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     Summer 2008                                                                         Issue: 2

      Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends:
                                                                                       In This Issue
                                                                                   Media Relations Key to
                                  At Progressity, our purpose is to help            Achieving Success
                                  clients be their best in the areas of
                                  setting and achieving big goals, creating          News You Can Use
                                  a strong image and attaining financial
                                  prosperity. It is so inspiring to work with            New Clients
                                  individuals and organizations that
                                  are making our world a better place.              New Progressity Team
                                  What a great way to spend our days!                    Members

                                  As many of you know, I am working
                                  remotely from New York City this
                                  month, building new connections and
                                  opening doors that will benefit our clients
      and the firm. It's amazing what opportunities pop up when we take
                                                                                NEWS YOU
      the time to shake up our normal environment.
                                                                                CAN USE
      Enjoy this edition of Progressity e-Points!
                                                                                "IBM's new slogan is 'Stop
      Sincerely,                                                                Talking. Start Doing.' David
                                                                                Allen gained popularity with
                                                                                'Get Things Done.' Almost
                                                                                everyone, it seems, is saying
                                                                                'Git 'r done.' Everybody wants

    Media Relations Key to
                                                                                "Humans are naturally social
                                                                                beings, some more so than
                                                                                others. These days however,
    Achieving Success                                                           we are forced to be more
                                                                                competitive to survive in the
                                                                                global economy. If customers
    The importance of intentional media relations                               aren't seeing results, they will
                                                                                go someplace else, even if it
                      Where do most people receive their information? The       means going abroad.
                      media ... or from people who received THEIR
                      information from the media. If you want to influence      "So, then, how do we shift a
                      what people know or think about you and your              social oriented business
                      organization, and if you want to drive word of            culture into a results-
                      mouth, utilizing the media is a must.                     orientation? The first step is
                                                                                talking about it. Then, as IBM
                     News coverage can make or break your organization.         might say, the second and real
                     Without it, few people will know you exist. If you get     step is doing something about
    less coverage than others, you seem -- and may ultimately become --         it. Just 'talking' about results-
    less relevant. Strong media relations can play a significant role toward    orientation is an irony in itself.
    achieving your organizational goals.
                                                                                "To truly implement a results-
    How we can help                                                             oriented culture, we need to: 7/4/2008
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                                                                                       1. Move from social tools
    At Progressity, we help our clients build productive relationships with               to productivity tools.
    the media so their message is consistently conveyed to customers,                  2. Track and measure
    partners, investors, employees and other critical groups.                             employee performance
                                                                                          and results.
    We offer media relations workshops, so that the right relationships                3. Respond to the
    and reputation are developed long before any crisis may occur. You                    measurements."
    can think of plenty examples where a crisis enveloped an organization
    that had no reservoir of goodwill on which to draw. In our workshops            By Cary Landis,
    we help participants identify ways to work on day-to-day media                  President, Virtual Global Inc.
    relations to help build that reservoir as well as prepare for the day,
    should it ever come, when a crisis arrives.
                                                                                    Read more here.

    Also, we can develop news releases and get them to exactly the right
    place for maximum coverage and monitor what the media is saying
    about your organization.                                                        ___________________

    If you have any questions or want to know more, please call or email
    John Bolt director of strategic communications. John is an experienced
    journalist, with nearly three successful decades in daily news                  Something to Think
    operations, including more than 20 years with The Associated Press.
                                                                                    "Envision this: In five
                                                                                    years, thousands of
      Client Profile                                                                West Virginians will be
                                                                                    working for major
                                       Progressity is proud to be                   corporations from their
                                       serving the Clay Center for the
                                       Arts and Sciences of West
                                                                                    homes. We will be
                                       Virginia as the fundraising and              engineering
                                       marketing consultants for                    automobiles, designing
                                       their $25 million, two-                      software, producing
                                       year endowment campaign.                     artwork and just about
                                       Almost half of the endowment
                                       monies raised will provide free
                                                                                    anything imaginable."
                                       admission for all West Virginia
                                       school groups -- how wonderful.
      The campaign will also increase statewide outreach, performance               ___________________
      and educational programs as well as provide maintenance funds to
      ensure that the Clay Center continues to be a West Virginia
      jewel for generations to come.
                                                                                    Log onto:
                                                                                    learn about a management
            "Kathleen and her crew have helped us develop the                       tool that can increase
            infrastructure for our campaign, as well as the marketing
            materials. The experience has been wonderful. The Center's              productivity, particularly
            creative department is one of the best in Charleston so it              among teams that work
            was difficult for us to turn the design of the campaign
            marketing materials over to a third party. Michael Teel's
            designs exceeded all expectations and were competitive
            with anything we could have done. I think that one of                   _____________________________
            Progressity's biggest strength is their understanding of both
            fundraising and marketing and of the pairing of the two."

                                 --Judy Wellington, Clay Center President and CEO 7/4/2008
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      Welcome New Clients!!!
                            The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System engaged Progressity to develop an
                            ambitious five-year marketing plan for the organization. Team Progressity had
                            a blast riding the Browning Fork Trail, located between the towns of Gilbert
                            and Man, West Virginia. Log onto to learn how you,
                            friends and family can experience the Trail System too!

      Progressity is helping Tamarack Foundation establish the right goals and fundraising strategies to
      take the organization to a new level of excellence. The Foundation is truly a leader in advocating
      and expanding artisan entrepreneurship in order to create a vibrant economy for West Virginia.

      Main Street Ripley and Main Street Kingwood have contracted with Progressity to establish new and
      innovative fundraising strategies that will further stimulate growth of their respective communities
      and draw more visitors to their downtown areas.

                            Progressity has been hired to help launch the new Stonewall State Park
                            Foundation, an organization that will raise the necessary funds for
                            ongoing improvement of the State Park facilities, land and activities. The
                            Foundation will be instrumental in providing a mechanism to expand
                            amenities for all park visitors, and to facilitate the Stonewall Resort State
                            Park's goal to be known as a premiere destination in West Virginia.

      New Progressity Team Members
      Mary C. Dillon joins Progressity as director of strategic marketing. Mary has had a distinguished
      and award-winning career aiding and advising such institutions as Ohio University, Binghamton
      University and Hartwick College. Her most recent assignments have been with United Way of
      Central West Virginia. Mary will assist Progressity clients in a variety of ways in addition to
      marketing, including project management.

      Jody Rothhaar is on board as Kathleen DuBois' personal assistant. Jody is a highly seasoned
      administrative professional and project manager, with many years in the construction management

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