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     New Nat’l Alumni President Davis Plans to Galvanize Alumni/ Former Students
                              Marcus Davis plans to utilize his business savvy, community
                              involvement and the degree he earned as Public Affairs major at Texas
                              Southern, to galvanize the alumni and former students of his alma
                              mater to increase student and alumni enrollment, community
                              outreach and giving.

                               Davis, who was elected president of the TSU National Alumni
                               Association, is energized and anxious to get to work. He will officially
                               assume his role as national president in January 2010. The 1996
                               graduate of TSU says, “Being elected president of the national alumni
                               association of one of the largest Historically Black College Universities
     (HBCU) in the country is exciting, challenging, and full of opportunities.”

     “I know where the alumni association is; and I know where it has the potential to go,” Davis
     states. He plans to take advantage of the fact TSU sits in the third largest city in the U.S., and
     has a vast amount of resources available to raise awareness about TSU. Davis will use all of the
     above and other advantages to raise money for scholarships and fellowships, create mentoring
     programs and community outreach and partnerships. Davis says he would like to undertake
     new initiatives and will start with acknowledging the graduates of TSU who are supportive of
     the university and who have been a mainstay through the university’s growing pains, which
     have not always been that pleasant. “We have got some graduates whose support for the
     university is unwavering. We need to say thank you to them for remaining steadfast. I think
     that’s a first step and a great place to begin.” He referenced the recent Distinguished Alumni
     Gala held last month by the university that honored 8 alumni and 11 chapters. “We need to do
     more of that because the alumni, like other individuals have an innate desire to be recognized. I
     think the more the university does for the alumni, the more the alumni can and will do for the

     Davis, who is a long-time Houston businessman and owner of popular, The Breakfast Klub
     Restaurant, has a plan and that plan calls for painting a picture of a common goal for Texas
     Southern University and the Alumni Association.

     “I plan to paint the picture of our common goal, which is to make Texas Southern the best
     university in the world. This picture will then compel alumni and former students to work
     toward that goal. I hope to remind our graduates of the good fortune they have received by
     being a product of TSU, and to then encourage them to think about all they have to offer
     potential students. As parents always want better for their children, we as TSU alumni should
     want better for our university,” Davis continued.
Davis doesn’t just talk the talk, he spends a lot of time on campus, at least two to three days a
week. “I love being on the campus. I get inspired by walking the campus, talking to students and
watching the physical changes, from the newly trimmed trees to the weekly conversations with
students, it’s quite obvious that there is something different going on at TSU,” says Davis, who
adds, “There is an apparent rush to ‘get it done’ attitude, and a good deal of hustling and
bustling I see among the students to grasp knowledge and get that education.”

When asked how he plans to include the alumni in his vision, Davis maintains, “I intend to ask
the alumni to get involved in things that connect them to the school and to the students. For
instance, he plans to energize the on-campus career days by asking alumni to speak and
mentor. The first thing he wants to build upon is communicating what TSU has the potential to
build and to become. “I’m a firm believer in the old adage, `If you build it, they will come.’ If we
build a better TSU, everyone will want to be a part of it.”

Davis says that, “The role of alumni has not caught on at TSU yet, but it wasn’t ingrained and
instilled in me to give back until recent years. Now I know that we (alumni and former students)
have got to take care of TSU. The culture of giving back has to be created across the universe.
Other universities send that message of giving back loudly and clearly and we have got to do
the same,” the new president stressed.

“Once we all see the vision,” Davis envisions a better alumni association and a better TSU. He
plans to link arms with the university and communicate regularly with former students about
the university’s goals, vision, accomplishments and achievements. “I am going to ask all alumni
and former students of TSU to join forces with the university and continue to further its
tradition of educating our youth.”

Davis feels, from where TSU sits, in the heart of an urban community, created for a special
purpose, that TSU can be the greatest institution in the land. “There should be a steady stream
of students, from the feeder schools, matriculating seamlessly to TSU and graduating in four
years into the wonderful world of work. That’s the way it should be….let it be said, let it be
done. We’ve got work to do!”

Davis works everyday to help enhance his community and the lives of others. Some of the
recent awards and honors he has received include, the 2006 Pinnacle Award, which he received
along with his brothers, given in honor of companies that spur growth and development; and
just recently he participated in the 2009 Men of Style and the Iota Phi Lamda Sorority- Alpha
Kappa Chapter, presented Davis with the business of the month award. Davis’ motto that he
ends each and every show on Sunday Morning Live, where he serves as host is, “Whenever the
opportunity to do good presents itself, why do anything else.”

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