Creating Physician Partnerships for Media Relations by vix66821


									Creating Physician Partnerships
  Media Relations Campaigns

 Creating Connections Conference 2009
  Presented by: Wini King and Meri Cozart
Once Upon a Time …
             The Beginning
Must promote neuroscience department designated
as Cook Children’s signature program
  •   Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
  •   Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
  •   Biofeedback
  •   Headaches
  •   Neurodiagnostic Center
  •   Pediatric Deep Brain Stimulation
  •   Neuro-rehabilitation
Once Upon a Time …
             The Beginning
Focus on pediatric deep brain stimulation

  •   Intriguing concept
  •   Patient must be conscious during first half of surgery
  •   First independent pediatric hospital in US and only in Texas to offer
      comprehensive movement disorder program that includes deep
      brain stimulation (DBS)
  •   Considered one of the elite DBS programs in the nation
  •   Started 19 months ago (Sept. 2007)
  •   Total surgeries performed to date: 20
Once Upon a Time …
             The Beginning
What is DBS?
  •   Electrodes placed in the brain connected to pacemaker
  •   Delivers electrical impulses
  •   Impulses block abnormal firing of neurons
  •   Surgery lasts approximately eight hours

Who receives DBS?
  • DBS performed on patients with tremors or dystonia
  • Dystonia is a rare genetic movement disorder
  • DBS allows for freedom of movement and better muscle control
Next Steps …
           Laying the Groundwork
Attend Creating Connections Conference ‘08
  • Inspired by Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center
  • Stories focused on neurosciences
  • Provided all access to newspaper reporter
  • Great results – three days of solid coverage beginning
    with Sunday newspaper
Next Steps …
           Laying the Groundwork
Develop the vision
  • 30-to-60 minute local television special
  • Partner with newspaper to secure Sunday feature
  • Provide all access for newspaper and television crews
  • Involve locally owned and operated affiliate in national
  • Take story to the NBC’s “The Today Show”
Next Steps …
           Laying the Groundwork
Get Physicians on board
  • Neurology director bought into the vision
  • True partnership – everyone invested
  • Media train all neurologist and neurosurgeons
        Hire out of town consultant to do training
        Conduct three hour one-on-one training sessions
        Get to know the doctors; they get to know me - trust
        Develop messages that came directly from them
Next Steps …
           Laying the Groundwork
Get physicians on board continued

  • Practice, practice, practice
      Primary focus two DBS neurologists and one neurosurgeon
      Obtain several local TV and newspaper interviews
      Cook Children’s produces a video featuring the three DBS
Next Steps …
           Laying the Foundation
  • Met with Vice President of News and Executive Producer
        Follow family from start to finish
        Television exclusivity
        Story has a reality show feel – surgery may work; may not
        All access in surgery
        Partner with local newspaper - cross promotion opportunity
        Need story to go to the network
Next Steps …
           Laying the Foundation
Find the family
  • Physicians and neurology director instrumental – made
    the first ask to families gauging their interest in project
  • Four families identified
  • First family interview – not bad
  • Second family interview – jackpot
      Great family dynamic
      Great story
      Incredible, articulate, thought-provoking, 12-year-old kid
No Time to Waste …
ACTION                             DATE
Attend conference                  March 16-18
Meet with TV station               March 26
Meet with news director            April 15
Media train doctors                May 1-2 and May 15-16
Discover family                    May 8
Patient therapy video shoot        May 21
Surgical team prep meeting         May 24
Meet with newspaper and TV         May 27
DBS surgery day                    May 28
Sam walks out of Cook Children’s   May 30
Curtain Goes Up …
              Day of Surgery
•   Physicians in control – lots of interviews – impeccable surgery
•   Had to change surgery venue – too many people
•   Two television camera crews
•   One television reporter – One television producer
•   One newspaper photog (stills and video)
•   One newspaper reporter
•   One Cook Children’s photog (stills and video)
•   Two Cook Children’s media relations people
•   One Cook Children’s information specialist
•   Neurologists, surgeon, p.a., neuro coordinator, anesthesiology team,
    nurses, techs, Child Life specialists, radiologists and Medtronic reps

Total approximately: 28 people in OR
Hurry Up and Wait …
           From May to December
• Neurologists and surgeon did more interviews with TV and
  newspaper for the special and feature
• Both media outlets continue to follow Sam’s progress
• Other neuro docs were now ready for their time to shine
    Two other neurologists featured in two different stories shown in more
     than 48 markets through CBS and NBC affiliates
    One neurosurgeon interviewed locally tapped to go live on
     “The CBS Early Show” December 22
• Special screening of Sam’s Story: One Child’s Miracle –
  Doctors invited family and friends
Dreams Do Come True …
Local and national attention
  • 30-minute special aired twice December 13 and December
    25 (in place of newscast)
  • Three full pages in the Sunday edition of the Fort Worth Star-
    Telegram, which included 78% of the front page December
  • Request for story from “Inside Edition” December 15
  • Discussion with NBC’s “The Today Show” December 15–18
  • Discussion with “Dateline NBC” week of December 29
Dreams Do Come True …
 • Gladen family fly to New York and appear on
   NBC’s “The Today Show” – January 12
      4 minute set up piece featuring Cook Children’s physician
      5 minute interview with family
 • “The Doctors” (nationally syndicated show)
   requests story
 • “Dateline NBC” in production
 • Several trade publications request story
Dreams Do Come True …
•   Total viewing audience to date 10,502,664
•   Total readership 1,355,655
•   Estimated media value $5,196,019
•   Web site hits more than doubled day of NBC’s “The
    Today Show” interview
•   Inquiries to neurosciences regarding DBS: 19
•   Seriously reviewed cases: 6
•   Number of surgeries to date: 1
•   “Dateline NBC” story still to come
Dreams Do Come True …
 • Employee pride increased dramatically
 • Three DBS doctors chosen as Healthcare
   Heroes by Fort Worth Business Press
 • Media relations team enjoying stronger
   credibility among reporters and employees
 • Other physicians now open to media
      Phone calls returned promptly
      Story ideas being discussed
What I Now Know …
 • Would help find a few advertisers for special
 • Be better prepared for doctors who didn’t get
   the attention they think they deserved
 • Make sure neurologist have video of every
   patient prior to surgery
 • Don’t need a large media department to see big
    Build the right relationships
    Work smart, not hard
Clinical Perspective …
               What We Did Right
 • Commitment for all the players
 • Knowing the strengths of each physician
 • Establish roles
     Media
     Point person
     Physicians
Clinical Perspective …
           What We Could Do Better
  • Develop a formal plan for the consults/phone
  • Know what doctors will wear and what they
    won’t wear

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