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									A Chance Worth Taking

Author: Carrie Weaver

She's driving everybody stark, raving mad...Team owner Sam Kincaid will bet his reputation that eighteen-
year-old Michael McIntyre has a Super Nova future in racing. If only his overprotective mother would exit
stage left. To be blunt, Michael's "adviser" is driving Sam crazy. She's gorgeous, she's smart, she's
opinionated and she's totally in his face! Tess can't believe her whiz-kid son has quit school for NASCAR!
Problem is, she was prepared to hate Sam, the person responsible for derailing her son's academic
future. But Sam isn't the risk-taking adrenaline junkie she expected. In fact, the situation is much worse.
Their undeniable attraction is leaving her breathless!
Author Bio
Carrie Weaver
Carrie has loved books forever. Her earliest childhood memories include snuggling with her cocker spaniel
while her mother read a bedtime story. She treasured the cozy, all-is-right-with-the-world feeling of those
special times.Reading still provides an anchor for Carrie when life gets crazy. With two boys, two dogs, a
cat and a potbellied pig, life frequently does get chaotic. But chocolate and a good book generally make
any problem look more manageable.

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