USDA FFVP Reimbursable Costs

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					                                                         USDA FFVP REIMBURSABLE COSTS

Program costs are broken out into two categories: operating and administrative. However, the allowable costs under these categories may be different from
those in the National School Lunch Program.

Please keep in mind that, to the extent possible, school FFVP funds must go toward purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables. Prorate costs: only the FFVP portion
of expenses can be charged to the FFVP All non-food costs must be carefully reviewed and deemed reasonable, given the extent of program operations (e.g.,
daily vs. twice a week).

Operating Costs           - the costs of running your FFVP service.            Administrative Costs - limited to 10 percent of your school’s
                                                                               total FFVP grant.
Documented expenses for goods and services to                                  Documented expenses to
   Acquire                                                                      Plan the Program
   Deliver                                                                      Manage the paperwork,
   Prepare                                                                      Obtain the equipment you need
   Serve                                                                        All other aspects not related to preparation and service of fruits and
fresh fruits and vegetables.                                                   vegetables.
FOOD                                                                           EQUIPMENT – purchase or lease
 Fruits, vegetables, low-fat or non-fat dip for vegetables                       Refrigerators, coolers
NONFOOD ITEMS                                                                     Portable food bars
                                                                                  Portable kiosks
 Napkins, paper plates, serving bowls and trays, cleaning supplies, and
trash bags                                                                        Carts
 Pre-cut produce, ready-made produce trays, and delivery charges
SALARIES AND FRINGE BENEFITS                                                   SALARIES AND FRINGE BENEFITS
   Wash and chop produce                                                       Compile and maintain claims for reimbursement and other financial
   Prepare trays                                                              reports
   Distribute produce to classrooms                                            Plan and write menus
   Set up kiosks                                                               Order produce
   Restock vending machines                                                    Track inventory
   Clean up                                                                    Coordinate nutrition promotion activities

                                   For clarification, about whether a specific cost is allowable, prior to incurring such costs,
                                        contact Rita Brennan Olson (781-338-6481) or Sally Teixeira (781-338-6304).
                                Adapted from Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) Handbook, USDA August 2008, p16-17.