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									                                           INFORMATION CIRCULAR 2
                                               (Revised 1957)

                      THE   LIBRARY   OF   CONGRESS

                         CONSTITUENT SERVICES

                    The Chattanooga Daily Rebel

                             August 9, 1862

This issue of The Chattanooga Daily Rebel is known to have been
reprinted. The Library of Congress has endeavored for many years
to locate an original copy, but without success. All libraries
consulted have only copies of reprints.
     The Library of Congress has two different reprints. One is
entitled The Daily Rebel and the other The Rebel. They measure 10
1/2 by 17 inches in size, but vary somewhat in the arrangement of
the text, although both copies carry the same general news. The
Daily Rebel carries the following notice on page 1, column 1: "
Entered according to Act of Congress in the Librarian's Office at
Washington, D. C., 1891, by LOUIS L. PARHAM, Chattanooga, Tenn."
     The Library's earliest original copy is that of September 10,
1862, volume 1, number 37. It is entitled The Chattanooga Daily
Rebel and was published by Franc. M. Paul. This issue consists of
one sheet (two pages) and measures 16 1/2 by 21 7/8 inches in size.
This issue is published on rag paper, while the reprints are on a
poor grade of wood pulp paper. The value of the reprints is very

                            U. S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1957

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