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									                  MEDIA RELATIONS POLICY
   “To protect Holroyd City Council’s Children’s Services credibility in regard to quality childcare
 provided to the community. Should a major issue arise that could impact on public perception of
 the services (ie. media report of accident or child abuse issue) the following procedure should be
                                  adhered too to minimise impact.”
   “To ensure that all advertisements, press releases etc are consistent throughout Council and
                                      adhere to Council policy.”

As soon as an issue is raised which is of concern it must be: -
1. Documented – dates, times, addresses, names and details.
2. Report to Direct Supervisor, Manager of Children’s Services, Director Library & Community
     Services, General Manager, DOC’S and Ombudsman.
3. General Manager will seek legal advice if required.
4. Discuss strategy with Director of Library & Community Services and the General Manager.
     1. Should we inform parents
        a. from the centre involved
        b. from all services
     2. Should we inform staff
        a. from centre involved
        b. from all centres
     3. What communication links can be set up with the Police and the Police Media?
     4. Have EAP Counsellor on stand by if required. Phone: 1800 337 068
     5. Who should staff refer all queries to “Manager of Children’s Services”
     6. Advise staff of policy – No comment to Media
     7. How can the media be kept out of the issue.
     8. Ask the Police if Holroyd City Council’s Centre name will be raised in the issue.
If the media picks up the issue, then the following will be prepared: -
     1. Letter of explanation to the parents and staff will be prepared and issued by Children’s
        Services Administrative Team.
     2. Meeting date set inviting any parents or staff to discuss concerns.
     3. A statement that staff can use if approached by the media.
     4. A statement that staff can use if approached by a parent.
     5. If the media are causing concern at the centre the phone contact at the Holroyd Police
        Station is 9897 4899. At this point also ring Manager of Children’s Services to inform that
        you have contacted the police.

At no time are staff/carers to speak to the press. If asked for comment on any issues you must
have permission from the General Manager or refer the press to the General Manager.

    NCAC OSHCQA 2004 Quality Area 8 Managing to support quality (8.2) Management and staff support each other
    and communicate effectively
    NCAC QIAS 2004 Quality Area 4 Staff interactions (4.1) Staff communicates effectively with each other and function
    well as a team.
    Children’s Services Regulations 2004
    -    Part 6 Operational Requirements, Division 2 Information about and access to children (76) Information and
         access to be denied to certain persons
    - Part 7 Administrative requirements, Division 2 Records (98) Confidentiality Guidelines
    National Standards for Outside School Hours Care Part 5. Administrative Functions (5.3) Maintenance of Records
    NCAC Quality Practices Guide (2004) FDC 6.1,6.3,6.4

Last Review: November 2009

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