
                        MODEL                     CUT WIDTH                  FURROWS                       MASS

                                                         Furrow Former
               The LANDMECH Furrow Former was designed to reshape the cane interrow for furrow irrigation. Each unit
               has two plough shares which cut a furrow profile with a flat base and has two mould boards to move the
               surplus soil and residue on to the ridge. The formers can be adjusted along the toolbar to suit row spac-
               ing. Two furrows are treated at once. The furrow formers are also used to reshape the ridges for mechani-
               cal harvesting and instead of the depth wheels a special roller is fitted to give the desired ridge height and
                        MODEL                     CUT WIDTH                    ROWS                        MASS
                           C4                                                     2                        225 kg
                           C7                                                                              63 kg

                                                    Spring Tine Cultivator
               The LANDMECH spring tine cultivator has tines mounted on a single toolbar with three or four tines per
               interrow. The tines are mounted alternatively to the front and rear to allow trash to pass through. Two to
               four row models are available and a choice of points or sweeps can be fitted.
                        MODEL                     CUT WIDTH                    ROWS                        MASS
                          C/2                                                 3 (6 Tines)                  238 kg
                          C/4                                                4 (12 Tines)                  525 kg

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