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HOG FARMER, A CATTLEMAN AND A CHEF                                                                                      CATERING/WEDDINGS

                                               Newcastle, OK 73065

                                                                     1900 SE 16th Street

                                                                                           The Ranch at Brush Creek
       AT THE SAME MEETING?                                                                                              CORPORATE EVENTS
   THE RANCH AT BRUSH CREEK                                                                                               COOKING CLASSES
  OUR PRIVATE RANCH SITS ON 80                                                                                             WINE DINNERS
    ACRES OF PRIME FARMLAND                                                                                            DROP OFF MEAL SERVICE
Larrie Moyer is hands on operator who is                                                                                  DISASTER RELIEF
directly involved in the entire operation                                                                              IN HOME/TAKE HOME MEALS
from grass roots to sky. Larry’s motto is
simple. “Treat them like they were your                                                                                COUNTRYFOOD & WORLD
family always making them welcome”.                                                                                          FLAVORS
Larry started on the raw end on the food
trade raising hogs then decided to get in to
the cooking trade and he loves to greet
every customer. It’s a fact that if Larrie
see’s a nice thick pork chop or slab of ribs
on the BBQ he stops and his legs lock up..

Tom Gilliam is the behind the scene
partner and what you would refer to as
“The Good Old Boys” in reference to his
cowboy character. With ties deep in
Oklahoman Tom has bought and sold
cattle at the OKC Stockyards and the

Apache Livestock Auction for years.

PJ Thomas is an Oklahoma transplant
                                                                                                                         The Ranch at Brush Creek
coming to OKC the first time from
California in 1985 when he opened the
Marriott Hotel on NW Expressway. He
                                                                                                                            1900 SE 16th Street
spent 25 years in the US traveling as a
                                                                                                                           Newcastle OK 73065
Chef/Food director with Marriott Resorts
and in Las Vegas top resorts. He started                                                                                    Catering Hot Lines which he still owns                                                                                       405 387-2688
in 1996 feeding the likes of BB King,                                                                                          405 598-1568
Ronnie Millsap, ZZ Top, the LA Lakers,
US Presidents and so many more as seen                                                                      
on Google. From BBQ’s Dinners, Food                                                                            
Displays, Ice Carvings and Pastries your
event becomes a walk in the park. Chef PJ
is Safe Certified by the National Restaurant
Association and the state of Oklahoma.                                                                       
   Pick Up or Drop Off Catering           Brush Creek Ranch and Steakhouse              Weddings and Receptions
We make your event a breeze with                                                  As a Nationally Accredited Chef in
our easy Pick Up or Our Drop Off                                                  the U.S. for his food displays and
Service. Your meal packed in our                                                  meals expect nothing but the best
sealed containers with all the utensils                                           when you start to plan your event.
and it’s ready to serve or “Table                                                 From the Ice Carving to the Food
Ready” as we call it.                                                             Display we will set the party theme as
                                                                                  directed by you. Our in house bakery
                                                                                  will put your cake and pastry worries
                                                                                  to rest. We use backdrops from
                                          Out door cook outs on our 30 acre
                                          ranch makes for a great cook out.               On Site Catering Truck
                                          Ribs, Chicken, Steaks and Chops we      Concerts, Fund Raisers, Company
                                          can grill, smoke or BBQ right at your   Events, Employee “Thank You
                                          event. With our 5000 square foot        Party” and more. With our catering
On Site Full Service Catering             Meeting Room-Steakhouse your            trailers and smokers were able to go
As our team arrives at your location      corporate events, retreat and           where we you need us making it a
ready to service your event from set      weddings will be remembered as you      showcase for your event
up to breakdown we take the worry         host it on our secluded ranch. We
off your hands. Our Chef, Managers        make your event easy to plan and a
and Food Service Staff hit the floor      pleasure to have. From our Buffets &
running taking care of all your needs     Plated Meals your cold and hot
making your event the towns talk.         entrees will be served in our service
                                          ware. We use Sterno Heat units in
                                          our chafers keeping your entrees hot.   After Chef PJ worked with a local
                                          We also do the “Mama Mia" style         company as he assisted in the
                                          banquet where we serve you as if you    Oklahoma 20067/2008 Ice storm and
                                          were at home on large platters. We      recent Hurricanes in Mississippi and
                                          also do Exhibition Cocktail Parties     Texas we are ready to assist with
                                          and Events Cooking and Sautéing         disaster relief feeding. After serving
                                          right on site.                          2000 meals a day and more to disaster
                                                                                  relief victims and utility workers they
                                                                                  even supplied showers, beds and
Cooking Classes and Food Demo’s                                                   restrooms. He now has the hand on
Chef PJ has been giving cooking                                                   experience needed to offer support in
demonstrations for 20 years. As you                                               any crisis to meet you and your staff’s
take part in the planning, prep and                                               expectations. Chef PJ has had over
production of your menu he will be                                                300 National Articles featuring his
giving hands on instructions to you                                               culinary work and food displays.
                                          Our Team is ready to serve!
as you cook together while learning.                                              Now he is ready to make yours too.

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