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Trade Fair Calendar 2010 – 2012

3506 China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2802 7728    Fax: (852) 2519 8632     Email:

Fair Name                      Next Fair Date   Cycle    Venue               Exhibits                                    JV Partner / No. of       No. of
                                                                                                                         Co-organiser Exhibitor    Visitors
Textile Fairs
Intertextile Pavilion (2009)   8 – 10 Jul 2010 Annual    Shenzhen           Fabrics: cotton, wool, silk, linen, ramie,  Shenzhen      243 (2009)   11,900 (2009)
at Shenzhen International                                Convention &       man-made, knitted, coated, lingerie &       Garment
Apparel Fair                                             Exhibition Centre  swimwear fabrics, functional fabrics,       Industry
                                                                            printed fabrics, fibres & yarns, embroidery Association
                                                                            & lace, accessories, textile-related        CCPIT
                                                                            CAD/CAM/CIM technology, design &
                                                                            styling agencies, fashion & textile trade
Intertextile Shanghai Home 24 – 26 Aug          Annual   Shanghai New       Bed-bath-table & kitchen linen, wall-window CCPIT Tex     908 (2009)   36,854 (2009)
Textiles                   2010                          International Expo decorations & upholstery fabrics, carpets & CHTA
China International Trade                                Centre             rugs, textiles for contract market,
Fair for Home Textiles &                                                    accessories, fibres & yarns, computer
Accessories                                                                 (CAD/CAM/CIM) systems, design & styling,
                                                                            trade publications

Yarn Expo Autumn               24 – 26 Aug      Annual   Shanghai          Fibres (natural fibres, man-made fibres,      CCPIT Tex    84 (2009)    3,321 (2009)
China International Trade      2010                      International     speciality fibres), yarns (natural & blends   CCTA
Fair for Fibres and Yarns                                Convention Centre yarns, man-made & blends yarns, elastic       CWTA
                                                                           yarns, fancy yarns, speciality yarns),        CCFA
                                                                           computer related services, quality            CBLFTA
                                                                           assurance, press & publications               CTIC

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Interstoff Asia Essential – 6 – 8 Oct 2010   Annual     Hong Kong           Fabrics: silk / cotton / wool / knitted /     None       235 (2009)     6,442 (2009)
Autumn                                                  Convention &        man-made / coated / linen / ramie / lingerie
The Home of Cutting-Edge                                Exhibition Centre   & swimwear, fibres / yarns, embroideries /
Fabrics                                                                     laces, accessories, linings, CAD/CAM,
                                                                            weaver, printer, design / styling, publisher,
                                                                            functional fabrics

Cinte Techtextil China       19 – 21 Oct     Biennial   Shanghai New       Technology, Machinery, Accessories /       CCPIT Tex      301 (2008)     12,769 (2008)
International Trade Fair for 2010                       International Expo Woven Fabrics, Laid Webs, Braidings,       CNITA
Technical Textiles and                                  Centre             Knitted Fabrics / Nonwovens / Coated
Nonwovens                                                                  Textiles / Composites / Bondtec (surface
                                                                           and bonding techniques) / Fibres & Yarns /
                                                                           Research, Development, Planning,
                                                                           Consultation / Associations / Trade

Intertextile Shanghai        19 – 22 Oct     Annual     Shanghai New       Apparel fabrics, fibres / yarns, accessories, CCPIT Tex   2,459 (2009)   53,948 (2009)
Apparel Fabrics              2010                       International Expo computer systems (CAD/CAM/CIM),               CTIC
China International Trade                               Centre             design & styling, trade publications
Fair for Apparel Fabrics &

Interstoff Asia Essential – 16 – 18 Mar      Annual     Hong Kong           Basic fabrics, novelty fabrics, textile design, None     270 (2010)     6,798 (2010)
Spring                      2011                        Convention &        trend forecast & trend publication,
The Home of Cutting-Edge                                Exhibition Centre   CAD/CAM; functional fabrics, innovative
Fabrics                                                                     fibres & yarns; fashion garment, fibres &
                                                                            yarns, accessories, fashion design/ styling

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Intertextile Guangzhou       18 – 21 Mar      Annual   China Import and     Bed, bath, table and kitchen linens; wall       CNTAC       178 (2010)     18,495 (2010)
Home Textile                 2011                      Export Fair Pazhou   and window decorations; upholstery fabric;      CFTC
China (Guangzhou)                                      Complex,             textiles for contract market; interior design   CHTA
International Trade Fair for                           Guangzhou            and textile handicrafts; accessories;           CFTGEC
Home Textiles                                                               carpets and rugs; home textile related          CCPIT Tex
                                                                            products and services; home textile design

Intertextile Beijing Apparel 30 Mar – 1 Apr   Annual   China International Apparel fabrics, fibres / yarns, accessories, CCPIT Tex      1,124 (2010)   24,373 (2010)
Fabrics                      2011                      Exhibition Centre, computer systems (CAD/CAM/CIM),                CTIC
China International Trade                              Beijing             design & styling, trade publications
Fair for Apparel Fabrics and

Yarn Expo Spring            2011              Annual   China World Trade Fibres (natural fibres, man-made fibres,           CCPIT Tex   90 (2010)      4,556 (2010)
China International Trade                              Centre, Beijing   speciality fibres), yarns (natural & blends        CCTA
Fair for Fibres and Yarns                                                yarns, man-made & blends yarns, elastic            CWTA
                                                                         yarns, fancy yarns, speciality yarns),             CCFA
                                                                         computer related services, quality                 CBLFTA
                                                                         assurance, press & publications                    CTIC

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Music & Sound Fairs
Music China                 12 – 15 Oct     Annual    Shanghai New       Small and large acoustic instruments,        INTEX     1,164 (2009)   42,499 (2009)
China International         2010                      International Expo electrical and electronic musical            CMIA                     both trade and
Exhibition for Musical                                Centre (SNIEC)     instruments, music accessories and                                    public visitors
Instruments and Services                                                 special furniture, computer hardware and
                                                                         software, and music related services and

Prolight + Sound Shanghai 12 – 15 Oct       Annual    Shanghai New       Sound production, broadcasting &           INTEX       367 (2009)     13,694 (2009)
International Exhibition for 2010                     International Expo recording equipment, professional lighting                            both trade and
Event & Communications                                Centre (SNIEC)     equipment, laser technology and special                               public visitors
Technology, AV-Production                                                effects equipment, DJ equipment,
and Entertainment                                                        conference & PA systems, AV technology,
                                                                         stage, studio & event technology,
                                                                         pro-audio & lighting-related computer
                                                                         hardware & software, acoustics
                                                                         technology, furniture & accessories
Consumer Goods Fairs
Paperworld China             15 – 17 Sep    Annual    Shanghai New       Office automation, office supplies, office     CCCLA   516 (2009)     18,529 (2009)
China International          2010                     International Expo accessories, writing instruments, paper        SCE
Stationery & Office Supplies                          Center             and paper products, school supplies,
Exhibition                                                               stationery gift items and creative materials /

Interior Lifestyle China    13 – 16 Oct 2010 Annual   Shanghai            Dining: glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal       UAEC   200 (2009)     10,399 (2009)
China International Trade                             Exhibition Centre   ware, design plastic, cutlery, kitchen tools                         both trade and
Fair for Household Products                                               and machines, small electric appliances;                             public visitors
and Accessories                                                           Giving: arts and crafts, stationery, florists’
                                                                          requisites, room fragrances, candles,
                                                                          limited edition gift articles, handcrafted
                                                                          series production figures, design and trend
                                                                          oriented gift articles; Living: furniture and
                                                                          accessories, mirrors, art/photo frames,
                                                                          lighting, household articles, furnishings

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Hong Kong International        10 – 13 Jan     Annual   Hong Kong           Writing equipment, paper & paper           HKTDC        243 (2010)     14,519 (2010)
Stationery Fair                2011                     Convention &        products, office supplies, artists’
                                                        Exhibition Centre   equipment, educational systems, children’s
                                                                            stationery & school supplies

Technical Fairs
SecuTech                       21 – 23 April   Annual   Taipei World Trade CCTV / Digital Surveillance, access         n/a          750 (expected) 23,000 (expected)
International Exhibition for   2010                     Center, Taipei     control, intrusion alarm, key components /
Total Security Solutions                                                   sensor, network & communication,
                                                                           integrated solutions, residential security,
                                                                           security services & guarding and homeland

Guangzhou International        9 – 12 Jun 2010 Annual   The China Import    Technical and exterior lighting; domestic n/a           1,543 (2009)   52,795 (2009)
Lighting Exhibition                                     and Export Fair     lighting; LED, neon, stage and professional
                                                        Pazhou Complex      lights; electric lights; accessories and
                                                                            electronic components; light control,
                                                                            management and measurement systems;
                                                                            light production and measurement

Electrical Building            9 – 12 Jun 2010 Annual   The China Import    Electrical engineering; Intelligent building   n/a
Technology Guangzhou                                    and Export Fair     and building automation; heating,
                                                        Pazhou Complex      ventilation and air conditioning

SecuTech Vietnam              25 – 27 Aug      Annual   Saigon Exhibition & CCTV / digital surveillance, access control, VIETFAIR   120 (expected) 5,000 (expected)
International Security, Fire, 2010                      Convention Center, intrusion alarm, network & communication,
Safety Exhibition and                                   Ho Chi Minh City    integrated solutions, residential security,
Conference                                                                  security services & guarding, homeland
                                                                            security, fire & safety equipments

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Asiamold                  15 – 17 Sep      Annual     Poly World Trade      Moldmaking & tooling (precision molds;      n/a   298 (2009)     10,468 (2009)
Guangzhou International   2010                        Center Expo           plastics molding; die &casting molds
Trade Fair for Moldmaking                             (Pazhou),             Injection molding; progressive die;
and Tooling, Design and                               Guangzhou             machine tools & cutting tools; precision
Application Development                                                     tools &auxiliary; hot runner system;
                                                                            standard mold parts; pattern-making
                                                                            &prototyping; rapid manufacturing; hot
                                                                            stamping; tool &moldmaking consulting);
                                                                            Design & application development (design,
                                                                            simulation, visualization; mold
                                                                            development & engineering; virtual reality;
                                                                            production technology & inspection;
                                                                            measuring machines; CAD &CAM)

Intersec Thailand            15 – 17 Sep   Biennial   Bangkok               Commercial security for commercial and IPEX       100 (expected) 6,000 (expected)
International Trade Fair for 2010                     International Trade   industrial entities; Natural disasters
Security and Safety                                   and Exhibition        detection systems, response systems,
                                                      Centre, Bangkok       warning systems, products and systems;
                                                                            National security products for airport,
                                                                            aviation, seaport, marine and border
                                                                            securities, public transport and
                                                                            infrastructure; Information Technology
                                                                            Security hardware and software for data
                                                                            and system security; Public, Occupational
                                                                            and Personal Safety related protective
                                                                            devices, security and safety products

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Water Expo China               17 – 19 Nov    Annual     China National     Apparatus and instruments related to water CHES       252 (2009)      10,239 (2009)
                               2010                      Convention Center, Drinking water safety equipment and
                                                         Beijing            technology; Flood control and drought
                                                                            prevention technology; Hydropower
                                                                            equipment and technology; Irrigation
                                                                            equipment and technology; Technology for
                                                                            prevention of soil erosion by water; Water
                                                                            conservation products and equipment;
                                                                            Water resources information network;
                                                                            Water supply and drainage equipment and
                                                                            technology; Water treatment equipment
                                                                            and technology

ISH China                     1 – 3 March     Annual     China National     Sanitary equipment, heating installations    n/a      1,227 (2010      14,802 (2010 held
China International Trade 2011                           Convention Center, and equipment, air-conditioning and                   held in Beijing) in Beijing)
Fair for Sanitation, Heating,                            Beijing            ventilation, installation techniques and
Air-conditioning                                                            equipment

SPS – Industrial               9 – 11 Mar 2011 Annual    China Import and    Industrial automation, materials handling   CFTGEC   317 (2010)      16,715 (2010)
Automation Fair                                          Export Fair,        and assembly technologies
Guangzhou                                                Pazhou Complex,

Texcare Asia                   2011           Biennial   China International Equipment and machinery related to textile CNBLM     133 (2009 held 5,977 (2009 held
International Trade Fair for                             Exhibition Centre, care and cleaning, including laundry andi             in Beijing)    in Beijing)
Modern Textile Care                                      Beijing             dry-cleaning machines, laundry and dyeing
                                                                             agents, textiles and equipment for rental
                                                                             services, carpet and interior cleaning
                                                                             products and equipment, and measuring
                                                                             and environmental protection systems

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Automotive Fairs
Automechanika Shanghai 8 – 11 Dec 2010 Annual          Shanghai New       Parts & components, systems & modules, CAIC        2,414 (2009)   38,551 (2009)
Shanghai International                                 International Expo accessories & tuning, repair & automotive CNAICO
Trade Fair for Automotive                              Center             services
Parts, Equipment & Service

Automechanika Malaysia     31 Mar – 2 Apr   Biennial   Putra World Trade Parts & components, systems & modules, MATRADE      133 (2009)     4,521 (2009)
Asia's International       2011                        Centre, Kuala     accessories & tuning, repair & automotive
Automotive Trade Fair from                             Lumpur, Malaysia services
Design to Maintenance and

Automechanika Thailand      2012            Biennial   IMPACT Exhibition Parts & systems, accessories & tuning,      IPEX    173 (2008)     4,100 (2008)
Thailand International                                 and Convention    repair & maintenance, service station & car                        both trade and
Trade Fair for Automotive                              Centre, Muang     wash                                                               public visitors
Parts, Equipment and                                   Thong Thani,
Service Suppliers                                      Bangkok, Thailand

Other Fairs
Eco Expo Asia               3 – 6 Nov       Annual     AsiaWorld-Expo,    Green World: Measure, control and          HKTDC   200 (2009)     10,102 (2009)
International Trade Fair on 2010                       Hong Kong          remedy system and technology;                                     both trade and
Environmental Protection                                                  Management and protection system and                              public visitors
                                                                          technology; Green Enterprise:
                                                                          Manufacturing equipment, systems and
                                                                          raw materials; Energy related device and
                                                                          products: Green Living: Eco friendly
                                                                          consumer products

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Exhibitors & Visitors Contact:
Textile Fairs                    – Ms Grace Lin
Music & Sound Fairs              – Ms Judy Cheung
Consumer Goods Fairs             – Ms Mandy Lip
Technical Fairs                  – Ms Phoebe Hung
Automotive Fairs                 – Ms Fiona Chiew
Other Fairs                      – Mr Jack Wong

Media Contact:
Textile Fairs                    – Ms Telly Cheuk
Music & Sound Fairs              – Ms Angel Ho 
Consumer Goods                   – Ms Tracey Robertson
Technical Fairs                  – Ms Keena Tsui
Automotive Fairs                 – Ms Rachel Leung
Other Fairs                      – Ms Keena Tsui

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* Key to JV Partners / Co-organisers (in alphabetical order):
    • AFTEX             - ASEAN Federation of Textile Industries
    • CAIC              - China Automotive Industry International Corporation
    • CBLFTA            - China Bast & Leaf Fibres Textiles Association
    • CCCLA             - China Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts-crafts
    • CCFA              - China Chemical Fibre Association
    • CCPIT-Tex         - Sub Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT
    • CCTA              - China Cotton Textile Association
    • CFTC              - China Foreign Trade Centre (Group)
    • CFTGEC            - China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation
    • CHES              - Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society
    • CHTA              - China Home Textile Association
    • CNTAC             - China National Textile & Apparel Council
    • CMIA              - China Musical Instruments Association
    • CNAICO            - China National Automotive Industry International Corporation
    • CNITA             - China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association
    • CNBLM             - China National Building Material & Light Machinery Group Corporation
    • CPSE              - Shenzhen CPSE Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    • CTIC              - China Textile Information Centre
    • CWTA              - China Wool Textile Association
    • HKTDC             - Hong Kong Trade Development Council
    • INTEX             - INTEX Shanghai Ltd
    • IPEX              - International Promotion & Exhibition Co Ltd
    • MATRADE           - Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation
    • SCE               - Guangzhou Foreign Trade South China Exhibition Corp Ltd
    • UAEC              - United Asia International Exhibition Co Ltd
    • VIETFAIR          - Vietnam Advertisement and Fair Exhibition Company

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