Document Sample
   Archive Box (State Records)
   Art Envopes - Bags
   Black Board Equipment
   Black Board Equipment
   Clip Boards
   Display Books
   Envelopes - seed, DL Window Face, DL Plain
   Exercise Books
   Guillotines and Trimmers
   Laminating Machines and Pouches
   Liquid Paper and Correction Rollers
   Over Head Projection Sheets
   Paper Fasteners
   Paper Punches
   Pins - Drawing, Dressmaking, Window, Mapping
   Protective Plastic Sleeves
   Rubber Bands
   Scrap Books
   Stamp Pads
   Staplers & Staples
   Tape & Dispensers

(State Records)                     145x375x255mm                            ST450                       each
Bulk Pack                           172X390X255mm                             ST451       5pc             pkt

ART BAGS - Reinforced plastic "Handy" bag with zip                           FL205        A5             each
                                                                             FL206        A4             each
                                                                             FL207        A3             each

ART ENVELOPES            Plastic    Very strong
                         For storing or carrying books, puzzles, toys etc
Heavy duty               Plastic with Handle       460 x 660mm            FL216        150mic            each
Heavy duty               Plastic without Handle 460 x 660mm               FL215        150mic            each
Medium Weight            Plastic without Handle 460 x 660mm               FL215        100mic            each
Lightweight              Plastic                   455 x 305mm            FL214         50mic            each

ART ENVELOPE CARDBOARD             260gsm   Re-Inforced Taped Sides          FL218        A3             each
                                                                             FL219        A2             each
                                    With Flap (Like an envelope)                          A3             each
                                                                             FL220        A2             each

BLACKBOARD               SLATE      Black Board      300x400mm               BW200                       each

                  BLACK BOARD RULE
                        1m With Handle and Measurements                      BW110                       each
                  BLACK BOARD DUSTERS
                        Wooden handle                                        BW103                       each
                        Plastic handle                                       BW104                       each
                  BLACK BOARD SUPPLIES
                        Compass                                              BW105                       each
                        Protractor 180º                                      BW100                       each
                        Pointer                                              BW106                       each
                        Set Squares in 60º     46cm                          BW108                       each
                        Set Squares in 45º     33cm                          BW109                       each

                  BOOK BINDING TAPE                              50mmx4.5m                               each
                  (see page 128 For Colours and codes)           48mmx25m                                each
                                                                 48mmX15mt                               each
                                                                 72mmx25m                                each

CLIPBOARDS                          With cover & clip            A4          ST206                       each
                                                                 Foolscap    ST207                       each

                  CONTACT                   Clear Gloss          45cmx15m     ST204                       roll

                                            Clear Gloss          90cmx15m     ST205                       roll

DIARIES (Belmont or Stirling) Hard covers                              VANESSA (Soft Cover, Spiral Bound)
                 A41 Day to page        ST113         $11.15           A41 ST121                          each
                 A42 2 days to a page   ST115            $8.35         A42 ST122                          each
                 A43 Week to view       ST117            $6.86         A43 ST123                          each
                 A51 Day to page        ST114            $7.10         A51 ST124                          each
                 A52 2 days to a page   ST116            $5.52         A52 ST125                          each
                 A53 Week to view       ST118            $5.22         A53 ST126                          each

Display Books A4 vinyl cover 20 refillable sleeves        Black        FL313             each
                                                          Blue         FL318             each
Display Books A4 vinyl cover, 20 refillable sleeves Clear Front
                                                           Black       FL317             each
                                                           Blue         FL319            each
                                                     REFILLS            FL315    10pc     pkt

DISPLAY BOOKS A3 Black Vinyl Cover           REFILLABLE (Express)
                   With 20 acid free Sleeves                     FL254                   each
                   Refill Sleeves                                FL123          Pkt 10    pkt
                   FOLDERMATE      Fixed 20 Pocket               FL316             A3    each
                   BANTEX          Fixed 20 Pocket               FL208             A3    each

DIVIDERS               A4                5 tab Coloured                ST200             pkt
                       A4               10 tab Coloured                ST201             pkt

DRAWING PINS             Brass                                         ST446    100pc    box
                       Colour coated heads                             ST447    100pc    box

SAKURA                                  Kneadable                      ST540     24pc    box

STAEDTLER                               Plastic Pencil                 ST541     12pc    box
                                                                       ST519     20pc    box
                                        Razor Pencil with Brush        ST533    single   each

FABER CASTELL                           Kneadable                      ST501     18pc    box
                                        White plastic Lge              ST503     20pc    box
                                        White plastic Small            ST556     30pc    box

ART GUM ERASERS                         1"x1"x1"                       ST509     24pc    box
                                        2"x1"x1"                       ST511     12pc    box

SHINE                  E410A                               Small       ST529     36pc    box
                       E310A                               Medium      ST531     24pc    box
                       E210A                               Large       ST527     20pc    box

WHITE BOARD ERASERS                     Medium                         BW612             each
                                        Large                          BW613             each

BLACK BOARD DUSTERS                     Wooden handle, felt eraser     BW102             each

FOLDERS                 Lever Arch Files P.V.C. A4 #1450               FL311             each
                        2 ring Vinyl Binders       Assort cols #1350   FL308             each
                        3 ring Vinyl Binders       Assort cols #1353   FL309             each
                        Document wallets           Assort colours      FL121             each
                        Manila folders       Plain         Foolscap    FL320             each
                        Coloured folders                   Foolscap    FL122             each
           Poly Pick Wallets Foolscap              Bright colours      FL124             each
           Plastic sleeves               A4                .6mm        ST216    100pc    box
                                         A4                .9mm        ST218    100pc    box
                        Heavy Duty       A3                .12mm       ST220    100pc    box

                                              A4      10 pockets         FL307                 each
                                              A3      10 pockets         FL306                 each
                                              A2      10 pockets         FL305                 each
ENVELOPES CLEAR with BUTTON ENCLOSURE                               A4   FL350                 each
                                                                    A3   FL351                 each

HANDY POUCHES                                         A5                 FL205                 each
Clear - Reinforced Mesh with coloured zip             A4                 FL206                 each
                                                      A3                 FL207                 each
Pencil Case                                                              FL221                 each

FOLIOS    Corflute - Black Carry Cases                       A1          FL101                 each
              Ideal for storage of large flat items          A2          FL100                 each

             Polypropylene                                   A3          FL102                 each

PREMIER PRESENTATION FOLIO        Student College Folio, Weather Resistant Leather look with handle
                                           A1                      FL111                        each
PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SLEEVES          A2                      FL110                        each
                                           A3                      FL109                        each
                                           A4                      FL108                        each

CRYSTAL CLEAR PVC SLEEVES                For above Folios
With black insert for presentation folios.        A1                     FL203                 each
                                                  A2                     FL202                 each
                                                  A3                     FL201                 each
                                                  A4                     FL200                 each

ART CASES                                             A1                 FL702                 each
Durable with handle.                                  A2                 FL701                 each
                                                      A3                 FL700                 each

FABRIC FOLIOS Woven waterproof                        A1                 FL105                 each
                                                      A2                 FL104                 each
                                                      A3                 FL103                 each

PREMIER ART BAG (Vinyl)                               A1                 FL120                 each
With shoulder strap                                   A2                 FL119                 each
                                                      A3                 FL118                 each

CHINESE FABRIC FOLIO                                  A3      HBB        FL1301                each
                                                      A2      HBB        FL1302                each
                                                      20"X30" HBB        FL1303                each

CHINESE FOLIO/PAINTING BAG                            A3      HBB        FL1304                each
                                                      A2      HBB        FL1305                each

                          (Planning Tube not included)

 PLANNING TUBES         EXPANDABLE      77.5cm- 135cm                   DE100                           each

 DELUXE P.V.C. FOLIO             Holds 10-12 Sleeves                    DE104      A3                   each
                                                                        DE105      A2                   each
                                                                        DE106      A1                   each

 TRIMMERS       Our Representatives can arrange a Demonstration if required
 Rotary Trimmers       Replacement Blades and Cutter Mats where applicable available for all Trimmers

                        Carl     DC212                                  CT200        A4                 each
DC212                            Replacement blades DC200               CT191      Pkt 2                 pkt
            DC250       DC90     Portable Trimmer & Perforator          CT190        A4                 each
                        DC210    32 sht cutting capacity                CT001        A4                 each
                        DC218    8sht cutting capacity                  CT003        A3                 each
                        DC230    32sht cutting capacity                 CT004        A3                 each
                        DC250    20sht cutting capacity                 CT005        A2                 each
                        DT612    8sht cutting capacity                  CT006        A4                 each
                        DT618    8sht cutting capacity                  CT007        A3                 each
                        DT628    8sht cutting capacity                  CT008        A2                 each
                        DT638    8sht cutting capacity                  CT009           A1              each
                        DT651    6sht cutting capacity                  CT010           AO              each
                                 Replacement Cutter Mats                CT272        2pc                each

 GUILLOTINES            X-acto   Wooden base with Guillotine             CT129     38cm                 each
                                 with square blade                       CT127     45cm                 each
                                                                         CT124     60cm                 each

 LABELS                                                                                 All             box
                        Stick on Various sizes. White, removable labels
                        Dots     Assorted colours. C13mm or C25mm in:- In dispenser boxes
                                                  14mm                   24mm
                                                  Red           ST606   Red                   ST618
                                                  Green         ST602   Green                 ST614
                                                  Blue          ST601   Blue                  ST613
                                                  Black         ST600   Black                 ST612
                                                  Brown         ST605   Brown                 ST617
                                                  Orange        ST604   Orange                ST616
                                                  Yellow        ST603   Yellow                ST615
                                                  White         ST143   White                 ST146
                                                  Silver        ST142   Silver                ST145
                                                  Gold          ST141   Gold                  ST620
                                                  FL Yellow     ST608   Fluoro Yellow         ST621
                                                  FL Green      ST611   Fluoro Green          ST624
                                                  FL Red        ST610   Fluoro Red            ST623
                                                  FL Orange     ST609   Fluoro Orange         ST622

 LAMINATORS/MACHINE POUCHES             A3 GBC Laminators excellent range to suit all needs
 See flyer - brochure section in the back of the catalogue
                 Basic H312                                           ST550 A3                          each
                 General Office H425                                  ST551 A3                          each
                 High Volume H520                                     ST552 A3                          each
 Laminating pouches     Boxed 100       A4       80 Microns           ST707                             box
                                        A3       80 Microns           ST709                             box
                                        A4       125 Microns          ST711                             box
                                        A3       125 Microns          ST713                             box

LIQUID PAPER                 Water Based                                           ST101    20ml     each
(Correctors)                                 CLP80
                             Uni Correction Pen                                    ST112             each
                             CKS Steel Tip                                         ST100    12ml     each
                             Pentel Correcton Pen ZL31                             ST110    12ml     each

PENTEL Correction tape roller type                                     4mmX12mt    ST104    4mm      each

Erasable Hi Lighter Pen (Crayola)
              (Double Ended Hi Lighter one end Eraser at the other)                ST120             each
Highlighter tape roller type             Erasable with normal eraser               ST134    5mm      each

MAGNIFYING GLASS                                 75mm                             CR365              each

For Photo Copier or Laser Printer                Poly copy            A4          PS831    100sht    box
                                                                                  PS830     single   sht
                                                                      A3          PS833    100sht    box
                                                                                  PS832     single   sht

PAPER FASTENERS                                                       9mm          ST328   200pc     box
                                                                      13mm         ST329   200pc     box
                                                                      19mm         ST330   200pc     box
                                                                      25mm         ST331   200pc     box
                                                                      32mm         ST332   200pc     box

PAPER HOLDER (Carl)                                                               ST904              each
PAPER CLIPS              Glide on Clips          Small                28mm        ST321    100pc     box
                                                 Large                33mm        ST322    100pc     box
                                                 Giant                50mm        ST323    100pc     box

FOLDBACK CLIPS    (all boxes of 12)                                        32mm ST302       12pc     box
             19mm      ST300                         $0.48                 41mm ST303       12pc     box
             25mm      ST301                         $0.74                 50mm ST304       12pc     box

LETTER CLIPS (bulldog)                   (all boxes of 12)
                    22mm                 ST447       $1.04                 50mm ST306       12pc     box
                    31mm                 ST448       $1.34                 63mm ST307       12pc     box
                    38mm                 ST305       $1.90                 75mm ST308       12pc     box

PINS          Dress making               26mm x .85                                ST404   500gm     box
              Window Dressing/Florist    38mm x 1.05mm                             ST405   500gm     box
              Window Dressing            50mm x1.20mm                              ST406   500gm     box
              Mapping              Assorted colours                                ST407    100pc    box
Single Cols   Blue        ST456          Red      ST459                           White    ST449
              Green       ST457          Orange ST460
              Yellow      ST458          Black    ST461
              Push pins                  Large head Coloured                       ST400   100pc     box
              Drawing Pins               Metal - Brass/Silver                      ST446   100pc     box
                                         Coloured                                  ST445   100pc     box

PLASTIC SLEEVES              A4 plastic protective sleeves                         ST215             each
                             .6mm                                                  ST216   100pc     box
                             .9mm Heavy Duty                                       ST218   100pc     box

SCRAP BOOKS         Jungle Joker               335x240mm           141058    64pg   each
                    Megasaurus (Bond)          330x240mm           140777    64pg   each

EXERCISE BOOKS      A4         Tudor Exercise Book 8mm lined       140959    48pg   each
                               Tudor Exercise Book 8mm lined       140961    64pg   each
                               Tudor Exercise Book 8mm lined       140966    96pg   each

                               Tudor Exercise Book 11mm lined      140757    48pg   each
                               Tudor Exercise Book 14mm lined      140955    48pg   each
                               Tudor Exercise Book 18mm lined      140957    48pg   each

                               Tudor Project Book 8mm              140905    48pg   each
                               Tudor Project Book 11mm             140906    48pg   each

                               Tudor Tracing Book                  142013   112pg   each

                               Tudor Blank Book (unruled)          140756    48pg   each

                               Olympic Graph Book 5mm              140837    48pg   each
                               Olympic Graph Book 5mm              140839    96pg   each

                               Tudor Music Book Feint & Stave      140909    48pg   each
                               Memo Book 165x100mm                 140848    80pg   each
                               Student Diary A5 (home Lesson bk)   140773    96pg   each

                               Tudor Dotted Thirds   9mm           140917    48pg   each
                               Tudor Dotted Thirds   14mm          140918    48pg   each
                               Tudor Dotted Thirds   18mm          140919    48pg   each
                               Tudor Dotted Thirds   24mm          140921    48pg   each

        No. 1                  One hole Hand held                   ST910           each
        No. 5                  Two hole Table model Fixed hole      ST913           each
        No. 303                Three hole Heavy duty                ST917           each
        No. 838                Three hole Adjustable                ST912           each
        One hole Plier Punch   Ticket punch                         ST919           each
        Esselte D10            2 hole                               ST920           each
        Novus B200             2 Hole                               ST909           each

RUBBER BANDS        Thin, boxed sizes No. 16,18,19, 22                      25gm    box
                       16     ST222              18 ST223              33   ST226
                       19     ST224                                    64   ST227
                    Large, different sizes available                        100gm   box
                    Large, different sizes available                        500gm   bag
                    (One size only per box/bag)

        CELCO                  360º 15cm 150PB                      ST715           each
        STAEDTLER              360º 10cm 100BP                      ST716           each
                               180º  10cm                          ST1010           each
GEOLINER                                                            ST960           each

SCALE            Kent student              30cm                                       each
                 61M    ST1003               62M   ST1004
                 63M ST1005                  64M   ST1006

WOODEN           1 metre wood rule                                       ST745        each
                 30cm unpolished rule                                    ST741        each
                 30cm polished rule                                      ST742        each
                 40cm brass-edge rule                                    ST743        each
                 50cm brass-edge rule                                    ST744        each

    DAFA      Metal with handle                     60cm                 ST722        each
              Metal with handle                    100cm                 ST723        each

PLASTIC          Bantex            Clear            30cm                 ST729        each
                                                    40cm                 ST730        each

METAL            Premier steel                     Graduated
                  Metric                           30cm                  ST719        each
                                                   60cm                  ST720        each
                                                   1 metre               ST721        each

BLACKBOARD RULE                            With handle 1 metre           BW110        each

STAMP PADS       Artline Water base ink     Refillable
EHS Slimline            EHS Slimline                EHJ

Small No. 0               Medium   No. 1           Large No. 2
Black     ST010           Black    ST014           Black         ST018            0   each
Blue      ST011           Blue     ST015           Blue          ST019            1   each
Green     ST012           Green    ST016           Green         ST020            2   each
Red       ST013           Red      ST017           Red           ST021

                                            SET SQUARES
PREMIER    Tracing edge            60º             21cm                  ST1050       each
                                                   26cm                  ST1051       each
                                                   32cm                  ST1052       each
                                   45º             21cm                  ST1053       each
                                                   26cm                  ST1054       each
                                                   32cm                  ST1055       each

CELCO     45º                                60º
          14cm            ST1062           14cm    ST1067                             each
          16cm            ST1063           16cm    ST1068                             each
          21cm            ST1064           21cm    ST1069                             each
          26cm            ST1065           26cm    ST1070                             each
          32cm            ST1066           32cm    ST1071                             each

ADJUSTABLE SET SQUARE                              25cm                  ST998        each
DRAFTEX                                            30cm                  ST999        each



                                 3002 Economy shears                CT320              each

                                220A Scissors - Rounded Tips        CT231              each

                                300A Scissors - Rounded Tips        CT332      150mm   each

                                430C Shears - Craft Scissors        CT430      220mm   each

                                906A Quality shears                 CT906      230mm   each

KAI CUT   Japanese made. Top quality            Straight dressmaking quality
          1250-150           6" Scissors                            CT126      160mm   each
          1250-130           5"                                     CT125      130mm   each
          3200S              8" Shears                              CT222      200mm   each
          3230                                                      CT223      230mm   each

CHILDRENS Spring Loaded Scissors
                                      Premium                       CT650 135mm        each
Dual Control                                                        CT902 160mm        each
Easy Grip "Squeezy"                                                 CT903 200mm        each

  Premier (White Handle)                             5"   130mm     CT625              each

 MICADOR (Green Handle)                              5"   130mm     CT335              each

SAFETY SCISSORS       Metal encased in plastic for safety

Crayola/EC                                                          CT690              each

                                         STAPLERS & STAPLES
                         Plier type stapler 9348       (No. 10 staples)     ST648           each

150p Discontinued        Rapid F11 A quality Plier Stapler
has been replaced by     (Highly recommened to use Rapid #10 staples        ST652           each
Rapid F11
                         with this stapler)
                         B36 No. 10 staples Plier type                      ST658           each
                         B10 Hand held. No. 10 staples                      ST656           each
                         B05 Heavy duty 24/6 or 26/6 staples                ST657           each
                            98877 Takes 24/6 or 26/6 H/S staple              ST649          each
                            98662 Takes #10 staple                          ST1100          each

 BOSTITCH                B440L Long Arm                                     ST659           each

 PAPER PRO         Compact Stapler            One Finger Stapling           ST651           each
                   15sht capacity             Takes 24/6 or 26/6 staple

 RAPID                   No. 9 Heavy Duty Stapler                           ST643           each
                         No.90 Heavy Duty Electric Stapler                  ST644           each
 TACKERS                 Rapid 13. Light weight                             ST641           each
                         Rapid Heavy Duty No. 23                            ST642           each

 STAPLES                 REXEL No. 16                  26/6                 ST682    1000   box
                                                       24/6                 ST681    5000   box
                                  No. 56               26/6                 ST684    1000   box
                                                       26/6                 ST685    5000   box

 BOSTITCH SB353/8        10mm Max TGA tackers (formerly SB3023)             ST662    5000   pkt

                         RAPID                13/6 For Rapid tackers        ST669    5000   box
                                              13/8                          ST670    5000   box
                                              13/10                         ST671    5000   box
                                              10 (for use with Rapid F11)   ST668    1000   box

 STAPLES                 NOVUS                24/6                          ST686    1000   pkt
                                              No. 10                        ST687    1000   pkt

                         COLLEGE              26/6                          ST673    5000   pkt

 STAPLE REMOVERS         Radiant Claw                                       ST661           each
                         Premier Staple remover plus
                          hand held stapler & staples                       ST660           each


MASKING (general purpose-economy)                     12mmx55m            TD701                        each
                                                      18mmx55m            TD702                        each
                                                      24mmx55m            TD703                        each
                                                      36mmx55m            TD704                        each
                                                      48mmx55m            TD705                        each

GREEN MASKING 3M                233+                  12mmx50m            TD401                        each
                                                      18mmx50m            TD402                        each
                                                      24mmx50m            TD403                        each
                                                      36mmx50m            TD404                        each
                                                      48mmx50m            TD405                        each

BOOK BINDING CLOTH TAPE                               48mmx4.5m                                        each
                                                      48mmx25m                                         each
          Black Only                                  72mmx25mt           TD370                        each
          4.5mt          25mt                         4.5mt   25mt                    4.5mt     25mt
Red       TD351          TD371              Black      TD350 TD370        Green       TD353 TD373
Blue      TD355          TD375              White      TD352 TD372        Brown       TD354 TD374
Yellow    TD356          TD376              Silver     TD357 TD377

GUMMED PAPER TAPE (brown)                   24mmx200m                         TD124                    roll
                                            48mmx200m                         TD125                    roll
Heavy Duty                                  48mmx200m                         TD126                    roll

CLEAR TAPES       Small Rolls          12mmx33mt                              TD318                    each
                                       18mmx33mt                              TD319                    each
                  Larger Rolls         12mm wide x 66 metres                  TD500                    roll
                                       19mm wide x 66 metres                  TD501                    roll
                                       25mm wide x 66 metres                  TD502                    roll

Invisible Tape 810                     12mm wide x 66 metres                  TD812                    roll
                                       18mm wide x 66 metres                  TD813                    roll
                                       24mm wide x 66 metres                  TD814                    roll

Magic Removable Tape 811               12mm wide x 33 metres                  TD815                    roll
                                       19mm wide x 33 metres                  TD816                    roll

VINYL PACKAGING          Clear or Brown     48mm wide x 50 metres             TD761                    roll

VELCRO    25mm Adhesive Strip               22mm Velcoins
White     Hook      TD108                   White Velcoins Hook TD743                                  mt
White     Loop      TD110                   White Velcoins Loop TD744                                  mt
Black     Hook      TD107                   Black Velcoins Hook TD745                                  mt
Black     Loop      TD109                   Black Velcoins Loop TD746                                  mt

White     Hook           TD104              White Velcoins     Hook   TD115              25mt          roll
White     Loop           TD106              White Velcoins     Loop   TD116              25mt          roll
Black     Hook           TD103              Black Velcoins     Hook   TD117              25mt          roll
Black     Loop           TD105              Black Velcoins     Loop   TD118              25mt          roll

DOUBLE SIDED Tissue Tape               3mmx25mt                        TD360                each
Acid Free                              6mmx50mt                        TD361                each
More sizes - Longer Rolls!             12mmx50mt                       TD740                each
                                       18mmx50mt                       TD741                ach
                                       24mmx50mt                       TD742                each
                                       48mmx50mt                       TD362                each
DOUBLED SIDED FOAM TAPE                12mmx4mt                        TD760                each

TAPE DISPENSERS                Open TD5050                             TD510                each
                               Open TD707                              TD712                each

                               Replacement Small Spindle               TD511                each
                               Replacement Large Spindle               TD714                each

WHITE BOARDS          Portable      Come with whiteboard marker, magnets & eraser
QUARTET               MAGNETIC White         220x280mm             BW603                    each
                                             280x360mm             BW604                    each
                                             590X220mm             BW605                    each

                      MAGNETIC Silver               220x280mm          BW615                each
                                                    280x360mm          BW616                each
                                                    580X430mm          BW617                each

WHITE BOARD CLEANER            375ml                                   BW614                each
VELLEDA ADHESIVE ROLLS                              330X1000mm         BW600                each
                                                    670x1000mm         BW601                each
                                                    1000x2000mm        BW602                each

WHITE BOARD DUSTERS                                 Medium             BW612                each
                                                    Large              BW613                each

WHITE BOARDS          Wall mounted       Pen shelf – Magnetic BLS Made in Germany

                                                             45x60cm   BW607                each
                                                             60x90cm   BW608                each

WHITE BOARD MAGNETIC PEN HOLDER                                        BW610     Pack 4     pkt

WHITE BOARD           Slate    A4      300x400mm                       BW606                each

Seed Envelopes        No. 6            135mmx80mm                      140138   Ctn   500   box
Seed Envelopes        No. 7            145mmx90mm                      140140   Ctn   500   box
Window Face           DL               Press Seal                      140027   Ctn   500   box
Plain                 DL               Press Seal                      114319   Ctn   500   box

X-STAMPERS   X-Stampers CE-16         ST482   each