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					                            Media relations tools
In addition to well-prepared news releases (press releases) and media advisories, the
essential media relations too kit includes the following items:

Press kit
A complete informational package containing:
   • Press release
   • Bio/backgrounder
   • 8” x 10” B&W photo
   • Media calendar & advisory, where applicable

   •   Use glossy stock
   •   Head & shoulders only
   •   High-contrast & high-interest
          o Avoid heavy concentrations of black
   •   Consider including digital versions on CD-R
          o .jpg, .eps, other formats as required
          o Prepare hi-res & low-res versions

Press conference (news conference)
Informational meetings designed to address specific issues.
    • Invite all press & electronic media
    • Preface with backgrounder materials, as above
    • Useful in high media interest situations:
          o Where timeliness is key
          o Where spokesperson availability is at a premium
          o Where “exclusives” impossible or impractical
                      E.g. Crises, criminal activity, etc.
    • Usually held in hotels or other neutral, publicly accessible spaces
          o Sometimes held on office property
                      Eg. Boardroom
    • Provide:
          o Advance support materials
          o Technical requirements
          o PA system
          o Board feeds
          o Electrical
          o Lighting
          o Staging & platforms, etc.
          o Refreshments where applicable
           o Guest book, sign-in sheets or greeting in person at door (to track
           o Good sightlines for cameras (still & video)
           o Internet connections, fax, etc.

Electronic press kit (EPKs)
Electronic/digital version of press kit; may be on VHS, Betacam, DV or CD-R format(s).
   • Includes prepared video footage
           o Promotional/informational clips
           o “Open-ended” interviews
   • Interactive elements (CD-ROM)
   • Digital versions of still photos (see above)

Photo opportunity (“photo op”)
Scripted image-enhancing visuals.
    • Situations: donations to charity, unveilings, important deals, meetings, sod-
       turnings, campaign stops, etc.
    • Ask: how does this enhance message?

Publicity stunt
   •   Least credible means of generating media interest
   •   Risky but can be very successful at generating quick-hit, large-scale visibility
          o E.g. Greenpeace