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                   2010 BENCH PRESS COMPETITION RULES
All participants must show their University ID before they lift. NO ID = NO PLAY

Participants should arrive in the Field House Fitness Loft by 2:45pm on Saturday, March 6th to
check in and be weighed before the competition will begin.

All participants will be allowed to perform 3 separate attempts of the bench press movement at
any weight they choose. All participants must abide by the following rules:

1. A random draw will determine the lifting order of all participants in each weight class.

2. Participants will be required to assist in spotting for other lifters.

3. The lifter must lie on his/her back with head, shoulders, and buttocks in contact with the flat
   bench surface. The hands must grip the bar with a “thumbs around grip” locking the bar
   safely in the palms of the hand. Shoes must be flat on the floor. This position must be
   maintained throughout the entirety of the lift.

4. When gripping the bar, there should be no greater than 81 cm between the forefingers of each

5. After removing the bar from the rack, the lifter shall wait with the elbows in a locked
   position for the Supervisor’s signal. The signal will be a verbal one in “start.” Beginning the
   lift before the signal “start” will result in a disqualification of that attempt.

6. After the signal, “start”, the lifter should lower the bar to the chest and hold it motionless
   with a definite and visible pause until the verbal signal “press” is given by the Supervisor.
   Lifting the bar before the “press” signal is given will result in a disqualification of that

7. After the signal, “press”, the lifter must press the bar upwards to a fully extended position.
   When the bar is held motionless with the arms completely extended, the signal “rack” will be
   given by the Supervisor. Racking the weight before the signal “rack” will result in a
   disqualification of that attempt.

8. All decisions of the Supervisor will be final.

9. After each attempt, the lifter will have 2 minutes to choose the next weight that he/she will
10. The lifter that successfully completes a lift with the greatest amount of weight in their weight
    class will be declared the winner. The weight classes are as follows:

   Men                                                               Women

   Up to 125lbs                                                      Up to 100lbs
   126 – 150lbs                                                      101 – 125lbs
   151 – 175lbs                                                      126 – 150lbs
   176 – 200lbs                                                      151 – 175lbs
   201 – 225lbs                                                      176lbs and up
   226 – 250lbs
   251lbs and up

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