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   Pine Technology Holdings Ltd
                                                                                    440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                    Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

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                                  Wright Quality Rating:LAL0                           Key Data

   Pine Technology Holding Limited (PINE) is an investment holding company. The        Ticker:
   Company is engaged in manufacturing and sale of computer components and             8013
   computer related consumer electronic products. It designs, develops, manufactures
   and distributes video graphics technology and computer peripherals. The Company     2010 Sales:
   operates in two segments: Group brand products and Other brand products. The
   Company's Group brand products segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of
   markets video graphic cards and other computer components under the Company's
   brand name. Its Other brand products segment is engaged in the distribution of      Major Industry:
   other manufacturers computer components. The Company products include video         Electronics
   cards, gaming accessories and motherboard. PINE's operations are located in North
   America, Europe and Asia.                                                           Sub Industry:
                       Stock Chart                                  Officers           Parts & Components
                                                           Chairman & Chief Executive
                                                                  Hang Tai Chiu       Country:
                                                                                      Hong Kong
                                                                 Vice Chairman
                                                                 Hang Chin Chiu       Currency:
                                                                                       Hong Kong Dollars
                                                                 Yiu Ming Leung
                                                                                       Fiscal Year Ends:



                                                                                       Share Type:
             Stock Price (8/12/2011): 0.13
               Recent stock performance
                  1 Week      -14.4%                                                   Market Capitalization:
                  4 Weeks 
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